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  1. 1. Mock design of my magazinefront coverHere I experimented with Publisher to play aroundwith its features and I used Photoshop to play aroundwith manipulating my images. It gave me an idea ofhow both software's worked and also allowed me tomake a mock of my magazine front cover so that Icould experiment and see what looked good
  2. 2. Here I was zooming in to use the Spot Healing tool to remove some of spots andimperfection on my models, Dan's, face here. I used the navigator tool bar so that I couldzoom in and get closer to the image so that I could be more accurate with removingimperfections.I concentrated around the mouth as this is where a lot of the red imperfections where. Iwanted to remove this in order to make my images look more professional and alsomore appealing. It is true to say that more images seen on magazine now have beenphotoshoped to look more perfect and airbrushed I felt it was important to stick tothis rule as it is a key convention of general magazine therefore would also apply to mygenre, rock magazines
  3. 3. Gaussian blurAlthough I used the Spot Healing Tool to remove more prominent imperfections. TheGaussian blur effect helped me to make my image have a soft focus look to it. This couldmake the image less defined so I didnt use a high level of the Gaussian blur as I wanted itto not look too pretty with the soft focus look.Here I made abackground copy sothe I would have twolayers of the sameimage. This isimportant when usingthe Gaussian Blureffect so that I couldadd this effect to thetop layer, and thenuse the erased to rubaway some of theblurred effect.However this helped greatly to remove any excess red tones to mymodels skins and therefore make it look more appealing and attractive.I erased a lot of the Blue effect around my models hair, clothes andjawline so that they would be more defined and stand out as keyfeatures to my image here.
  4. 4. Here as you can see, Ialtered the brightnessand contrast to myimage. I lowered thebrightness a little asthought this would fitin with my magazinemuch more beingdark and grungelooking as it is a rockmagazine. I also madethe contrast higher asI felt this madefeatures of my modelsface stand out a lotmore and be moreprominent.Here is come evidence ofme using the eraser toremove some Gaussianblur.Here is some evidence that I used thespot healing brush to edit outimperfections and the red eye removaltool to darken Dans eyes
  5. 5. Here I edited the colour balance in order to level out the colours in the main image. Iwanted to make it less red in order to make sure the skin was not too red. I added amore blue colour level to make the image look a bit more cold than warm as thiswould give a dark, edgy look to it rather than a bright, poppy look to it
  6. 6. Here I edited the exposure and I found that too much exposure really did not look appealing.The brightness of his face would not look good in my genre of magazine as generally rockmagazine have this persona of dark and grunge to give a rock star look. And this imagewith a higher level of exposure would not suit my magazine therefore I will not use too muchexposure when I edit my final pieces for my magazine.
  7. 7. Here is a cut out of the imageI chose to experiment with.On a white background itlooks good and quite cleararound the edgesHere I put my cut out image on ablack background and here it didnot look very good and you cansee my cutting out isnt as good asyou can see the grey in-betweenthe hair from the background I cutit out from previously. I havelearnt from this that I should bemore careful with my cutting out
  8. 8. Here I has to align my imageto the left hand side as thephotograph I took did nothave all of Dan's left shoulderin it therefore I had to align itto the left edge of mymagazine. This also gave agood effects I thought as itmade the image look 3DHere is where I chose thecolour fro my masthead. Itwas an important thing toas the colour of themasthead is almost adistinctive thing tomagazine and isassociated with certainmagazines. For examplethe colour red isassociated with NMEmagazine as it is thecolour of their masthead
  9. 9. Here is a mock-up of what I would like my front page to look like. I have not includedall the key features here and am aware that I need to put those in my final design (likethe barcode, a sub-image and text on the bottom) doing a mock plan of what my frontpage will look like has helped me a lot as I can see it done properly instead of just adrawing. From this I have found some methods I should not do. I will write these in myconclusion. But this also allowed me to experiment with the Publisher software andget used to it.