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  • Information Management SMB Sales Playbook

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    Dear IBM Sellers, Over 60 percent of CEOs feel their organizations need to do a better job leveraging information. IBM’s recent Worldwide Expenditure Study showed that the top two business issues driving IT spending are improving operating efficiencies and improving information use, both of which are directly addressed by the Leveraging Information program. IBM is uniquely positioned to help organizations gain more business value from their enterprise information with:

    • A rich Information Management and related software portfolio • Proven server and storage offerings • Expert business and technical services • An extensive partner network

    Information is power. What are you waiting for? As IBM launches the new IBM Program Framework, the Worldwide Information Management team has developed this resource to help you identify more Information Management opportunities and grow your pipeline in your SMB large enterprise and midmarket accounts.

    The objective of this playbook is to provide you with a selective set of Information Management plays focused around our new Leveraging Information program themes, that aim to make a difference in your SMB accounts, and will help you identify and grow your pipeline easier and faster! This playbook will provide you with a single source of information to get started. It provides you with key opportunity identifiers such as target audience, value proposition, qualifying questions and much more all on a single page! And as you identify customer needs, we’ve already built out marketing content and tactics that you can drive your customers to — webcasts, white papers, demos, events, launches — that will be leveraged around the world to help organizations learn how IBM can help them with their critical information needs.

    Don’t miss out. Refer to this playbook often — we want you to have a stellar year! Take action today! Identify 3 or 4 plays from this guide that you can talk to every one of your customers with. Thank you and good selling! Sincerely,

    Bob McCormick Vice President, Worldwide Channels and SMB Sales IBM Information Management

    Nancy Toda Director, Worldwide Channels and SMB Marketing IBM Information Management

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    Purpose: Provide a quick, easy-to-use guide of our top Information Management sales plays for SMB large enterprise and SMB midmarket customers.

    • SMB large enterprise: 1,000+ employees • SMB midmarket: 100-999 employees

    Target Audience: Territory Sales Reps (TSRs and iTSRs) Coverage Software Sales Reps (cSSRs and iSSRs)

    Call to Action: 1. Select three plays that you can approach with each of your focus

    accounts and uncover two opportunities through qualifying questions. �. Pass the lead to your sSSR (IM Specialist, Software Sales Rep)

    or Business Partner to qualify and progress the lead further. �. Go back to Step 1.

    For more information: Visit the Xtreme Leverage Web site. Active links are provided with each play under “Additional Information.”

    Sales Resources: Sales resources at your disposal to help progress and close opportunities include Information Management Sales Specialists, WW and Regional Sales teams, Competitive teams and Executive teams.

    Contact: Beth Flood SMB Marketing Manager, Information Management Beth Flood/Cambridge/IBM 617-693-1466

    We welcome your ongoing feedback and ideas. For additional information or questions about this reference guide, please contact Beth Flood.

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    Table of contents

    8 Dynamic Warehousing: Turning Enterprise Data into Useful Business Insight 3 3 3 3

    9 Integrating Information from Multiple Data Sources for More Effective and Efficient Information

    3 3 3

    10 Data Server Driving Business Value: DB� 9 and pureXML 3 3 3 3 3

    11 The Next Generation of Informix Dynamic Server: IDS Cheetah 3 3 3 3 3

    12 Lowering the Cost of Your SAP Infrastructure with SAP All-in-One and IBM DB� 3 3 3 3

    13 Demonstrating Business Value and Technical Advantages of Deploying SAP with DB� on IBM Systems

    3 3 3

    14 Delivering a Unified Content, Process and Compliance Platform with FileNet P8 3 3 3

    15 Increasing Productivity through Information Discovery 3 3 3 3

    16 Leveraging Information for Business Transformation 3 3 3 3

    17 Managing Risk and Streamlining Compliance 3 3 3 3 3

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    Leveraging Information Program Themes Sales Objective Audience

    Page Title

    5 Information On Demand (IOD): What is it Anyway?

    6 Leveraging Information Program: Overview & Themes

    Information Management SMB Sales Plays

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    Information On Demand is about getting the right information to the right people at the right time to act on emerging opportunities and competitive threats. It is about creating business value and reducing risk by integrating, analyzing and optimizing all types and sources of information throughout its life cycle.

    Without the right information, how can your client

    manage its business?

    How can information become a competitive differentiator? And be managed as a strategic asset to unlock the confines of existing systems and gain real business value? Does your client fully leverage the value of its own information assets? More than 60 percent of CEOs agree that businesses need to do a better job of leveraging their information.

    IBM Information On Demand can help.

    What is Information On Demand?

    • Delivering the right information in context to optimize business processes, applications and productivity

    • Addressing the need to horizontally integrate information • Integrating, analyzing and optimizing heterogeneous

    types and sources of business information throughout its

    life cycle to manage risk and create new business insight

    Leveraging Information: It takes know-how, proven technology and industry expertise.

    Guiding plans and execution • Information Strategy • IT Strategy & Architecture • Design, Planning & Implementation • Managed Operations • Governance Financing

    Information Infrastructure

    Industry Solutions

    System Platform

    Strategy & Implementation

    Delivering information in content • Data Management • Enterprise Content Management • Information Integration • Master Data Management • Search, Discovery & Business Intelligence • Business Process Management

    Enabling a resilient foundation • Scalable system platforms and operating environments • Infrastructure and network optimization technologies • Policy-driven storage management • Network, system and application-level security • Workload performance tools • Service management software

    Creating new business value and innovation • Customer Centricity • Operational Intelligence • Product & Service Optimization • Risk & Compliance • Threat & Fraud Intelligence • Industry Models

    Information On Demand

    Information On Demand (IOD): What Is It Anyway?

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    Even today’s best-run organizations are challenged by the velocity at which business is accelerating, the sheer volume and variety of information, and the complexities created by disconnected information silos. How can you drive revenue, service customers, comply with regulations and reduce costs if you can’t access trusted information when you need it? These concerns translate into key priorities for the primary target of the Leveraging Information program, IT managers.

    Data warehousing and business insight

    Master data management

    Reliable data servers Content-based

    business transformation

    Information integration platform

    Information lifecycle management

    SAP information infrastructure

    Trusted business information Deliver trusted information

    in context to people, processes and applications

    Dynamic information infrastructure

    Build a flexible, resilient, high-performance information


    Information lifecycle management

    Cost effectively manage information and leverage its business value throughout

    its lifecycle

    Leveraging information Leverage information on demand for innovation and insight


    Leveraging Information Program: Overview


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    Theme 1: Trusted Business Information Information