Independent and Dependent Clauses What is the difference? How can we find them? When do we use them?

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  • Independent and Dependent Clauses What is the difference? How can we find them? When do we use them?
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  • Independent Clauses Think of the Declaration of Independence! What did the colonists want? Independence from Great Britain! We wanted to be able to STAND ON OUR OWN! Independent clauses CAN STAND ON THEIR OWN! They are complete sentences on their own!
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  • Examples of Independent Clauses: They lived on the tiny island Our friends were extremely terrified Their car was demolished Computers are wonderful tools The calendar needs to be updated Mrs. Jackson will have our grades online
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  • Dependent Clauses Dependent clauses do not make sense if they stand alone. They begin with a subordinating conjunction (if, so, when, after, because, before, while, until, since, etc.) Dependent clauses CANNOT STAND ALONE! They require HELP!!!
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  • Examples of Dependent Clauses Since she was late to school today Until we win the big game After she travels to Europe While we are speeding down the interstate When I go to my old elementary school If you like anchovies on your pizza
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  • Compound Sentences Compound sentences are formed when two independent clauses are joined with a comma and a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, or so) The two dogs barked at us viciously, so we quickly rode away from them!
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  • Complex Sentences Complex sentences are formed when one dependent clause and one independent clause are joined. When I watch a football game, I get very loud sometimes. I get very loud sometimes when I watch a football game.
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  • Compound or Complex??? Her father went to the fall festival, and he won the most candy bars! After we go to Kroger, we need to stop at the gas station. My father enjoys farming because he has always been a hard worker. Since he turned in the project late, his grade was lowered to a C. Our class accumulated the most points, so we were awarded an extra recess. I will go to the movie before I go shopping next weekend. While he attends the football game, I am going to go shopping. Their dog licked their face, but they didnt seem to mind! She wasnt the fastest runner, yet she crossed the finish line first!


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