I would like to be I would like to work as - Arab .ةَلسَلا ةرَُك/فْلوجُلا/ برَضْمَلا

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Text of I would like to be I would like to work as - Arab .ةَلسَلا ةرَُك/فْلوجُلا/...

  • tropS

    (t y l I) (t t Ip I)

    I do not play

    I do not practice

    Other tenses

    I practiced t y led

    I will play

    / / / Basketball Golf tennis ball football

    / / / /

    boxing yoga table tennis skiing swimming

    nooStah eCa sehtooC

    (t eI t) (t eI t)

    eaieSoea haCSaCnah

    He does not

    I do not wear

    Other haCSaCnah

    I wore

    I wore

    t will wear

    / / / / / /

    dress suit hat shirt skirt jacket trousers

    eCa apoCa teS

    (t I I) (t itp I)

    t I I eaieSoea haCSaCnah

    tio I I I I dont eat

    I do not drink Other tenses

    t ate I drunk

    I will eat Mr Taoufiq Cherkaoui


    aorha eCa epae

    t yp I > > eaieSoea haCSaCnah

    I dont live

    Holiday destinations

    I visit I go to I travel to

    eaieSoea haCSaCnah

    t io I travel t io I visit t io I go

    Other tenses

    t travelled t visited

    t will travel by ... / / / /

    Plane car bus/coach train bicycle

    eeoou porSoCa :

    t wake up t get out of bed

    t shower t clean my teeth (t wear my clothes

    (t go to school t clean my teeth ...

    / / my breakfast lunch dinner

    t wake up t get out of bed

    t sleep I shower I do my homework

    Key words

    there is there is

    there is no

    Past tense

    t yp ed t yp Id t yp Id

    / / / / building villa flat castle house

    / / / / Village town mountain countryside coast

    / / / / Village town mountain countryside coast

    Hobboes and activities:

    I watch films read I watch TV

    , t listen to... ... t am interested in ...

    ,, , , In theTheatre in books in films in music in sport

    t prefer ... t hate... t like ... , , , ,

    shopping singing fishing reading photography

    t io I y l I . play at , , ,

    violin Guitar piano oud

    Other tenses

    / / / / I read I watched I played at I parcticed I will listen to

    Other tenses

    I Studied I learned

    I will study I will learn

    Education and work

    I study I learn

    Negative sentences

    I do not study I do not learn

    / / / / English Physics history Science Maths

    / / / / art Spanish languages French chemistry

    / / / faculty university Primary school secondary school

    ... ... I would like to be I would like to work as

    Doctor designer business man artist farmer nurse teacher engineer

    sosa rtpehah

    / / / / / / Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

    Inpn I I p g = oeII in= sometimes daily in the morning at the weekend everyday = =Inpn I I p g once a week twice a month 3 times a year



    then also

    during whereas

    so that when especially but after that with

    easy easy easy easy

    easy easy easy easy easy

    easy easy easy easy easy

    becasue he is Because it is (M)

    Because she is because it is (F)

    writing Tennis

    Swimming Sailing Traveling


    my dad My mum

    the cinema my city

    my brother my house

    Opinions and reasons

    i like t io I ypII

    i hate i prefer