I Thought We Were Going on a Lake Trip

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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 I Thought We Were Going on a Lake Trip</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Continued from page 1</p><p>our country and we strongly believe thereis tremendous opportunity and unrealizedpotential in these local franchises, saidRick Starks, Chief Executive Officer, OhioCommunity Media, LLC. We are proudthat these distinguished locally managednews organizations will now be morefocused thanever on connecting withtheir</p><p>communities and this is a very positivestep in the process of securing the futureof these distinguished print and onlinebrands as they adapt to the rapidly trans-forming media landscape.</p><p>We are extremely committed to the tra-dition of superior service within our com-munities and will continually evaluate themost appropriate structure necessary tobuild on that tradition by seeking newpartnerships and other strategic initia-tives to ensure the success of these publi-cations.</p><p>This is an exciting time for everyoneinvolved in the media industry and is agreat day for the advertisers, readers andemployees of our many publications, bothprint and online, said Starks. We lookforward to building on the credibility andtrust previously afforded these award-win-</p><p>ning, highly respected publications, mosof which have been serving their commu-nities and enriching lives for decades andsome even centuries.</p><p>During the hearing and closing the</p><p> judge also approved the sale of BrownPublishings New York newspaper groupDans Papers, Inc. to Dans PapersHoldings LLC for an estimated $1.8 mil-lion.</p><p>Michael P. Savage, publisher, of theGreene County Dailies and Times</p><p>Community Newspapers echoed the senti-ments of the newly named CEO, statingthat this is an opportunity for a fresh start.</p><p>This is an exciting time for all of us aswe begin to look ahead with a renewedenthusiasm and commitment to the com-munities that we serve.</p><p>Corporate offices for Ohio CommunitMedia will be in Tipp City.</p><p>Associated Press contributed to this article.</p><p>Published weekly on Thursday by Times CommunityNewspapers, 3120 Woodman Drive Suite A, Kettering,OH 45420, a division of Ohio Community Media, LLC.</p><p>Periodical postage paid at Dayton, Ohio.</p><p>Postmaster: Please send address changes to</p><p>Springboro Sun, 3120 Woodman Dr. Suite A,</p><p>Kettering, OH 45420</p><p>ADVERTISING POLICYNo responsibility is assumed by the publisher for omis-sion or errors occurring in advertisements, but correc-tion will be made in the next issue following whenattention is directed to them.</p><p>CUSTOMER SERVICE</p><p>Please call our circulation department at 290-7168weekdays 8 AM to 5 PM or email to:dwillis@tcnewsnet.com</p><p>All carriers, dealers and distributors of the SpringboroSun are independent contractors. 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Will we be walking long distances,</p><p>stopping frequently to ogle home goods?If the answer to one or more of your</p><p>questions is yes, youll need to have abargaining chip prepared or youre goingdown.</p><p>Suggestions: If I go with you, can Ispend the day with the guys at theBengals/OSU/insert fav team here game,weekend fishing trip with the guys. Ormy fav, If I go can I finally get thatPorsche Ive been talking about for thelast 40 years.</p><p>Yes its that serious. You need to beprepared, Im warning you. I was not. Ithought I was going on a lake trip, or toan amusement park in the great out-doors, it was going to be a day of excite-ment and fun. The little child in me wasjumping up and down like I was atBounce U on a five-hour bounce ticket.</p><p>Did we go to the lake or the park, NO.We went to a humongous Swedish mazecalled IKEA.</p><p>Lucy made her selections within thefirst two hours, but I should have blindfolded her till we entered the warehousefor pick up. She would make at leastanother 79 stops as we navigated themaze turning right, left, right, left overand over each bringing a scream of joyand OMG I love this store.</p><p>Then came crunch time, trying to stuffeverything into the Vibe. We tried every</p><p>conceivable way but it was a no go. Sawthe sign about a four-hour rental truckfor $19.95 and were rolling up the inter-state before you could say Ochocinco.</p><p>Then came two return trips whichwere limited to about an hour eachtol-erable. Let it be known that there are</p><p>people driving hours to visit this store. Italked to several during our trips.</p><p>Just Be Prepared Boy Scouts. Makesure youre ready with your bargainingchip. Entrepreneurs you may want toconsider opening a sports bar/restaurantacross the street with shuttle service.Your wife could shop, load your vehicleand then call you to let you know its timeto go home. You could grab the shuttleover to the parking lot or she could pickyou up. Youll probably be able to catchat least two full games while she shops ifyou go on the weekend.</p><p>Some interesting bits of informationthat need to be shared immediately:</p><p>1. Americans on the average consumemore than 18 acres of pizza every day.</p><p>(My epitaph: I bought the pizza farm)2. You are more likely to be killed by a</p><p>champagne cork than by a poisonous spi-der. (Make a note to avoid champagnecorks at all timesrun the other way.)</p><p>3. Some lions mate more than 50 timesa day (The rest of the time they just cud-dle and kiss)</p><p>4. Elephants are the only animals thatcant jump. (Have they heard aboutBounce U?)</p><p>Some people you know and what theirfirst day in kindergarten was like: JohnBoehner: Johnmissed his firstday due to agolf outing Lady GaGa:Read her firstbook PokerFace and shegot an A onthe comprehen-sion test BernieMadoff:Confused theentire staffwith his arith-metic skills onhis first day LindsayLohan: Nevershowed up(some people never change) Paris Hilton: Was vacationing inFrance</p><p>Mel Gibson: Was sent home early forflipping off his teacher Tiger Woods: Had an undisclosed dateat an undisclosed movie theater he latercaught up with Boehner and they played9 together at a par 3 course at an undis-closed location.</p><p>DonWright</p><p>ColumnistSpringboroSun</p><p>I thought we were going</p><p>on a lake trip</p><p>Sun</p><p>PoliceContinued from page 1</p><p>Rates of prescriptiondrug abuse in the U.S. areincreasing at alarmingrates, as are the number ofaccidental poisonings andoverdoses due to thesedrugs. Studies show that amajority of abused pre-sc riptio n drugs areobtained from family andfriends, including from thehome medicine cabinet. Inaddition, many Americans</p><p>do not know how to proper-ly dispose of their unusedmedicine, often flushingthem down the toilet orthrowing them away - bothpotential safety and healthhazards.</p><p>Prescription drug abuseis the Nations fastest-grow-ing drug problem, and take-back events like this oneare an indispensable toolfor reducing the threat thatthe diversion and abuse ofthese drugs pose to publichealth, Director of National Drug ControlPolicy Gil Kerlikowskesaid. The Federal/State/andlocal collaboration repre-</p><p>sented in this initiative iskey in our national efforts toreduce pharmaceutical drugdiversion and abuse.</p><p>Donate used</p><p>vehicles to</p><p>St. Vincent de Paul</p><p>Donate used vehicles toSt. Vincent de Paul andr ecei ve a p os si bl e t axdeduction.</p><p>All proceeds stay in the</p><p>local community.T he b en ef it s h el p t o</p><p>t ra ns fo rm t he l if e o f ahomeless person.</p><p>S t. Vi nc ent d e P au lma kes the donatio nprocess easy - free titletransfer, and free vehiclepickup within 24 hours.</p><p>For more informationc al l 2 22 -3 66 1 o r v is itwww.stvincentdayton.org.</p><p>THE</p><p>SPRINGBOROSUN</p><p>THE SPRINGBORO SUN</p></li></ul>