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Institut dEnsenyament Secundari Municipal Juan Manuel Zafra. Youth Problems. Barcelona. Youth Problems. Family relationship Home Responsibilities Timetable Pocket money Phone and Internet Freedom Friends Studies Physical Appearance Teachers and students. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Institut dEnsenyament Secundari MunicipalJuan Manuel Zafra BarcelonaYouth Problems

  • Youth ProblemsFamily relationshipHome Responsibilities TimetablePocket moneyPhone and InternetFreedomFriendsStudiesPhysical AppearanceTeachers and students

  • Lots of teenagers have got problems because they spend lots of time talking on the phone or surfing on the Internet, and their parents get angry with them because they havent got much money and they spend a lot of money.

  • We think that all teenagers want to have more time to go out with their friends and to arrive later at home. A little freedom for us, wouldnt be bad, would it?Oh! My Good ness! Im late. Why dont my parents let me more time to go out?

  • Teenagers think that friendship is very important for them, because, with your friends you can share a lot of things!

    Love is very important in the life of the teenagers.

  • Friendship ProblemsFor teenagers it is very important to have friends, we are at the age of being in love and we need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to stay with.

  • Our Studies

  • Our StudiesTeenagers have a lot of problems with their parents, because their studies are not very good, and this is one of the most important thing in their lives.

  • 28,5% students in our class have problems with their parents because their studies are not very good. But this information is not very certain, because people dont really say the truth.

  • I.E.S.M. Juan Manuel Zafra. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

  • 28% of the people in our class think that physical appearance is a problemA lot of people have problems with their bodies: their think that they are fat, short, ugly, etc.Im fat and short...

    Ive come out in spots!!!

  • Physical appearance worry teenagers a lot of times because in this period of life their bodies change a lot.

    These are the results in our class:

  • Teachers and students

    In this presentation we will explain the relationship between students and teachers.

  • Students think that...

    45% of the students think that they have problems with teachers.

  • The main problems are:

    Lack of appreciation from the teachers.Lots of punishments.Not very good relationship.A lot of homework.A lot of theory.

  • 45% of teenagers have conflicts with teachers.In this presentation we will explain the conflicts with them:-Relationship -Punishment-Homework

  • We dont have a very good relationship with the teachers.

  • Teachers sometimes give punishments to students:

    - We out the school every late.- We dont have free time.- We have more homework.

  • Teachers always give us a lot of homework and we have so many exams.