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IMA PHOTOBOOKS IMA media, amana inc. as of September 16, 2015

IMA PHOTOBOOKS · 2015. 9. 16. · IMA PHOTOBOOKS IMA media, amana inc. as of September 16, 2015. 1 IMA media project, amana inc. BAU is the work of Takashi Suzuki, an artist who

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Text of IMA PHOTOBOOKS · 2015. 9. 16. · IMA PHOTOBOOKS IMA media, amana inc. as of September 16, 2015. 1...


    IMA media, amana inc.as of September 16, 2015

  • 1 IMA media project, amana inc.1

    BAU is the work of Takashi Suzuki, an artist who explores what it means to look at a photograph through the medium of photography itself. The work—which presentsa variety of compositions created from sponges of many different colors—was a hit at Amsterdam's Unseen photography fair.

    The black backgrounds give the compositions the appearance of architectural forms (“bau” is German for “building” or “construction”), while the sheer variety of compositions suggests an entirely new way to look at the ordinary sponge.

    The book is relatively small for a photobook—the dimensions of Suzuki's work are not that large to begin with—but with 500 photographs contained inside, it also has a heft that makes it a nice addition to a room's décor.

    NOTE) Each book features one of four different covers.Randomly chosen from four different variations before shipped out.

    Retail Price: 3,500JPY

    Photographer: TAKASHI SUZUKI

    Date of release: 29 May, 2015

    Size 130×100×35mm (450g)

    ISBN: 9784865871005

    Number of pages: 504pages

    Type: Paperback

    Category: Photobook

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  • 3 IMA media project, amana inc.3

    Emphasizing forms through shadows.

    Takashi Suzuki is an artist who explores what it means to look at a photograph through the medium of photography itself. In ARCA, he has created large prints of shadows that he photographed with a large-format camera. By stripping the images of all context—no line, size reference, or any other defining information can be perceived—Suzuki has transformed the shadows into an entirelynew type of construct that takes on the appearance of a hazy memory.

    All 11 photographs that compose ARCA—which acts as a sort of antithesis to Suzuki's BAU—have been compiled in this large-format photobook. There will also be a special edition that comes with a print of one of the photographs in the series.

    BAU and ARCA, along with a new series by Suzuki, were displayed at the “Form-Philia” exhibition that was held at IMA CONCEPT STORE from May 29th to July 12th.

    Retail Price: 3,000JPY

    Photographer: TAKASHI SUZUKI

    Date of release: 29 May, 2015

    Size 340×257mm (280g)

    ISBN: 9784865871623

    Number of pages: 28pages

    Type: Paperback

    Category: Photobook

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  • 5 IMA media project, amana inc.5

    Using archival photography and footage, Thomas Demand builds models that recreate historical and social events and thenphotographs and films them. Then, he presents them on large prints and screens, as if offering a firsthand account of the event.

    Model Studies (2011) was his first work in which he did not build the models himself. This freed him to place more emphasis on the models and express his belief that the models are just as important to him as his images.Demand has returned with a follow-up series, Model Studies (Kōtō-ku). In this work, he photographed models built by the architectural team SANAA.

    Demand photographs architectural models as sculptures that represent ideas and, by doing so, emphasizes the beautiful ephemerality of ideas themselves—how they are often sparked to life only to be discarded. This photobook represents Demand's finest work in his pursuit of the rich possibilities contained in models.

    Retail Price: 8,000JPY

    Artist: Thomas Demand

    Date of release: 21 May, 2015

    Size 324×277× 15mm (950g)

    ISBN: 9784865870992

    Number of pages: 80pages

    Type: Hardcover

    Category: Photobook

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  • 7 IMA media project, amana inc.7777

    For his series SAKHALIN, photographer Naoki Ishikawa visited Sakhalin, a Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean, which was called “Karafuto” under Japanese sovereignty.

    In winter 2009 and summer 2014, Ishikawa visited Sakhalin (which looks very different in the two seasons) and came into contact with the indigenous Uilta and Nivkh peoples and witnessed their activities and culture. His interactions with them allowed him to experience the history of the island. The current series offers a new perspective on the world through the eyes of Ishikawa, who has developed a unique vision through his work on various projects, and the current state of Sakhalin.

