ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Prediction by izofy

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Read to know the astrological prediction For Australia-Pakistan Match by iZofy.


  • ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Prediction For Australia-Pakistan Match


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  • Australia and Pakistan are going to face each other today, on 25th March at Chandigarh and again Im back with my astrological prediction.

    Previously, I mentioned that Bangladesh will give a very good fight to India and at the end, India won by 1 run. Yes, it was a win but Bangladesh did their best too. Due to the last minute presence of mind and good luck of the Indian Captain, M S Dhoni, India kept their journey on towards the Semi-Final.

    Now its time for Australia and Pakistan. Both the teams are at a crucial point to enter the Semi-final!

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    What Does The Date 25th Say?

    Lets have a look. As per numerology, the date 25th March is lucky for Pakistan as their name number is the same and Friday has also been favourable for the team. Though Australia possesses a stronger team line up than Pakistan, they will get a challenging fight from their opponent.

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  • What Are The Chances To Win?

    Pakistan has already lost two matches and it is their final chance to have a wild card entry to the Semi-Final whereas Australia has 1-1 result of loss and Win! So chances are 55-45 for Pakistan and Australia to win the match.

    Who knows you may experience another thrilling last minute win from any of these teams!

    ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Prediction For Australia-Pakistan MatchWhat Does The Date 25th Say?What Are The Chances To Win?