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Integrated Digital Museum Framework Joshua, Jen-Shin, Hong Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Integrated Digital Museum Framework

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Integrated Digital Museum Framework. Joshua, Jen-Shin, Hong Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. Outline. Experiences on digital museum development Issues of digital museum framework Demo: a proto-type system implementation Future work. Projects. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Integrated Digital Museum Framework

  • Integrated Digital Museum FrameworkJoshua, Jen-Shin, HongDepartment of Computer Science and Information Engineering

  • OutlineExperiences on digital museum developmentIssues of digital museum frameworkDemo: a proto-type system implementation Future work

  • ProjectsDigital museum development1998 : The Digital Museum of Butterflies of Taiwan2000 : The Lanyu Digital Museum2001 : Ali Mountain and Tsou culture Digital Museum

    Technology development2002 : National Digital Archive Project (technology development)

  • Phase 1: The Butterfly Digital Museum (1998)What is an digital museum - started blindlyPropose possible functions for DMExhibitionDigital ArchiveInteractive educational gamesPersonalizationCoursewareFAQ

  • Image Retrieval to identify butterfly specie

  • Archiving: XML

  • Exhibition: SMIL

  • Edutaining 2D

  • Edutaining 3D

  • Some thoughtsMajor modules of digital museum proposedMedia object archiveTextual/content-based image retrievalOnline exhibitionEducation/entertaining games

    What is missing:integrationsproper interface between different modulesproper workflowknowledge/data interpretabilitylong term data and function preservation mechanism

  • Phase 2: The Lanyu Digital Museum (2001)Multi-domain : culture, plant, geology (stone, mineral), animal (insect, reptile)

  • Integrate archive and exhibitionmanufacture exhibitions from multimedia object archive Dynamic combination between exhibition content and exhibition appearanceHalf-automation exhibition content editingArchive managementProduce different styles for different usershardware Capacities,bandwidth,browserEasy to re-arrange an existing exhibition to accommodate different user need

  • ApproachRaw DataMultimediaObjectArchiveExhibitionElement ExhibitionExhibitionScriptExhibitionElementExhibitionElementXML composingXSLExhibitionElementExhibitionElement

  • WorkflowDifferentiate an exhibition script to a group of interlinked exhibition elementsUse an XML document to convey the content of an exhibition elementUse XSL documents to present exhibition elementsUse RDBMS to manage the structured XML documents, media objects, hyperlinks

    Using XML/XSL, how far can it go for multimedia-demanded digital museum exhibition?

  • Image Archives

  • Integrate exhibition and media archive

  • XML document for exhibition elementTitleDescription textXSL documentMultimedia objectsLinks to other exhibition elements

  • Switching the presentation style of an exhibition element using XSLs

  • Phase 3: The Ali-mountain Digital Museum (2001)Perspective from content expert

  • Fairy TalesPerspective from content expert

  • Lessons learnedSystem integration Exhibition vs. media archiveWork FlowTechnology applicationA more robust document model for an exhibition elementDetailed block-based specifications of the textual and media objectsFine-grained synchronization between complex media objects presentationsPartially/totally presentation independent?More sophisticated XSL authoring toolsModularized, reusable web media-effect generator