I want to be an actor. Unit 4 I want to be a … What do you want to be ? What do you want to be? Why do you like it? Where do you like to work?

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  • I want to be an actor.Unit 4

  • What do you want to be? Why do you like it?Where do you like to work?

  • Ask and answer about their jobs and work places.





  • an actora dancera singera coacha football playera president

  • What does he/she do?I think he/she is a/an

  • His work is kind of dangerous. Thieves dont like him.

    a policeman

  • He likes talking to people and asking them questions.

    A reporter

  • He can help the sick people. If you are not well, you can go to see him.He works in a hospital.a doctor

  • She wears a white uniform and helps doctors. She works in the day and sometimes at night.

    a nurse

  • an artistHe has lots of paintings.He likes all kinds of colors.He can draw nice pictures.

  • a bank clerkShe works with people and many people give money to her or get money from her...

  • .He is very busy when people go out to have dinner. a waiter

  • She is young and beautiful .She is always very friendly when people come to buy something.A shop assistant

  • He works in a . Where does he work?3a

  • Match the words with the pictures.1aabcdef___ exciting 3. ___ busy 5. ___ difficult___ dangerous 4. ____ fun 6. ___ boringacfebd

  • Where does he work? He works in a . What does your friend do?He is a Does he like his job? Why ?Yes ./No . Because..In 2015

  • Write down the words you learnt in this unit. (5)Finish homework book P14,15Recite section B 2a2b.

  • Listen to the conversation. What jobs do Betty, Jenny, and Sam want? Write the jobs below. 2apolicewomanreporterreporterdangerous excitingbusy, fun, interestingexciting, difficult, newWhy are Betty, Jenny and Sam interested in these jobs? 2b

    Wants to beWhy?BettyJennySam

  • Jobsactorreporterwaiter3aRead the newspaper want ads. Fill in the blanks with the correct jobs.

  • WANTED:Do you like to work late? Do you like to work hard? Do you like to meet people? If your answer is Yes, then we have a job for you as a ________________.Call Als Restaurant at 555-3937.waiter

  • SUMMER JOB:Do you like to talk with people? Do you like to write stories? Do you want to work for a magazine? Then come and work for us as a ________________.Please call Karen at 555-8823.reporter

  • HELP WANTED:Do you like to sing and dance? Do you like to work with other young people? Do you want to be in the school play? Do you like to work evenings and weekends? We need an ____________ today!Call Frank at 555-2559.actor

  • City of Wenzhou in the year 2015


    actordriverreporterartistfarmershop assistantbank clerkfiremansingerbusinessmanhousewifeteachercleanermusicianwaitercooknurseworkerdancerplayerwriterdoctorpolicemanzoo keeper

  • Hello, sir,My name is I am 24 years old. I like kids very much. I can talk with them and play with them. I work very hard every day. I think I can be a good teacher.


  • Do you like to work late or not?I like to work very very hard.Do you want to be a teacher or a clerk?I want to be a clerk in a bank.Do you like to sing or like to dance?I like to sing and dance, too.Do you want to be a singer or a dancer?I want to be a great actor!


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