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  • Information Literacy

    Library TFLidy van den Broek

  • *Fontys Hogescholen*Where to search?How to search?

    Fontys Hogescholen

  • Experiences in searching for literature ?

  • How to find professional literature and scientific articles for study and research Internet? Google? Google Scholar ? Search in databases and catalogues

  • Getting started

  • Orientation on your assignment (define subject and search terms) Acquisition :search for information Selecting relevant information for purposeProducing a bibliography, paper, article. Citations in APA-AMA-Harvard-Vancouver style.

  • Effective en efficient search for literature

    Effective: qualitative, relevant informationEfficient: shortest possible way to find the information Practical experience in searching literature

  • Orientation: PICO > research questionResearch question Sub-questions (if necessary)Determine the search termsDefine your search

  • Orientation: PICO >> Research QuestionPatient/Problem: ankle sprainIntervention: physiotherapy (En) OR physical therapy (Am)Co-intervention : restOutcome/result: pain reduction

  • Orientation: PICO >> main question >> searchtermsSearch terms (En/Am): ankle sprain, ankle-sprain, sprained ankle, ankle injury, physical therapy OR physiotherapy, treatment OR therapyAspects: juveniles(12-18 jr) adults athletes dancersRestrictions: English, Norwegian, Italian literature, last 5 (?) years

  • Acquisition: searching

    Perform a search with the search-engines : content 33 databases EbscoHost : content 14 databases OR within specific databases : e.g. Pubmed

  • Why cant i just google ?

  • Reliable Scientific Literature

  • Why are not all articles full-text available?

    A number of databases contain only referencesA number of Fontys subscriptions cover only literature from the last 5 yearsA number of Fontys subscriptions is only valid for a part of the full text database (cost factor)Publishers embargo (most recent literature is often not full text available)

  • Contact

    E-mail :

  • ***Avoid an information overload by performing a structured searchRefine the more than 11.000 results by using tools given*Refine the search by using the tools given.And by making your search more specific

    Save articles by clicking on map next to result.

    To see saved results click on result map at the top of the page.

    *Posibilities to manage results*Articles are being shown in APA style.Possibility of mailing resultsPossibility of exporting results to several reference managers*