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  • Instructions on how to use a Silva compass

    STEP 1 Find your location and your destination on the map. Estimate which quadrant the magnetic bearing will be.

    STEP 2 Align the edge of the baseplate along the direction of travel. The "Direction of Travel" arrow (located on the baseplate) should point toward your destination and away from your starting point.

    STEP 3 Rotate the dial of the compass so the orienting lines (black, parallel lines located in the compass housing) are aligned with the grid lines on the map. Ensure the orienting arrow is pointed to the map grid north.

    STEP 4 Locate the declination diagram on the map. The declination diagram details the deviation between grid north, magnetic north and true north. It is measured in degrees east or west. Note the deviation between grid north and magnetic north.

    STEP 5 Remove the compass from the map. Check your magnetic bearing is in the correct quadrant, add or subtract the relevant magnetic deviation. While holding the compass level, rotate your body until the north end of the magnetic needle aligns with the orienting arrow in the compass housing, red Fred in his bed.

    STEP 6 Find a landmark directly in front of you and walk to it. At the landmark realign the compass, sight another landmark and walk to it. Repeat until you reach your destination.


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