Internet Marketing Campaign: Social Media

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The Internet is easily the most powerful marketing tool in the world. Right now no entity that's trying to sell or expand a brand can afford to ignore it. Regardless of the size or locale, whether providing services or products, once the Internet is utilized, your brand has gone global.


  • Internet Marketing Campaign: Social Media

    By: Dale Lorence

    The Internet is easily the most powerful marketing tool in the

    world. Right now no entity thats trying to sell or expand a brand

    can afford to ignore it. Regardless of the size or locale, whether

    providing services or products, once the Internet is utilized, your

    brand has gone global.

    Internet Marketing

    Today, theres no stronger marketing strategy than taking advantage of the Internet, particularly social

    media. This entails popular sites like YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. With tens of millions flocking to

    these communities on a daily basis, its potential as a powerful marketing tool is unparalleled. Used for

    training, demonstration, promotion of new products, announcements and updates, there is no limit to

    what social media can do for customer relations management, branding and impact on revenues, sales

    and profits.

    Of course, simply diving into the Internet marketing pool isnt the answer. Its no different than any

    other marketing campaign. It should be approached cautiously and with a precise understanding of the

    best way it should be handled. A successful YouTube campaign can generate business that no other

    media can even come close to.

    Due Diligence

    There are businesses that have the resources to prepare an appropriate, well driven Internet campaign.

    Most do not. It can be a daunting, time consuming task. It requires a strong knowledge base of sales and

    promotion, as much as any other media, such as print and broadcast, if not more. Unlike a television

    advert, which will be seen by a general audience, a good Internet campaign can target a specific

    audience and grow from there.

    Take into account what your business provides and how that needs to be presented in the best possible

    light. Now, whats the audience? If its medical supplies, you have the target. If youre a landscaper

    providing designing services, your needed audience is going to be bigger, depending on the type of work

    you provide and how far you want your business to reach.

  • If youre launching a YouTube marketing campaign, look for other similar businesses on YouTube.

    Determine what you like and what you dont. Whats missing? Most importantly, whats the response?

    Any entity thats been rewarded with a large viewer base and positive reaction should be monitored

    closely. Theyve obviously managed to capture the strongest principles for succeeding with a YouTube

    marketing campaign.

    Basic Principles

    Quality Video

    Content is the most critical aspect. Dont believe for a second that quantity supersedes all. It will only

    leave the audience to believe, well, youre always there so no rush to giving your content my attention.

    You want each video to be an event. You want the YouTube audience to subscribe because they want to

    know your next move. Once there, you want them to stay through the entire video. Not decide this isnt

    important. That could lead to ignoring future content. Producing quality, pertinent content for your

    YouTube marketing campaign can ensure that never happens.


    Keywords will be the driving force behind any Internet campaign. Choose them carefully and youre at

    the top of search engines in and outside of YouTube. If possible, always include a keyword related to

    your business in the title of any produced material. If possible, it should be the name of the business.

    This will give all your videos a common thread so that, after a search, your campaign materials turn up

    en masse. Also research other industry related words that can be uniquely applied to your business

    when linked with other keywords.

    Other Media

    Dont hesitate to use other media to strengthen your YouTube marketing campaign. The overall goal is

    to drive as much traffic as possible to your material. That means using the strongest methods available,

    like Twitter. Again, this can be a time consuming mission if doing this yourself, but the rewards will be

    immense. The likes of Facebook and LinkedIn can be incredibly beneficial to promoting YouTube

    material. Guest blogging can generate interest in anything else you may be doing. If youre involved in

    business or customer related communities and forums, include a signature that links to your YouTube



    Its been firmly established that social media can benefit business in great ways. Its potential cannot be

    underestimated. YouTube ranks third, behind Google! and Facebook as the most popular website in the

  • world. YouTube not only attracts 60 million viewers per month, its become one of the five top search

    engines all by itself.

    It also been proven that utilized appropriately, YouTube will increase your customer base. It will lead to

    greater traffic and interest in your product and services. That will in turn lead to a steady increase in

    sales, revenues and profits. It will have a tremendous impact on CRM, as you can instantly hear what

    consumers are saying about your product, announcements and promotions.

    While doing it ones self is perfectly feasible, a YouTube marketing campaign requires focus, dedication

    and a sizeable knowledge base. Regardless of how media savvy we may thing we are, its unlikely well

    have the skill and experience for this type of venture. Seeking out a program or adviser might be a good

    step. Its a sound idea to have a solution that understands not only search engine optimization, CRM,

    social media ins and outs, link building and tagging, and all other aspects of Internet marketing. The

    solution also needs to fully comprehend how all these elements work together, ensuring eventual

    success and business growth.

    A well planned and strategized YouTube marketing campaign will do nothing less than improve

    everything about the business. You will see results immediately as consumers spontaneously react to

    your videos. Your services will reach an audience larger than ever imagined. Watch sales increase to

    amazing, unparalleled levels. Put your business at the top of search engines. Done with studiousness

    and meticulous preparation, there is no downside to utilizing the Internet and powerful tools like

    YouTube and Facebook to turn your business into a global entity.