IEEE 1985 Symposium on Nuclear Power Systems

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    San Francisco California October 23- 25 1985

    The IEEE 1985 SNPS conference is the latest in a series which has been held annually for the lastfifteen years for the benefit of electrical engineers in the nuclear power industry and is sponsored bythe Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the U.S. Dept. of Energy and the Electric PowerResearch Institute.

    This meeting is devoted to nuclear applications of electrical, control, instrumentation and computerfields in the power industry. It will feature papers on areas of importance to technical and stationoperating personnel, and emphasizes station operating and maintenance experience.

    Several key sessions will be devoted to recent advances in electrical, control and instrumentationwith emphasis on application to operating plants including papers which will address solutions to meetcurrent NRC requirements. There will be, for example, a special session covering utility experiencerelated to seismic qualification and its possible impact on operating plants.

    The opening session will present a complete update of nuclear standards work in progress and willinclude a special panel from the Nuclear Power Engineering Committee of the Power Engineering Societywhich will review the major 1985 standards activity. This panel will discuss the present NPEC policyto de-emphasize the production of new standards in favor of improving, clarifying and providing applicationguidance on some of the more than 100 IEEE nuclear power plant standards already issued. Additionaltechnical sessions are being planned covering new and important aspects of the future role of nuclearstandards including the cost benefit of applying new and revised standards.

    The conference is being held in conjunction with the Nuclear Science Symposium, which is predomi-nantly R&D oriented and all of its sessions are freely accessible to SNPS registrants.

    Technical papers related to the foregoing are invited. A title and brief abstract should be submitted.Submissions or questions should be sent to J. Forster, General Chairman at the following address:

    Quadrex Corporation1700 Dell Ave.Campbell Ca. 95008Tel. (408) 370-4223


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