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AwareBear Apple iPad2


  • iPad 2 Review by Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY Not too long ago Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY got its hands on a fairly used iPad (first generation model) It was reasonably priced and we enjoyed using it both for business and personal usage. Aware Bear Computers long wait for the iPad 2 is finally over, as we got our hands on the pricey new tablet that is changing the computer industry and is setting the benchmark for others to compete. Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY & Apple iPad 2Camers User friendly and great resolution quality The first thing that we noticed that made the iPad 2 different from the previous model is that the new iPad has 2 cameras. One camera is front facing the other is out facing. The back camera has 720p HD resolution and up to 30 frames per second with audio and 5x zoom. The front facing camera is VGA resolution and up to 30 frames per second. We feel that Apple needed to install these cameras and make them standard equipment as more and more Apple customers use some form of video chat. Both the cameras were tested by Aware Bear Computers and both functioned properly and were easy to use. Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY & Apple iPad 2 A5 Processor Everything moves swiftly and smooth. The true added value of the Apple iPad 2 is the all new A5 processor. The processor chip is a 1Ghz entirely new line of chips that are custom only for Apple. It is rumored that Samsung manufactures these chips to Apple but we still feel that this is what makes the Ipad 2 a much better tablet than its competitors. The A5 is a 1-Ghz dual core processor that requires less power for its high performance. This translates to seamless and very quick and almost natural feel function on all applications especially with videos and eBooks or Comic Books. Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY & Apple iPad 2 Tablet Its all about the display screen What makes a tablet a tablet is that the display screen is where all the action is at. All the touching and commands revolve on the display, it is also where all the content is illustrated and can come to life. Aware Bear Computers tested out the 9.7 inch LED Multi Touch display with IPS technology on the iPad 2 and everything functioned very well with no bugs and no system errors encountered. The 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 132ppi was more than adequate for everyday use. Images were crisp, clean and vibrant. As other competitors roll out their first generation tablets, Apple is well ahead and fine-tuning their well-established iPad line of products. Retail Price $699 + Apple Smart Cover $30

  • http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/ http://www.apple.com/ipad/smart-cover/ http://aacomputerusa.com 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AWAREBEAR, INC ANDRE LEITE ALVES Aware Bear Computers, iPad2, iPad, Computers, Apple, Pittsford, NY http://technology.ezinemark.com/ipad-2-review-by-aware-bear-computers-pittsford-ny-7d2ec78ab3e7.html http://artilib.org/20079371-ipad-2-review-by-aware-bear-computers-pittsford-ny.html