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  • internatio nal

    summer school 20


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    in t

    ern at

    io n

    a l su

    m m

    er sc h

    o o

    l 2014

    internatio nal

    summer school 20


    Exeter’s success as The Sunday Times University of

    the Year is richly deserved. Shortlisted for the top award no

    less than four times in the past decade, it has consistently

    embodied the very best in British higher education. A key

    player regionally, nationally and internationally. the sunday times, september 2012

    Contents Welcome 4

    Why exeter? 10

    academic programme 18

    social programme and orientation 38

    arrival, departure and beyond 48

    Wellbeing 50

    eligibility 52

    Fees and applications 54

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    W elc

    o m

    einternatio nal

    summer school 20


    Welcome the University of exeter invites you to study at one of the

    UK’s best universities for three weeks in the summer of 2014.

    We are proud of our position as a top-10 university in the UK,

    of our membership of the Russell Group and of our place as

    one of the top-150 universities worldwide.

    In 2014 we will be offering eight

    credit rated pathways, each taught

    by academic experts through a

    combination of lectures, seminars

    and study trips, giving you a

    thorough grounding in your chosen


    our International summer school

    is unique within the UK. the

    quality of our courses, the quality

    of our faculty teaching those

    courses, and the support that we

    will offer you during your stay on

    our beautiful campuses in Devon

    and Cornwall are second to none.

    We look forward to welcoming

    you to exeter and the UK this


    Professor neil armstrong

    senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor

  • internatio nal

    summer school 20

    12internatio nal

    summer school 20



    the University of exeter International summer school satURDay 5 JUly – satURDay 26 JUly 2014

    the International summer school is a unique educational programme providing the opportunity to study at a top-10 UK university, experience British culture and engage with students from across the world.

    the academic programme features eight accredited pathways taught by exeter faculty. Pathways are taught and assessed to the same standards as our degree programmes. Maximum class sizes and an emphasis on student

    participation ensure an academic experience which is second to none. exeter’s International summer school also delivers a fantastic social experience. a three day orientation in london gives you the time to explore the UK’s capital. social events in exeter and Cornwall will give you an authentic UK student experience and day trips at the weekends will take you to some of the UKs most iconic destinations.


    in t

    ern at

    io n

    a l su

    m m

    er sc h

    o o

    l 2014

    For 2014 you can choose one of eight pathways:

    • Britain and the making of the modern World

    • english law and the era of Globalisation

    • Global climate change: environment, technology and society

    • Global enterprise

    • international relations: security, conflict and Peace

    • King arthur: investigating the myth and the legend

    • Preventative medicine: exercise and the environment

    • shakespeare and his World

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    The professors teach passionately and classes effortlessly involve perspectives that span

    different cultures and world views. The campus

    is truly a beautiful slice of England and the town

    of Exeter is straight out of the British books that

    we grew up reading, with cobbled stone streets, a

    majestic cathedral and cafes on the quay. The carefully planned day trips made me feel like I had seen all

    of England in less than a month. The most important lessons I took away from

    Exeter were those I learnt from the people I met. We quickly realized how

    vastly different but yet how similar we were. I fell in love with Shakespeare at

    Exeter. I made friends for life at Exeter. I would recommend the International

    Summer School to any student who desires a life changing summer.

    Anukripa Elango, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

    Find out more about what our class of 2013 have to say – watch our film

    at or join

    us on Facebook.

    the International summer school experience

    internatio nal

    summer school 20

    12internatio nal

    summer school 20


    I truly felt the spirit of

    friendship and scholarship at the

    International Summer School

    at the University of Exeter.

    Together with students from all

    over the world, I worked with

    some challenging concepts in

    the classroom and traveled

    to various parts of England,

    making beautiful memories

    in the process. We watched

    “Macbeth” performed at the Globe, “ ooh”-ed and “aah”-ed at Stonehenge


    swam off the coast of St. Ives and my Canadian friends introduced me to

    kayaking. I learned about the commo n and differing concerns from friends

    around the world and every person I m et greeted me with open arms. It

    has been phenomenal traveling with t he group and I will never forget the

    knowledge and perspectives that I lea rned.

    Malinda Massey, University of Kent ucky

    t h

    e in t

    ern at

    io n

    a l su

    m m

    er sc h

    o o

    l ex Perien

    c e


    My time s pent on th


    Internatio nal Summ

    er School

    was easily some of t


    best three weeks I h


    experienc ed in my l

    ife. The

    History pa thway offe

    red an

    intellectua lly stimula


    group of le ctures

    that broa dened my

    understan ding of stu


    history an d the man

    y facets th at a stude

    nt of

    history ha s at their


    Aside from the educ

    ational po rtion of th

    e program , the trip

    to London was a

    wonderful way to br

    eak the ic e between

    all of the students

    while expl oring Lond


    together. Meeting

    people fro m over th

    irty differe nt countri

    es is some thing I wil


    never be a ble to forg

    et. Everyo ne brings

    their own experienc

    es and vie ws, with

    opinions t hat force

    us to open our mind

    s and delv e out of o

    ur comfor t zones. I

    highly rec ommend

    the Unive rsity of Ex

    eter Summ er School

    to anyone that wan


    an intellec tual, cultu

    ral, and s ocial expe

    rience abr oad that i

    s not only affordabl


    but also r ewarding

    in every a spect of t

    he word.

    Chr istopher

    Ogando , Universit

    y of South Florida

  • internatio nal

    summer school 20

    12internatio nal

    summer school 20



    W h

    y ex et



    Why exeter?

    teaching and research

    as a member of the Russell Group, the University sees academic research and teaching as highly complementary. 90% of exeter’s research is rated as ‘internationally recognised’, with our academics being at the forefront of their fields. Whether this research is in combating climate change, making a healthier world, tackling global uncertainties or understanding society and identity, it is shaping these fields of study and you will benefit from this research-led culture.

    exeter’s teaching style and ethos means that teaching is delivered through a mixture of lectures, seminars and workshops to small teaching groups which encourage class participation. as an International summer school student you will be part of this vibrant learning community and you should expect to be an active contributor throughout the programme.

    student satisfaction

    at exeter, students are put at the heart of the university decision making process and are trusted to shape the student experience. as a result our students are amongst the most satisfied in the UK – the University has ranked in the top 10 in every national student survey – and they have contributed to the creation of a welcoming and flexible learning environment.


    During your time here you will have full access to our world class facilities, including a university It account, and ele, our online learning environment. the recently opened Forum building, which is the hub of campus, houses the new library, spaces for independent and group study as well as cafes, shops and banks.

    the University of exeter is one of the fastest rising universities in both the

    UK and world league tables and one of the fastest growing organisations

    in europe. Ranked in the top one per cent of universities in the world this

    success is based