In Chinglish, they say, “How about that city?” But in real English we say,

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  • In Chinglish, they say, How about that city? But in real English we say,
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  • What is Beijing like? Remember, we answer Whatlike? with: It is /They are It has /They have What is the weather in Beijing like? What is the food in Beijing like? What are the people in Beijing like? What are the prices in Beijing like? What are the ___________in Beijing like? What is the _________ in Beijing like?
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  • Cities: Find someone who Get up and try to find someone who has been to New York city Ask him/her what the people are like has been to Paris Ask him/her what the food is like has been to Rome Ask him/her what the buildings (architecture) is like has never travelled abroad Ask him/her why he/she hasnt travelled travels abroad more than twice (two times) a year Ask him/her where he/she goes is from a small town Ask him/her why he/she now lives in a city went to Europe last year Ask him/her what the cities were like
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  • Most Livable City Country/Nationality Matching Which country are these cities in? What nationality are the people? Country and Nationality Zurich Helsinki Copenhagen Vienna Munich Melbourne Tokyo Auckland Stockholm Vancouver Switzerland Finland Denmark Austria Germany Australia Japan New Zealand Sweden Canada Swiss Finnish Danish Austrian German Australian Japanese Kiwi Swedish Canadian
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  • Which city is it? Write down 6 answers to the question, What is your favorite city like? 3 It is 3 It has Now get up and talk to 3 students: Tell him/her your answers Let them guess the city name Switch!
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  • Cities: Do you know? Which city? Contains the Eiffel tower Is near the great pyramids Is the oldest inhabited city Contains the Plaza del Sol Contains the tallest building Is the most crowded city Is the 5 th most crowded city Is the most populated city Is the coldest Is the hottest And the answers are: Paris, France Cairo, Egypt Damascus, Jordan Madrid, Spain Dubai, UnitedArabEmirates Mumbai, India Shenzhen, China Shanghai, China (p17.8M) Yakutsk, Russia (p200k) Bangkok, Thailand (avg. temp.)
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  • City Information Gap-fill Find out the information about these four great cities Rome Paris New York Bangkok Ask the others questions DO NOT SHOW OTHERS YOUR PAPER!!!
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  • Cities Discussion Discuss these with your group: Whats the best city youve ever visited? Why? What was your trip there like? Do you prefer living in cities or the countryside? What city would you like to visit most? Why? What would you like to do there? How do you feel about living in Beijing? What do you like the most/least? Would you ever consider living abroad? Why or why not? Which would it be? What are the most important requirements for you in choosing a city to live in? to travel to?