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  • 1. Semantics-based Legacy Migration and Translation 6/1/2009 next generation migration automation

2. Problem: legacy/obsolete systems

  • Legacy System:
    • An old software applicationprogram that is still used
  • Legacy Code:
    • Source code of the legacy system
  • Problems:
    • Performance, scalability, flexibility
    • Support, training, personnel
  • Examples of Systems/Code:
    • Cobol, Powerbuilder, RPG, dBase, TSL

6/1/2009 3. Interoperates Core Business

  • Core Competency:
    • Translate legacy/obsoletesoftware to a modern version
  • Formal Approach:
    • Semantics-based techniques
    • Quick to build translators
    • Automatic up to 100%
    • Rapid and reliable

6/1/2009 4. Interoperate Technology Build Language translators rapidly 6/1/2009 Interoperates methodology, based on extensive linguistic and computational research, enables a dramatically improved technology base for language translation. 5. Interoperates Migration Product

  • Obsolete System/Code:
    • WinRunner TSL code Test Scripts for GUI testing
  • Modern Target System Products
    • HP replacement is QuickTest Pro(QTP)
    • Also have other targets or others can be built.

6/1/2009 Hewlett Packard announced WinRunner End-Of-Life Our WR2QTP product is available now 6. Approaches to Modernizing 6/1/2009 7. Value Proposition Interoperates translators result in inexpensive,fast & high-quality migration/modernization projects. 6/1/2009 8. WR2QTP Dataflow 6/1/2009 GUI Map WinRunner Project QTP Project QTP Framework TSL Lib Obj Map InteroperatesWR_library WinRunner to QTP Flow Intermediate VB Lib VB Script XML TSL Main VB Script 100% automated >95% automated 9. Estimated Effort for Translating 100,000 lines 6/1/2009 10. WR2QTP Translation Process 6/1/2009 SCHEMATIC OF INTEROPERATES WR TO QTP TRANSLATOR 11. Interoperate Business Steps

  • Take a sample ofyourTSL scripts and provide free proof-of-concept translation.
  • Determine requirements & savings for migrating your HP WinRunner scripts
  • Make proposal now to translate your remaining WinRunner scripts to QTP
  • Determine other translation needs your company has today.

6/1/2009 12. Complimentary Translation 6/1/2009 13. Contact Information Interoperate.Biz, Inc 1221 W Campbell RD, Suite 195 Richardson, TX 75080 Phone: (972)231-2275 Email:[email protected] 6/1/2009 14. Translation Process WR2Silk 6/1/2009 Silk object map file TSL GUI map file ExecutableSyntaxSpecification. ExecutableSemanticSpecification TRANSLATOR INTERPRETER Minor manual modification Corrected SilkObject map file TSL Script file INPUT Silk script file OUTPUT