Introduction to transport telematics 24 April 2012 TRA, Athens Tariq van Rooijen TNO

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Introduction to transport telematics 24 April 2012 TRA, Athens Tariq van Rooijen TNO. Outline. Introduction to transport telematics Dutch examples CIVITAS II outcomes CIVITAS Plus measures. Introduction to transport telematics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Introduction to transport telematics 24 April 2012 TRA, Athens Tariq van Rooijen TNO

WP1 Monitoring update

Introduction to transport telematics

24 April 2012TRA, Athens

Tariq van RooijenTNO

1OutlineIntroduction to transport telematicsDutch examplesCIVITAS II outcomesCIVITAS Plus measures

2Introduction to transport telematicsTelematics systems can make transport systems smart (capable of dealing with new situations).Telematics systems allow better collection, coordination and use of traffic data to manage traffic and to provide information.Data can be collected by (f.i. ): Automated systems, CCTV.And transferred by: GPS (Galileo), EGNOS, GSM, WLAN.Different applications can evaluate, visualise and warehouse this information to help solve bottlenecks and unsafe situations.

3Examples:Dynamic traffic management (variable speed limits/routes, parking guidance)Electronic tollingReal time navigation and travel informationFreight trackingMultimodal trip planner

EC wants to

Dutch examples: Sensor city AssenDynamic Traffic Light Control

MultiModal P+R Routing, Booking, Paying

Smart Mobility


Smart Routing 5Overview Sensor City AssenDynamic TrafficManagementMultimodal travel assistance with carpoolingParking guidance servicePay HowYou DriveSensor 1GPSSensor 2MobilenetworkSensor 3CameraSensor 4BluetoothTechnical infrastructureModelingData fusionTraffic simulationEvaluation

Back officeData centerReserve + PayCustomer careFloating car dataFixed grid data

Smart Traffic Lights

6Dutch examples: KATE(Keen Android Travel extension)


Smart Mobility

Titel van de presentatie24-4-2012 7:277

Dutch examples: Multi-Agent Local Adaptive Control applied to traffic signalsCIVITAS II Telematics measuresTraffic monitoring and control (16 measures)The provision of a database by developing a common database and setting up guidelines for data collection (Preston, La Rochelle, Venice)The work on a satellite based traffic management system (Malm, Toulouse, Ploiesti, Venice)The definition of an area-restricted or event-oriented traffic management system (Stuttgart, Venice)Management of traffic flows through adaptive traffic signal control to reduce traffic emissions (Malm) Monitoring traffic for road safety and accident prevention (Krakow)

Prioritisation of public transport (9 measures)Provision of infrastructureImproving passenger convenienceProviding information

Main outcomes CIVITAS II theme TelematicsLarge effects on transport impactsEffects on public transport travel time reductions was very positive (between 3 and 25%)Effects on public transport time keeping was generally positive

Environmental effects positive: Fuel savings

Majority of public accepts PT prioritization

Costs of telematics measures varied considerably

Transport telematics in CIVITAS Plus49 measures are being implemented at the moment in the 25 CIVITAS Plus cities.

Some examples will be shown by the next speakers after this presentation.

Results expected end 2012/beginning 2013:Measure evaluation result sheetsCluster report about telematicsPolicy recommendations about telematics

Thematic group about telematics


Thank you!

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