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  • Helping Companies Learn From the Past,

    Manage the Present and Shape the Future

    IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

    Scorecarding Application Design with

    Metric Designer

    June 15, 2011

    Presented by Senturus, Inc.

  • Today’s Agenda

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Defining Balanced Scorecarding

    • IBM Cognos Metric Designer Demonstration

    – Examine a Metric Designer Project and understand the purpose

    of Object and Metric Extracts

    – Execute Object Extracts

    – Execute and Publish Metric Extracts

    – Schedule a Job to automate Extracts and other Metric

    Maintenance Tasks

    • Overview of Cognos Training Options

    • Q&A and Wrap-up

  • Today’s Format

    • Demonstration will begin shortly

    • Please submit questions via the GoToWebinar Question

    pane in the GoToWebinar control panel

    • We will address questions LIVE at the conclusion of the

    presentation, so if you do not get an immediate response,

    please HOLD ON!

    • We will try to answer EVERY question via email if we do not

    get a chance to respond while you are attending the Webinar

  • Welcome and Introduction

    • Who we are: – Jim Frazier, V.P. Sales

    – Albert Valdez, Director of Education Services • 11 years as a Technical Trainer, focused on Business Intelligence and

    Performance Management

    • 5 years as a Senior Education Specialist at Cognos, Inc.

    • Lifetime CTT+ Certification from CompTIA

    • IBM Cognos Certified

    • Last 5+ Years as a Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect, Education Director

  • Who is Senturus ?

    • Consulting firm specializing in Corporate Performance Management

    – Business Intelligence and Enterprise Planning

    – Platform-independent

    – Currently IBM Premier Solutions Partner

    – Cognos Platinum Partner 2002-2008

    • Solution & Service Offerings

    – Pre-built Solutions

    – Complete project implementations

    – Assessment and Roadmap consultations

    – Training:

    • Classroom, Onsite, Remote, Mentoring, Workshops & Webinars

    • Led by professional trainers and seasoned consultants

  • A few of our 400+ Clients




  • BI Nirvana & Challenges

    Enterprise Reporting

    Ad Hoc Analytics



  • The Balanced Scorecard

    “The Balanced Scorecard translates mission and

    strategy into objectives and measures, organized

    into four different perspectives: financial, customer,

    internal business process, and learning & growth.”

    From The Balanced Scorecard

    by Robert Kaplan & David Norton

    * Note the difference between Leading and Lagging indicators

  • Linking Performance Measures

    Financial Perspective

    Internal Business Process Perspective

    Customer Perspective

    Learning & Growth Perspective









    Vision & Strategy

  • Managing Strategy

    Translating the Vision

    (e.g. Clarifying the goals)

    Communicating & Linking

    (e.g. Linking rewards to goals)

    Business Planning

    (e.g. Setting targets)

    Feedback & Learning

    (e.g. Monitor & Review)

    Balanced Scorecard

  • Why use scorecards

    • “What gets measured gets managed”

    • Align Execution with Strategy

    • Get everyone pointed in the same direction

    • Provide incentive for a balanced approach

    • Monitor leading indicators to “look out the front

    windshield, not the rear view mirror”

  • Scorecard Challenges

    Implementing Metric Studio

    Nailing down Strategy

    Managing Targets

    Finding & Staging data

    Easier Harder

    Selecting & Agreeing on KPI’s*

    *Key Performance Indicators

  • Reference BI Architecture

    Source Data Excel Spreadsheets

    External Sources

    ERP Systems

    In-House Systems

    Presentation Layer Event Studio

    Query Studio

    Analysis Studio

    Cognos Connection

    Report Studio

    ETL Layer (optional) Cognos Data Manager (or 3rd party tools)

    Data Warehouse

    or Data Mart MySQLOracle

    Microsoft SQL Server IBM DB2

    Metadata Layer Cognos Framework Manager

    OLAP Cubes (optional) Hyperion Essbase




    SSAS Cognos


    Metric Studio

  • IBM Cognos Scorecarding



    1. Understand what Object Extracts are, and why we define them in Metric Designer

    2. Execute Object Extracts to populate a new Metrics Application

    3. Transfer data from staging tables to metric store tables

  • IBM Cognos Scorecarding



    1. Understand what Metrics Extracts are, and why we define them in Metric Designer

    2. Execute Metrics Extracts to populate a new Metrics Application

    3. Transfer data from staging tables to metric store tables

  • IBM Cognos Scorecarding



    1. Publish Metrics Extract definitions to the Content Store

    2. Create a Job to schedule Extracts and Data Transfers

  • Cognos Training Options

    • IBM Public Classroom Training

    • Training from a Certified Partner, On-site or Public

    • Custom On-site Training

    • Small group Mentoring/Knowledge Transfer

    • Remote/On-line Training

    • Computer Based Training

    • Upcoming Senturus Public Training Events…

  • About Senturus Training

    • What does Senturus Training offer?

    • Why not just go to the IBM Cognos public classes?

    – On-site is more cost-effective when there are more than 4

    people to train

    – Courses are delivered at your location, on your schedule

    – Attendance is limited to your group, minimizing distractions,

    and allowing our instructors to focus on your group’s

    pertinent concerns

    – Course content and format can be structured specifically to

    your audience

    • As an IBM Partner, we can offer discounts on IBM

    Public training starting at 10%

    • We are your Training Partner!

  • What does Senturus Training offer: • Standard On-site Classroom delivery

    – Based on Great Outdoors sample data

    – Can be delivered anywhere, anytime

    – Compressed format (fewer days)

    – $3,495 per day list price (up to 12 students)

    • Customized On-site Classroom delivery – Based on client’s data

    – Requires longer lead times so we can prepare materials

    – Higher impact, more relevant, closes learning gap much faster

    – $3,495 per day of delivery and per day of course prep.

    • Small Group Mentoring – We work on your data, in your environment

    – Our experts facilitate the learning process while resolving actual issues and working toward a concrete deliverable

    – Small group size allows for personalized knowledge transfer at the appropriate pace

    – Rates start at $225 per hour

  • Want more???

    • Senturus is offering unique opportunities to attend complete, live, hands-on training sessions remotely

    • Formal classroom setting with virtual workstations for each student

    • Remote attendance available – attend from anywhere, all you need is an Internet-connected PC (dual displays and PC headset recommended)

    • Valuable hard-copy course handouts with step by step instructions

    • $595 per day, per student

  • Cognos Training Options

    • Upcoming Senturus Public Training Events, Hosted

    by Yours Truly. $595 per student, per day. *New

    classes in BOLD: • Next Thursday and Friday, June 23-24: Metadata Modeling

    Best Practices

    • July 8: Design a Metrics Application with Metric Designer

    • July 14-15: OLAP Modeling with Transformer

    • August 18: Report Studio Advanced Author Training

    • August 23: Cognos 10 Authoring Active Reports

    • August 25: Introduction to Cognos 10 Business Insight

    • August 26: Cognos 10 Business Insight Advanced

    – Registration information will be sent along with the

    Webinar Follow-up, or visit

  • Q & A and Follow-up

    • If you have submitted a question via GoToWebinar, we will be responding as quickly as possible