Improving Practice in Initial Teacher Education

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Improving Practice in Initial Teacher Education. Ashley Reid University of Strathclyde PEPE 2008. Overview. Initial Teacher Education in Scotland Research Findings Implications Future research. Initial Teacher Education in Scotland. Past Present Future. Research questions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Improving Practice in Initial Teacher EducationAshley ReidUniversity of StrathclydePEPE 2008

  • OverviewInitial Teacher Education in Scotland




    Future research

  • Initial Teacher Education in ScotlandPast



  • Research questionsDoes the university-based aspect of the PGDE(S) Geography course equip students to meet the demands of their probationary year?

    Does the PGDE(S) Geography course enable probationers to overtake the Standard For Full Registration benchmarks for Professional Skills and Abilities?

    What are the implications of the research findings for the PGDE(S) Geography course co-ordinator?

  • FindingsCourse content and design

    Professional Skills and Abilities benchmarks

    Continuous professional development

  • Course content and designNuts and bolts stuff

    More in depth focus on particular courses

    More on practical skills what to do when this happens in a classroom.

    So much to do so little time!

    Recall day too close to experience to be objective.

  • Professional skills and abilities benchmarksBenchmarks - strengths

    Benchmarks - weaknesses

    Areas for further improvement

  • Continuous professional developmentProbationers and mentors expressed a desire for CPD that was tailored to their needs.

    There was little formal subject based CPD provided for probationers.

  • Implications for PGDE(S) CourseHome groups

    Subject Support CPD

    Early Professional Learning

  • Wider ImplicationsModels of ITE Use of benchmarks

    Continuous professional development

  • Future Research Opportunities

    Data gathered for 2007 - 2008 PGDE(S) Geography probationer cohort

    Narrative Case Study tracking EPL journey of Newly Qualified Teachers


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