Ideas for a romantic vacation

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Get Exotic island vacations for your romantic holidays and add some beautiful moments in your life with your beloved.


  • 1. Ideas for a Romantic Vacation Love is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. Usually couples promise to bring down the entire universe in the feet of their beloved; however, it is a farfetched dream. Nonetheless, there are a few dreams that can turn true with little efforts. For instance, one can organize a romantic getaway for his or her adored partner. If you feel that planning a quixotic gateway is little hard, mentioned below ideas can be of a great help. Romantic Cards Always Add a Charm Let your partner know about your romantic mood in advance. For conveying this expression of love, gift a sweet card to him or her with a hand written note inside. Admit it or not, personal touch with a hand written note always brings a smile on face. The entire task of writing the note is something really personal, so it's completely your choice of jotting down your feelings. Select Exotic Destination While finalizing the destination, try something unique. A place that is not much disturbed by the rush of the big cities, like Solomon Island, can be a good option. Solomon is nestled away from the hustle bustle of towns; it's beautiful, exotic, adventurous and top of all it has ample space to enjoy some romantic moments in privacy. The whole idea behind selecting exotic destination is to surprise your loved one with something special. Create the Right Ambience Once you have selected the destination, book a room in a classic resort. For instance, if you go with the idea of visiting Islands, there are various luxurious holiday resorts in Solomon Islands to serve your purpose. Thereafter ask the hotel staff to adorn your room on the very day of check in. One of the sweetest ideas of decorating the room can be putting candle and beautiful flowers of his or her choice and candles. The room should be embellished in such a manner that with a mere glimpse one could figure out that there is love in the air. Enjoy Fun-Filled Activities The word 'romance,' according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime. By Billy Graham So basically, romance is much more than just flowers and candles. Adding some fun packed activities in your plan is a great idea. Enjoy the activities on which both of you mutually agree. Surfing, biking, jeep safari, rafting are some of the most popular audacious activities that you can enjoy. However, those who are not much fond of adventure, can simply enjoy a nature walk, sightseeing, museum visits, or can spend a laid back day in the resort room.

2. Keep Room for Spontaneity Best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray, so don't tightly plan this vacation. Sometimes it is better to go with the follow. There can be a situation when the museum visit you planned isn't exciting you much, you can check out hot spots around. There is certainly a thrill in hanging out with your beloved in an unknown place. Take Pleasure of the We Time' One of the most important things to keep in mind (especially for men) is to focus all your attention on your partner and not on the phone. The day you plan a romantic getaway, make a promise to leave all your business call right back at home. You are on a much awaited and much deserved vacation with your beloved, give all your time to him or her. In this particular moment your world should have just two people you and your partner. In a nutshell These might not be the great ideas, but certainly are very sweet thoughts that are quite enough to add a spark in anyone's love life. All these points have a basic aim behind them, stealing some memorable moments for the loved ones.