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Invisible Cities

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  • A city hung above a precipice, somehow engineered high-up between two huge mountain faces, a purposely tangled nest of rope and chains, that a community has created into a integrated hanging city of wooden houses, hanging baskets and relaxing hammocks. How would these easily eroding materials act high up in the atmosphere completely exposed to the weathering elements that they must withstand.

    I imagine that Octavia is in constant care of engineering attention, the ropes must be frayed, the metal rusty and the wood brittle. A city that is in constant repair, must need cranes, pulleys and lifting devices to maintain the material needs of this falling city. But so high up in sky, how do the inhabitants get the materials they need from the ground and also living supplies?

    Though this is not in the text, a mechanical system would be needed to lower sections of the city, so the inhabitants can gather resources and supplies. But how could a nest of ropes be used in this way. A interesting point that I would like to further develop into the my Invisible Cities Concept Designs.

    A rusty, textured and well worn colour palette would suit Octavias aesthetic. Red oxides and complimented worn-out blues would give the city a very worn in environment, exaggerating the point of collapse.

    Exaggerated angles and quirky viewpoints will also enhance the instability and height of Octavia, as a real sense of depth will be needed to achieve the scale of altitude that the city suspends.

    One thing that stays in my mind when reading the Octavia passage - Who are they hiding from, so high up in a stronghold that could fall down any day.

  • Four of the key Images are from Octavia, though I could see potential in two images from Thekla.


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