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Ideas for Your Foods Classes. Joye M. Bond, Phd , rd 2014 FACS to the max. Lesson Plan 1: Chicken Noodle Soup. Version 1Chicken Noodle Soup Six Ways Version 2Switching Up the Flavors of Chicken Noodle Soup - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Joye M. Bond, Phd, rd2014 FACS to the maxIdeas for Your Foods ClassesLesson Plan 1: Chicken Noodle SoupVersion 1Chicken Noodle Soup Six WaysVersion 2Switching Up the Flavors of Chicken Noodle SoupSlides on the differences between seasonings, flavorings, herbs, and spices will be posted online</p> <p>Lesson Plan 2: Ready-to Eat CerealsLesson Plan 3: Ancient Grains and SeedsLesson Plan 4: SaucesOther IdeasExotic FruitsSuper Fruitsslides will be posted onlineSneaky VegetablesOn-A-StickMake Your Own Fast Food (Microwaving)Making PastaFusion CuisineMake Something Out of It! Copy Cat Foods</p> <p>More IdeasVegetables That Are Really FruitsBreakfast Around the WorldPicnic FoodChopped (the TV show)Local FoodsBrain FoodsInstagram Food Easy Ways to Improve Your FoodAnd moreFoods of LoveTraining FoodsInternational SoupsBack to Your Roots (root vegetables)</p>