    Retail Price: 4,800JPY

    Photographer: Naoki Ishikawa

    Date of release: 25 April, 2015

    Size 257×210×10mm (620g)

    ISBN: 9784865870985

    Number of pages: 128pages

    Type: Hardcover

    Category: Photobook

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  • 9 IMA media project, amana inc.9999

    Retail Price: 3,700JPY


    Date of release: 13 March, 2015

    Size: 151×213×13mm (287g)

    ISBN: 9784865870961

    Number of pages: 90 pages

    Type: Hardcover

    Category: Catalogue published in conjunction with IMA gallery’s exhibition“Photography Now! Vol.2 ”

    Photography Now! Vol.2 will feature works by four leading photographers from Spain, which is currently receiving global attention for its photographic output. The book will offer a look into the current state of Spanish photography and also suggest new directions for the Japanese photography scene. In a culture that favors immediacy, these four photographers slowly and patiently create their works, which examines Spain as their subject.“Photography Now! Vol. 2: New Spanish Horizon,” an exhibition featuring the works described above, was held at the photography gallery “LE BAL” in Paris in December 2014. A newly edited version of the exhibition will be held at the IMA gallery space in March 2015. Photography Now! Vol.2, which will be published in conjunction with the same exhibition, promises to be a fun book that offers a colorful and humorous look into the current state of Spanish photography.

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  • 11 IMA media project, amana inc.11111111

    Retail Price: 3,500JPY

    Photographer: Yoshinori Mizutani

    Date of release: 6 February, 2015

    Size 228 × 160 × 22 mm (719g)

    ISBN: 9784865870343

    Number of pages: 192pages

    Type: Hardcover

    Category: Photobook

    Mizutani is an up-and-coming artist who is receiving increased attention domestically and internationally. Since being selected for the influential Danish FOAM magazine-hosted “Talent Call” in 2014, Mizutani has been included in numerous group exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East.

    Mizutani captures everyday scenes, which are nevertheless curious or strange, in vibrantly colored and graphically composed photographs. His second book collects images from the series “Colors,” which he shot focusing on color and forms and posted on Tumblr daily over four years. His style of intently focusing on the surface of his subjects brings various signs of contemporary society to light.

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  • 13 IMA media project, amana inc.13

    Retail Price: 3,500JPY

    Photographer: Yoshinori Mizutani

    Date of release: 11 November, 2014

    Size 244 × 180 × 10 mm (455g)

    ISBN: 9784907519407

    Number of pages: 88pages

    Type: Hard coverTwo of different cover pages on the front cover, the same in content

    Category: Photobook

    Yoshinori Mizutani was moved by and became obsessed with the unusual population growth of lime green parakeets in Tokyo. His photographs capture the strange urban landscapes and uncanny feeling created by the parakeets’ presence. This is the first photo book by the up-and-coming Mizutani, who was also selected for the 2014 “FOAM” Talent Call.

    NOTE) Two different variations on the cover page, Green and Black. Randomly chosen at our end before shipped out.

  • 14 IMA media project, amana inc.14

  • 15 IMA media project, amana inc.15

    In this book, which questions what it means to “look”,Nerhol has reconstructed works from three previous exhibitions and brought them together under one concept. This special volume has been printed with eight different covers.

    Retail Price: 6,500JPY

    Artist: Nerhol

    Date of release:

    16 October, 2014

    Size: 255 × 340 × 150 mm (1,000kg)

    ISBN: 9784907519728

    Type: HardcoverEight of different faces on the front coverThe same in content

    Category Photobook

    Note) Randomly chosen from eight different variations before shipped out.

  • 16 IMA media project, amana inc.16

  • 17 IMA media project, amana inc.17171717

    Winslow Arizona features a selection of images Stephen Shore presented in contemporary artist Doug Aitken’s project “Station to Station.” For the project, which Aitken calls a “nomadic happening,” he rented a train, which departed from New York and traveled to nine cities, including Minneapolis, through the southwest, and finally arriving San Francisco in a three-week journey. He invited artists, writers, filmmakers, and performers to participate, and staged a “happening,” which involved exhibitions and performances, at each stop.

