Internet Marketing Is A Great Way To Make Money Online

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  • Thanks Betty Internet Marketing Is A Great Way To Make Money Online

    Yesterday I received a comment on my blog written

    by an anonymous Betty claiming to be from the BBC with some intriguing insight into the career I

    am trying to create for myself.

    Gordon, reality check pal. Internet marketing is not

    an absolute science and it is questionable if it

    actually adds any value to man or beast. The Far

    East is becoming the world superpower and rich because Wakey wakey . They actually produce something tangible (be it a pile of plastic c**p). Take a page out of their

    book and sell something that man actually wants or needs.A Great Way To Make Money Online

    Not entirely sure what Betty was on about but it did get me thinking about the perceptions some people have and why they react to making money online.

    My son, who is five years old, was told at school to write a sentence about something he

    wanted to do. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised:

    I would like to touch the moon because if somebody asked me what it was like I could tell


    Well I dont need to tell you whose comments make more sense but the point I am trying to demonstrate is that unless you actually do something with purpose, how is it that you can

    really comment with some authority on the subject.

    Make Money Online

    I suspect that Betty could be a friend of mine trying to wind me up but its had completely the opposite impact. I read those comments and quietly smiled to myself. You see I have

    recently taken a decision to work from home and begin a journey of creating a new career

    earning money online. Its been an interesting few months and I have had mixed emotions along the way.

    To earn money online I am well aware that to achieve my goals there is a lot of hard work

    and effort required and as I only have two hands and there are only 24 hours in a day, its not going to be easy. But I have achieved a degree of success and I have had some positive

    results, so I can honestly say that I feel that I am going in the right direction and that it is

    possible to make money online.

  • Make Money Online

    I am not talking about a get rich quick scheme either. This is as bricks and mortar as any

    money online business can be, its about learning and applying methods to create your own sales funnels and learning how to market and attract prospects.

    So what is it that I am really saying and how do the comments of Betty and my son impact what I am trying to do. Well thats just the point, I am doing it! I have actually taken a commitment to step out of my comfort zone of the corporate 9 to 5 and make a go of

    something that I believe is a very viable business opportunity. I dont care what Betty thinks! What matters to me is that I am touching it and that ladies and gentlemen allows me to pass

    judgment and make comments on the subject of Internet Marketing and Making Money


    Make Money Online 101

    I have only just begun making money online and I have no doubt there is a big future for me

    in this industry. So to you Betty I say this, find something that you believe in and touch it and then make comments and pass judgement. And if you ever buy anything online just know

    that I am smiling somewhere deep inside your computer because that my friend is making


    Together we can achieve more,

    Skype: workwithgordon

    P.S. Looking to start your own online business? Sign Up For My FREE 7 Day Video

    Marketing Bootcamp!

    Internet Marketing Is A Great Way To Make Money Online

    Gordon Robinson


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