Ideas of a name for my music magazine

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Media Studies


  • 1. Name of my music magazineSo I thought about some names for my music magazine.Unplugged-means acoustic, without electronicinstruments, and I think that pop music can be singwithout electronic instrument and it still sounds good.Tunes- an universal name for all types of musicmagazines. Its simple, short name, easy to remember.3- a name taken from the song by Britney Spears, famouspop singer. Its simple name, and the number instead ofletters gives it a special effect.Polyphonic-polyphonic sound is a sound where is morethan one music tone. It relates with music, and I like it.Pitch-isthe frequency of a note determining how highor low it sounds. It sounds funny to me, and it is relatewith music, but I think that lots of people wouldntknow what pitch means.Listen- Listening to a music is a great relax, and Ithink that LISTEN is a suitable name for a musicmagazine.