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  • The Personalized Web

    Sean Biek Senior Solutions Consultant sbiek@exacttarget.com

  • variable speeds

    chopping action

    ice crusher


    new 40 oz.

    5-year warranty


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    350 watt


  • Robust Customer Prof_ile

  • What connects the consumers experience across all channels? Personal7ation

  • The ExactTarget Platform

  • The Building Blocks of Personalization

    Identify all data sources

    Organize data

    Personalize Take action

  • Relevancy = Revenue

  • Explicit

    Single Customer View: iGo Point of interaction: ET

  • Leverage Consumer Input Sources

  • Leverage Consumer Input Sources

  • Leverage Consumer Input Sources

  • On-Site Merchandising

  • 21

  • Personalizing product recommendations, like those provided by iGoDigital, can increase conversions site-wide by up to 10%. iGoDigital Customer Benchmarking Data

  • Whats better than predicting? Asking!

  • Guided Selling A Personal Boutique Approach

    Guided Selling Tools create an experience that helps shoppers navigate through the product catalog and make a more informed decision.

  • Guided Selling Tools

  • Olay: Cross-Channel, Global Capabili:es

    Build once, deploy across retail partners, channels, and countries

    Syndication and Localization

  • H.H. Gregg Use Case Study

    Quick Facts 9 Guided Selling Tools 1 Platform 1 Front End Development Key Differentiator

    Average Search to Cart Rate:


  • Search Results Based on Profiles

  • Consistent relevant messaging Email Recommendations

  • Personalization in Email

  • Lids.com

    Identified Team and Style Based Shoppers

    Recommendations Made: Onsite Marketing Emails Transactional Emails

  • Targeted emails based on customer demographics alone produced response rates up to 18x greater than those that were not targeted.Excerpt from McKinsey Global Institute research report.

  • Results: Open Rate: 52.9% Click Rate: 23.3% Conversion Rate: 17.4%

    Personalized Product Recommenda:ons based on the shoppers most recent onsite behavior

    Personalized, dynamic subject lines increase open rates by 10% over sta:c subject lines

  • Op:miza:on

  • Instant Activity-based Email via iGoDigital iGoDigital can observe cart abandonment and fire off a trigger message in order to maximize opportunity to close a pending purchase. In addition, other events and conditions can trigger a message via an iGoDigital call to the API, including:

    Remarketing Events Browse Abandon Favorite Category Back-In-Stock

    Post-Purchase New Sale Item New Item of Interest Other/Customized

  • Triggered Emails

    Remarketing Best Practices!!iGoDigital triggers the first triggered email 3 hours after an individual abandons a cart. Each individual receives a personalized message. Items that are personalized include:"" Dynamic Subject Line" Predominately Displayed

    Abandoned Items" Personalized Product


  • Fila Abandoned Cart Follow Up

  • Abandon event is triggered and session info is

    passed to iGoDigital

    Event is added to the view of customer behaviors

    API call is made to ET, passing event data and

    firing off a triggered send

  • Product recommendations turn transactional emails into conversion tools, increasing "click-through rates by up to 35% and conversion rates by up to 25% iGoDigital Customer Benchmarking Data

  • 71% of shoppers are abandoning carts and only 19% of the top 1,000 online retailers are sending abandoned cart email messages to bring the customer back. Internet Retailer article, Cart Abandonment E-Mails Gain More Attention From E-Retailers

  • Profile powered segmentation Audience Builder

  • 54

  • By leveraging iGoDigital behavioral segmentation tool, customers have seen as much as a 50% increase in click-rate and a 56% increase in orders per send. iGoDigital Customer Benchmarking Data

  • Onsite Recommendations (To Drive Revenue/Visitor)

    Email Recommendations (Interaction Based Recs to drive engagment + $)

    Email Triggers (Interesting moments to timeliness and relevancy)

    Guided Selling (To engage visitors, convert, and collect data)

    Harness a Single Customer View

  • 3 things you can do now

  • 1. Organ(e your data Data layer is foundation

  • 2. Talk to Your Fellow Marketers

    Within your organization Dont build out your program first listen to your customers and use their behaviors to create your marketing programs Leverage user generated content and review data

    (Bazaarvoice)- leverage what shoppers are saying in other marketing efforts

  • 3. Make it personal Synchronize the experience across all channels

  • Discussion!Q/A