Invitation styrian panther 2016

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The official Invitation to the 15th international Underwater Rugby Tournament for the Styrian Panther

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    Competition for Womens Teams and Mens Teams

    Sat. 02nd + Sun. 03rd of July, 2016Graz, Austria

  • Invitation


    Graz, 25.01.2016

    1. ORGANIZER The tournament is organized by the UNDERWATER-RUGBY-TEAM of the STC GRAZ.

    2. VENUE / TIME The tournament takes place on Saturday, 02nd and Sunday, 03rd of July 2016, at the swimming pool Auster in Graz-Eggen-

    berg: Janzgasse 21, A 8020 Graz, Austria (

    Opening: Saturday 08:30 a.m., Team leaders meeting: 09:00 a.m., First match: 09:30 a.m. Closing: Sunday approx. 02:00 p.m.

    Starting times may be moved based on the number of registered teams. Information about changes will be sent out by mail once the registration period is over.

    3. MODES If three or more womens teams register we will have a separate womens tournament. We guarantee at least 5 matches per team. Also notice please: If 8 teams or less (in total) register for the tournament, we will play on Saturday only.

    4. REGISTRATION The written registration is to be sent to:

    Thomas Schenkeli, Wenisbucherstrasse 94, A-8044 Graz, e-mail:

    Teams who have paid the starting fee, are registered, ranked by the time of payment.

    5. STARTING FEE The starting fee amounts to 120, per team and has to be transferred to the following account by 1st of June, 2016:

    Union Steirischer Tauchsport-Club, Raiffeisenbank Hausmannsttten BIC: RZSTAT2G133 | IBAN: AT173813300002003978

    6. TEAMS/ COMPETITORS One team consists of 12 players and 3 substitutes. A maximum of 12 teams (including the STC Graz team) are allowed to take part in this tournament. Representative teams and player communities from different teams are also accepted. Players are only allowed to play for one

    single team during the whole tournament, female players are allowed to play in the womens and the mens tournament in parallel.

    7. RULES The official rules of the CMAS are valid during the tournament. The mode of playing and the duration of the matches depend on

    the number of the teams, who take part in the competition. The game schedule will be issued by the organizers as soon as the list of participating teams has been finalised.

  • 8. PLAYING AREA The tournament will take place in the diving area of the indoor pool with the following dimensions: Length: 25 m, Width: 12 m, Depth: 4 m. In case of nice and warm weather we will move to the outside pool which is: Length 16m, Width 10m, Depth 5m.

    9. REFEREE Every team has to have two referees with a valid license for the current year. A fee of 25, will be charged for every missing


    10. ADMINISTRATION OF THE TOURNAMENT The administration will consist of one representative of the home team and two representatives from other teams who will be

    elected at the team leaders meeting.

    11. PROTESTS A teams captain can present protest in writing up to 30 minutes after the match concerned. Protests are to be presented to the

    administration and are subject to a fee of 25,. The administration finds an ultimate, non-appealable decision. If the protest is rejected, protest fees are forfeit.

    12. AWARD CEREMONY The award ceremony is held immediately after the last game next to the pool.

    13. LIABILITY If there is no insurance coverage, the teams participate at their own risk. The organizer and the administration don`t accept any


    14. CUP The winner of the tournament will keep the challenge trophies The Styrian Panther and the The Styrian Panthress until the

    next tournament.

    15. ACCOMMODATION We will all stay at the private campsite of a boyscout group Pfadfindergruppe G10, and will have a nice barbecue on Satur-

    day evening. Just bring your sleeping bags and tents. Kitchen, sanitary facilities and common rooms are avalable at the campsite.

    Stragangerstrae 436, 8010 Graz (47.032807, 15.399175) 5 per person and night including breakfast, ten minutes to the pool.

    As an alternative we recommend:

    A&O Hostel Graz: starting at 20 per person and night, five minutes to the pool.

    For more suitable accommodations in Graz just ask us at

    16. PARTY On saturday evening after the last game there will be a barbecue at the Camp Site of the boy scout group Pfadfindergruppe

    G10 - the same place where we are also sleeping. Drinks like beer, wine, coke and mineral water will be available for only 1. We will provide salad, bread and sauces - you will only need to bring anything you want to put on the barbecue grill (e.g. meat, vegetables, cheese, ...).

    Teams accept all regulations in this invitation by registering for the tournament!

    Sincerely,for the Styrian Panther Team

    Thomas Schenkeli

  • Thomas SchenkeliWenisbucherstrasse 94

    A-8044 Graz

    Thomas BartlKugelberg 56

    A-8111 Judendorf0664 / 99 87 575


    Pictures: Heinz Toperczer (, Archiv STC UWR