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    e x c e p t i o n A l

    c o l l e c t i o n

    o f

    J A c k e t s

    s c A r v e s

    A n d

    s h Aw l s

    1345 232nd pl ne sammamish wA 98074 425.443.5569

    in-style is pleased to offer our own in-house collection of reversible jackets, scarves and shawls that are designed with the sensibility to fit any lifestyle. our collection of jackets made of soft boiled wool, luxurious color palettes, and fine details are beautiful, versatile and practical. they are a wonderful addition to our exquisite collection of scarves and shawls for which we are known. this season we offer the collection in three categories: modern, classic, and artistic ~ sure to inspire and uplift any womans wardrobe. wishing you a wonderful season!

  • 502 infinity Jacket | Boiled wool xs | s | m | l | Available colors: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 (a5 shown )

    J A c k e t s 425.443.5569

    A1 Black/Brown

    A2 red/orange

    A3 fuschia Abstract

    A4 teal/turquoise

    A5 Green/Brown

    A6 fuschia paisley

    504 ReVeRSiBLe OPUS Jacket | Boiled wool s | m | l | Available colors: A1, A2, A3, A5 ( a2 shown )

    504S ReVeRSiBLe SHORt OPUS Jacket | Boiled wools | m | Available colors: A1, A2, A3, A5 ( a2 shown )

    505 ReVeRSiBLe iMPeRiaL VeSt | Boiled wool s | m | Available colors: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 ( a4 shown )

    fRinged tRiM Pin[ inset photo ]

  • 425.443.5569 instylescarves@yahoo.comA c c e s s o r i e s

    90-1 clouds shrugtextured fine wool | 14 x 68 inch (approx)

    704 clouds scarf(textured fine wool | 14 x 60 inch (approx)

    90-2 clouds cowl textured fine wool | 12 x 12 inch (approx)

    9042 spiral shawlorange multicolor (shown) | textured fine wool | 20 x 50 inch (approx)

    706 two-tone silk scarfmidnight palette | earthtone palette100% silk fabric | 20 x 72 inch (approx)



    705 royal paisley scarfcolors: assorted bright | assorted dark silk | 14 x 66 inch (approx)

    508 neck scarf textured fine wool colors: assorted bright | assorted dark | 61 x 8.5 inch (approx)

    9030 morocco shawlcolors: assorted bright | assorted dark | 22 x 74 inch (approx)


    9042c crater shawlbright tones (shown) | cool tones | earth tonestextured fine wool | 20 x 50 inch (approx)

    9040 zig-zag scarfblack/multicolors | other colors available textured fine wool | 13 x 76 inch (approx)

    blue/taupe | red/black| black/white | (colors available for CLOUDS 90-1, 704, and 90-2).

  • 506 triangular fringe scarfgreen/brown A5 (shown) | abstract fuschia A3boiled wool with fringe | 37 x 37 inch (approx)

    in style ORdeRing teRMS & cOnditiOnS Your first order must be paid via cod or credit card (visA, mc accepted) net 30 days offered with

    preapproval; credit sheet is required. depending upon merchandise ordered, delivery dates may vary. if in stock, immediate, otherwise, 48

    weeks. some merchandise may ship separately unless otherwise requested. All merchandise is shipped with an invoice and return policy. All returns or exchanges, including invoice

    discrepancies and product defects, must be reported within 10 business days of the shipping date.

    prices and availability are subject to change. please contact us for current prices.


    1345 232nd pl ne sammamish wA 98074 425.443.5569 fAx: 509.271.0447

    A c c e s s o r i e s

    507 asymmetric fringe shawl green/brown A5 | abstract fuschia A3 (shown)boiled wool with fringe | 41 x 62 inch (approx)

    santa fe shawlmulticolor bright | multicolor darkfine wool scarf | 25 x 72 inch (approx)

    506 & 507 are the same fabric and design asJacketS


    2107 Boiled Beaded shawlcolors: assorted bright | assorted dark boiled wool, hand beaded24 x 69 inch (approx)

    2028 Japanese garden shawlbrown | black textured fine wool | 29 x 76 inch (approx)

    2022 spectrum shawl taupe | gray | earth textured fine wool | 29 x 60 inch (approx)

    702 mosaic shawlblue | pink | yellow/green | brown textured fine wool | 15 x 74 inch (approx)

    2029 secret garden shawlblack | wine | orangetextured fine wool | 26 x 76 inch (approx)artistic

    2106 stitch emBroidered shawlcolors: assorted bright | assorted dark boiled wool, hand embroidered24 x 69 inch (approx)