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I WANT MY MTV!. I Want My MTV! Adobe Air meets MTV API meets LyricsFly.com meets Amazon Douglas Knudsen

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  • I Want My MTV! Adobe Air meets MTV API meets LyricsFly.com meets Amazon Douglas Knudsen http://www.cubicleman.com
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  • Agenda MTV API Introduction Amazons huge API LyricsFly.com API CODE!
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  • MTV API Introduction http://developer.mtvnservices.com/ Recently out of a private beta RESTful based approach Results are in XML format, either Atom or MRSS See http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/ about MRSShttp://search.yahoo.com/mrss/ Now supports http://a9.com/- /spec/opensearch/1.1/ standard for use in paginating resultshttp://a9.com/- /spec/opensearch/1.1/ Currently free, no reg, no API key Be cognizant of MTVs terms of service
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  • General Info Video Feeds and Entries Parameters Video Player No FLV access URL is to MTV SWF player which loads video Flex: can use SWFLoader and Security.allowInsecureDomain() Air: easy to use HTML control and embed Results are limited to 100 items
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  • Video Methods http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/video/search/?ter m=u2&start-index=1&max-results=10http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/video/search/?ter m=u2&start-index=1&max-results=10 Use e4x and parse quickly and easily See http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/XML.htm l http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/XML.htm l See the code for MTVDataTranslator now http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/video/hznHivqrbH HWNAXP/ will load a video XML directlyhttp://api.mtvnservices.com/1/video/hznHivqrbH HWNAXP/
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  • Artist Methods http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/artist/placeb o/http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/artist/placeb o/ Returns a artist entry with video list link, related artist link, genre link, and images Search artists with http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/artist/search/ [parameters] Artist browse for A, B, C, Z UIs
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  • Genre Methods Recent addition http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/genre/rock/ the alias method returns links to videos and artists in the genrehttp://api.mtvnservices.com/1/genre/rock/ Example http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/genre/rock/vi deos/ lists rock videos http://api.mtvnservices.com/1/genre/rock/vi deos/
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  • Amazon API Extensive AWS SOAP is dirty, has issues and the outstanding Flex Builder WSDL importer chokes on it. Namespace related So I used Object as a resultFormat instead of e4x Need to register and get a API Key its free http://aws.amazon.com/resources/ REST based is around too
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  • LyricsFly.com Why? First on a Google search http://lyricsfly.com/api/ http://lyricsfly.com/api/api.php?i=d3e9ea11 83e2c5c25- temporary.API.access&a=u2&t=sunday%2 0bloody%20sundayhttp://lyricsfly.com/api/api.php?i=d3e9ea11 83e2c5c25- temporary.API.access&a=u2&t=sunday%2 0bloody%20sunday Result is XML based Actual lyrics are [BR] seperated
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  • Code! http://code.google.com/p/airvj/