    The images in Winslow Arizona, which Stephen Shore shot in a day while revisiting Winslow, Arizona, where he made his seminalwork American Surfaces, are presented unedited, in the order that he shot them, making it an improvisational work.

    Retail Price: 4,000JPY

    Photographer: Stephen Shore

    Date of release: 27 June, 2014

    Size: 210 x 270 x 10 mm (660g)

    ISBN: 9784907519070

    Number of pages: 128pages

    Type: Paperback

    Category: Photobook published in conjunction with IMA gallery’s third exhibition “THE STREET GOES ON” (Jun.28–Aug.12).

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  • 19 IMA media project, amana inc.19191919

    Retail Price: 3,800JPY

    Artist: Hiroshi Sugimoto

    Date of release: May, 2015

    Size: 358mm×255mm (520g)

    ISBN: 9784907519032

    Type: Paperback

    Category: Photobook

    ON THE BEACH, which comes side by side with Seascapes, is first making its appearance after more than 20 years.

    Sugimoto's newest solo exhibition "Aujourd’hui le monde est mort [Lost Human Genetic Archive]", which is being held from April 25 to September 2014, is catching a lot of attention not only in France but all around the world. Apart from his "Seascapes", "Dioramas" and "Lightning Fields", the exhibition includes his newest series "ON THE BEACH", which has been unpublished for over 20 years.

    "Persevering with my lonely task on the deserted beach, I half-succumbed to the notion that human civilization had ended. The sight of crafted objects rotting away is at once dreadful and beautiful."

    ------ Hiroshi Sugimoto (Excerpts from "Time's Yardstick", included in this photo book)

    The photo book includes 24 works from the series, and is written in both English and French.

  • 20 IMA media project, amana inc.20202020

  • 21 IMA media project, amana inc.21212121

    Rinko Kawauchi and Terri Weifenbach, two internationally recognized female photographers, maintain correspondence by exchanging photographs. Kawauchi is one of Japan’s best-known photographers. Weifenbach creates fantastic images of natural landscapes. They owned books of each other’s works and began exchanging images via-email in 2011. “Gift” is a result of this photographic exchange.

    Retail Price: 6,500JPY

    Photographer: Rinko Kawauchi / Terri Weifenbach

    Date of release: 30 April, 2014

    size 250 x 195 x 25mm (800g)

    ISBN 9784907519056

    Number of pages: 160pages (80pages x 2items)

    Type: Hardcover in the special box

    Category: Catalogue published in conjunction with IMA gallery’s exhibition “Gift”

    Kawauchi and Weifenbach exchanged the photographs over a long period of time. The images, which were sent as responses and as gifts to a faraway friend, constitute a story of their relationship and communicate the seasons as well as various emotions. Living in Tokyo and Washington D.C. respectively, Kawauchi and Weifenbach exchanged sincere photographic gifts, which tell a subtle tale of friendship and draw viewers into a poetic world.

  • 22 IMA media project, amana inc.22222222

  • 23 IMA media project, amana inc.23232323

    In concert with such worldwide trends, IMA has proactively introduced new forms of photographic expression that are as ambitious as they are innovative since its very first issue. The Photography Now! show, which will inaugurate the opening of the IMA CONCEPT STORE, focuses on the twelve most notable up-and-coming photographers.

    Apart from the fact that they are all artists living in these complex times, they do not have anything in common, be it their nationality, concepts,photographic subjects, or production methods. What are the thoughts of these leading photographers of a new generation, and what are they trying to express? Attempting to interpret their works is synonymous with deciphering the times we live in,and it will lead us to broaden our own horizons.

    Retail Price: 3,200JPY

    Photographer: Jason Evans / Charlotte Dumas / Mårten Lange /Cristina De Middel / Inka Lindergård and NiclasHolmström / Nerhol / Sohei Nishino / Ed Panar /Motoyuki Daibu / Luke Stephenson / Clare Strand /Scheltens & Abbenes

    Release date: 15 March, 2014

    Size: 12 x 150 x 213 mm, 300g

    ISBN 9784907519025

    Number of pages: 160pages

    Type of book: Softcover

    Category: Catalogue published in conjunction with the IMA gallery’s first exhibition “PHOTOGRAPHY NOW!”

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