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<ul><li> 1. This is the image I have taken forthe front cover of my magazine butI have edited it to improve it for myfront cover.This is a picture I have taken for mydouble page spread for my article. Thisimage will be edited with the lightingfor my double page spread.</li></ul> <p> 2. I have taken this image for mycontents page. The lightinghelps to make the picture standout and make the quality of itexcellent.I have taken this image for mydouble page spread article. Ihave used the samebackground again for the goodlighting to make my pictureclear. 3. I have taken this image for mycontents page. This picturerelates to my article and is ingood quality to use. 4. This is the image I have taken for myfront cover, I have used macromediafireworks to edit it and improve it.This is the edited version of myimage for my double page spreadthat I will use 5. As you can see in this image I am getting to grips with the programfireworks with editing my images and adding things to them. I haveboxed the main part of my image to show this is the main focus of theimage. 6. In this screenshot I have started to change the hue/saturation of it and ithas helped change the colours of the image and made it look moreattractive than it previously was in the previous slide. 7. As you can see in this screen shot I am using the program macromediafireworks. I have used the marquee tool to cut a part of my image as I amgetting rid of parts of my image that arent needed so I can mainly focus onthe centre of the image where my model is. 8. In the screenshots below I have compared them to show how Ican change them using the hue/saturation tool in fireworks.This allowed me to change the saturation the hue and thelightness. 9. In these screenshots I am showing an image I have edited in thefirst screen shot and showing what I have to do to make it intothe image on the right. I did this by using adjust colour thenclicking on invert and this is how I changed the image. 10. This is an example of how I wanted my front cover to look as Iliked the colour used as I found they match my masthead andbackground of my magazine. I did this by adjusting thebrightness and contrast of my image which I found out to be avery easy and helpful tool to use in editing my images. In thesecond screenshot I just increased the brightness andcontrast and this was the result 11. In these screenshots I have used the paint tool to apply a sky bluecolour in my image to outline the model. In the first image there isntmuch thickness to my brush as its only at 8. In the second screenshotI have changed the brush thickness to 33 and then did the same to theimage by outlining it and it turned out a lot thicker. 12. In these images I am experimenting how to change and adjustbrightness/contrast to my image. In my second image I am editing theimage using the Hue/Saturation tool and comparing these to image youcan see the difference between them. 13. As you see I am using the paintbrush tool just to get to grips with how theprogram works by painting around the model in the image, I did this so Icould gain an idea of what sort of brush size I needed for my image etc.</p>