Incoming Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU: Research part Incoming Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU: Research part ERAC plenary

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Incoming Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU: Research part Incoming Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU: Research part ERAC plenary meeting June 14, 2013 Dublin Kristina Babelyt-Labanausk Division of Technologies and Innovations Ministry of Education and Science Slide 2 Research priorities Allow for the Horizon 2020, including European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as well as Euratom programme, to start from the beginning of 2014 Find appropriate and timely solutions for initiatives implementing Horizon 2020 Slide 3 Meetings Competitiveness Council Informal (Vilnius, 22-24 July) Formals (26-27 September & 2-3 December) Research working party meetings ERAC/RWP (Vilnius, 10-11 October) ERAC (12 December) Slide 4 ERAC meeting in Lithuania 10-11 October Two cities: Vilnius and Kaunas Slide 5 PRESIDENCY CONFERENCES in Vilnius SAVE THE DATE! Slide 6 Conference Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities 23-24 September, 2013 The conference invites elaboration of the potential that social sciences and the humanities (SSH) can bring to the goals defined in Horizon 2020, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and how best to integrate the knowledge, methods and experience the SSH have to offer over a wide range of phenomena and problem spaces. 400 participants expected Slide 7 Conference Enhancement European international cooperation and Eastern Partnership in R&D&I 30 September-1 October, 2013 The conference will cover issues related to the current EU policies on R&D&I, the Eastern Partnership dimension and future plans for Horizon 2020, share good practices among Member States and Eastern Partnership Countries, contribute in creating synergies between different instruments and activities. 220 participants expected Slide 8 Conference on the Future of Manufacturing in Europe MANUFUTURE 2013 6-8 October, 2013 Aim is to discuss the best ways to approach implementation of Horizon 2020 while promoting innovation of the EU engineering industry, sustainable development and competitiveness, the increase in efficiency of EU regional and national research and development support tools through their mutual synergy and the national and regional smart specialisation strategies of the countries. 500 participants expected Slide 9 Joint FISA 2013 and Euradwaste13 conference 14-17 October, 2013 FISA 2013 is a conference on research and training in reactor systems and EURADWASTE'13 is a conference on radioactive waste management. Joint opening and closing sessions will facilitate in-depth discussion on issues and policies in research and development programmes in both reactor systems and radioactive waste management in Europe. 600 participants expected fission/fisa-euradwaste-2013_en.html fission/fisa-euradwaste-2013_en.html Slide 10 Conference Human Resources on R&D 14-15 November, 2013 The aim of the conference is to discuss the key factors impacting on the attractiveness of the researcher profession. 200 participants expected Slide 11 Innovation Forum 4-6 December, 2013 An international event designed to create a high-level discussion platform about innovation and research trends, best practice and impact for European economy growth and well-being General idea: green/eco-innovations Sessions for IP issues, research commercialization and tech-transfer, start-ups and entrepreneurship, access to finance, etc. Including science and technology exhibition - open for general audience: feel and touch the innovation. 600 participants expected information/innovation-forum-2013/ information/innovation-forum-2013/ Slide 12 Related events (I) Conference Intellectual Property Protection in the EU: Challenges, Risks and Prospects 89 October, 2013 High-level annual political event during which the latest topicalities of intellectual property protection in the EU will be discussed. The focus will be on the issues related to the unitary patent system and the Unified Patent Court. The conference will be attended by the highest rank officers of the EU Commission, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the European Patent Office, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (trademarks and designs), representatives of other EU Member States and business, science and other fields representatives of Lithuania. Coordinator: State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania Slide 13 Related events (II) International conference Space Economy in the Multipolar World, 2013 1820 September, 2013 The conference is aimed at discussing the European Space policy and will focus on increasing European competitiveness and innovation of the space sector, exploitation of space data, development of international space partnerships and the application of scientific results for the development of space technologies to foster the Space sector in the Baltic States. Theme of SEMWO 2013 : Earth our home planet 300 participants expected Coordinator: Lithuanian Space Association, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy European Space Expo 1722 September, 2013 Venue: Vilnius (Cathedral Square) Exposition organized by the European Commission to show how space and its applications provide benefits to Europe's citizens. The Expo highlights the critical role of the European Union in space and space-based technologies. The visitors of the Exposition will be able to see, touch and experience the wide applicability of innovative technologies and services. Coordinator: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology Slide 14 More information Presidency website Twitter @EU2013LT @EU2013LTpress Facebook Youtube