Important Topics From TADM51

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User for starting and stopping the database Oracle alertlog brconnect -f check PSAPUNDO tablespace SYSAUX tablespace when a SQL statement considered to be an expensive statement, solution to expens ive SQL statements, when to create index, impact of indexes (especially secondar y indexes), what is index fragmentation types of indexes what can you do using DB13 OPS$ connect BR*Tools type of files backed up for online backups, offline backups, RMAN optimizer - CBO and RBO DBSTATC which parameters not to be changed in oracle 10g SPFILE ORACLE_HOME environment variable database or table reorganization resetting of the database when to schedule the database statistics' run PGA tables SDBAD and SDBAH archiver stuck snapshot too old automatci tape labelling, 19th one volume is xxxx19, it is physically corrupt, w hat step u can do to perform the next backup? can brspace create both dictionary managed or locally managed tablespaces what will happen when the table has reached its MAXEXTENTS and generates an Orac le error ORA-1631?