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  • 1. Technology in Social Studies
    Portia Kirk, Lauren Betts, Dana Bennett, Andrea Fleetwood and Lauren Judickas .

2. What is important in Social Studies.
Important people and their contributions
3. How can we use Cameras ?
Video cameras can be used for filming reenactments by students.
Cameras can also be used to make pictures look older as if it were taken at a different time period(ex. Sepia or black and white effects).
Taking pictures of current historical events(elections, war, etc).
Comparing past to present via photos
Props for skits.
4. How can we use Software?
Students can play Oregon Trail to understand the pioneer life.
Students can take virtual fieldtrips.
Electronic storytelling.
Map memorization(States, countries, bodies of water, etc).
5. How can we use Technology for communicating?
Live video chat with other schools.
PenPals(local or international).
Instant messaging(can help with typing and appropriate internet use).
Group internet projects.
Primary documents(getting the perspective of a war veteran) .
6. How can we use Technology for Collaborating?
Group projects.
Online conferencing.
Online discussions(about historical events).
Mock Government
7. How can we use technology for Conducting Research?
Live presentations from a historicalactor.
Finding pictures from the internet of specific events
Historical Videos
8. How can we use Word Processing?
Typing papers.
Completing projects.
Compare and contrast charts.
Poetry from the past.
Making short stories.
9. How can we use Database Management?
Make quizzes online.
Communicate with your family on your own blog. (Ning)
Database for war veterans.
Using the libraries database for research.
10. How can we use Spreadsheets?
Collecting information of historical data. (Number of deathsand injuries per war)
Comparing historical statistics.
Make graphs or tables with important information.
Populations of countries at different times.
11. How can we use Multimedia Tools?
Watching podcasts.
Watching historical videos/documentaries.
Making your own documentaries.
Watching current events on T.V.
Reading Ebooks
12. How can we use resources for Adaptive/ Assistive devices?
Better audio program for students with disabilities. (The Reading Bar)
Selective dissemination of information (SDI), creating a set of filters that allow topics of interest to be presented.
Weekly readers, current events at their level of reading.
Talking keyboard.
13. How can Teachers and Students practice using technology responsibly?
Explain the proper use of software.
What sites are and are not appropriate.
How to communicate with others online.
Warning signs.
Language and grammar.
14. How can Teachers and Students adhere to copyright laws and guidelines.
Citing sources correctly.
Teaching students how to create a works cited page.
How to properly use a direct quote, paraphrase, or summarization.
How to use different formats(MLA, Chicago, APA, etc).
15. WebQuest Activity
Biography Quest By: Mary DePaolo, Beechwood Knoll
Students pick a famous person in history and research them. Students gather information about the individual and create a timeline about the individuals life.
The students must also write a poem about the person of their choice
And lastly the students must make a brochure using Microsoft Office.
A bibliography must be made and handed in on the due date.
16. WebQuest Activity
This WebQuest activity can be used for Social Studies, because it involves researching famous people in history.
This allows students to use internet to research specific people.
Students are also learning how to use Microsoft Office.
They are learning how to properly cite where they obtained information
The students aregaining information about the person they are reaserching
17. WebQuest Activity
Biography Quest is a great WebQuestbecause it allows for the students to:
learn about a famous person by researching them.
Enhance their language arts skills by writing a poem
Use and become comfortable with Microsoft Office, and create a proper bibliography.
There are also sites provided for students to use and an evaluation page.
18. How can Instructional Software be use for Social Studies?
Power Point Presentations about a famous historical figure
Kidspiration-make a timeline
TrackStar-find lesson plans
WebQuest find a social studies activity
Movie Maker on an event in history
19. What Tools or Resources can Teachers use for developingTeleresearch or Telecommunications projects?
Teachers can find political radio interviews for their students to listen to and gatherer information.
Television programs(CNN,CSPAN, History channel).
Internet Blogs discussing current events which can be used for project researching .
Online Journals(LexisNexis, Academic Search Premier, etc).
20. Rubrics
Holistic: Single scale. Factors that are to be evaluated are identified together for each level of performance.
Analytical: consists of multiple, separate scales. Provides a set of scores rather than just one. This enables students to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses related to each criterion (information from
21. Rubrics
Biography Quest Rubric
Thisrubric would be an example of a Holistic rubric. It consists of a single scale, they are also quicker to develop and learn from.
22. Integration idea
Native American Tribes
American Revolution: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!
A Nation of Immigrants
Important Figures of the American Revolution
23. Integration Idea
Theses lesson plans are appropriate for social studies because they address past events which have shaped America.
24. Summary
Technology can be incorporated into many different subjects. Using technology for Social Studies can be a great aid for learning about past events, people and cultures. The use of software, multimedia tools andtechnological devices can boost learning and enthusiasm when learning and doing projects with history.