Internet Literacy & The Art of

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Internet Literacy & The Art of . Internet Literacy. Knowing how to retrieve dependable information from the Internet. Knowing how to share information on the internet. Whats in the box?. Google is a Search Engine Database With a partner, answer these two questions: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How google works

Internet Literacy & The Art of

Internet LiteracyKnowing how to retrieve dependable information from the Internet.Knowing how to share information on the internet.Whats in the box?Google is a Search Engine DatabaseWith a partner, answer these two questions:What do you use Google for? How does Google work?

Just combing the surfaceSurface web: Webpages that are with the database of search engines (They come up more often)Deep web: Undiscovered sites

PageRankPageRank is part of what makes Google work. It determines which sites come up first in a search.

Why Google Operators?Using Google Operators will help you conduct more accurate searchesThey will help you find the Small Green Smiley Faces!!

Lets Play With OperatorsSite:Filetype:Intitle:Intext:Inurl:Define:Link:-, ~, QuotesPutting multiple words in quotes ( ) searches for them all in sequenceInformation Technology Searches for all sites with both words in any place and orderInformation Technology Only searches for pages with the two words togetherTilde (~)Putting a Tilde (~) in front of a word will search for that word along with all of its synonymsFor example, searching for ~inexpensive will also search for cheap, low cost, etc.Site:yourURL.comSearch for pages related to Information Technology

For example: information technologyFiletype:XYZHyperText Markup Language (html)Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf)Microsoft Word (doc)Microsoft Powerpoint (PPT)Microsoft Excel (xls)

Search the web for a PPT file about Barack ObamaIntitle:termSearch for PDF files with Canada and History in their titles that mention ConfederationRelated:webpageFind webpages related to bcferries.comExit Slip!Go to the class website (, go into our class section and download the Worksheet for todays class.Complete the worksheet and put it in the dropbox.