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  • ABZ41 2014 PRINTED IN THE UK 9.99

    How to edit

    your images

    on an iPad




    ake more of the w

    orlds most popular cam


    hone & iP

    ad Photography

    Create stunning effects using Photoshop Touch

    Give photos the vintage look its quick and easy!

    Get to know the camera apps that better Apples own

    Amazing results every time well show you how

    You can take

    super shots!

    DONT MISS...

    Pro User Series

    PhotographyiPhone & iPad

    Make more of the worlds most popular camera

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    From dramatic landscapes to perfect portraits, iOS photography can be simple yet creative. Find out how to set up your shots then improve on them with great effects

    20 Explore Camera+24 Using Camera Awesome26 A guide to ProCam29 Location aware pics with Blux30 Get to know Huemore32 How to shoot great panoramas38 Shoot nighttime photos39 Gesture-driven camera shots41 The best possible group shot

    88 Apply vintage effects96 Shoot better HDR photos100 Clone colour between pics102 Make fake miniature shots104 Copy yourself with Clone106 Get the grunge look108 Instant-camera magic!110 Create vignette effects112 Amazing photo FX116 Paint effects using Painterly118 Sketch effects with My Sketch120 Star in your own comics122 Create graffiti effects125 Add stylish text to photos126 Frame your photographs128 Make photo posters130 Mimic wet-plate photography132 Make a movie from stills

    136 Easy ways to share photos138 Create a photo journal140 Create your own cards142 Share your photos online144 Print from your iOS device

    Shoot Create


    Your iOS device is capable of taking great photos, but its best to have a few skills up your sleeve before you start snapping

    44 Save images from a camera48 Master iPhoto56 Edit with Photoshop Touch62 A guide to Luminance64 Gestural edits with Snapseed66 Get to know Handy Photo68 Create flattering portraits70 Boost your landscapes72 Fix boring skies, fast!74 Remove unwanted objects76 Balance your colours78 Fake depth of field80 Repair old photographs82 Black and white skills

    EditYouve captured the moment but things could be better thats OK, there are countless apps to enhance your pics

    Dont let stunning shots sit around on your iPad or iPhone, share them online or create unique cards and journals

    Take things a little further by experimenting with a range of creative effects its easier than you might think


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    Shoot | Panoramas

    Use the iOS Camera app to take great shots, or go beyond it for more ambitious scenes and photos you can step into

    How to shoot great panoramas

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    Panoramas | Shoot

    While any picture can indeed speak a thousand words, a regular snapshot of a great piece of scenery tends to

    make a few of those words I really wish Id had a wide-angle lens. Sweeping vistas, towering mountains, sunny beaches and holiday destinations cry out for a photo that sucks all their beauty into one picture

    Whichever tool you use, the rules of taking a good panorama are the same.

    Theyre made by having your iOS device take lots of individual pictures and stitch them together into one, which means the more consistent the lighting and the steadier your hand, the better the result. The ideal panoramic subject is also as still as possible, to avoid people wandering past causing confusion in the stitching process by appearing multiple times. As with all photography, but particularly smartphones/tablets, a sunny day is your best friend, and for

    night shooting you should invest in at least a mini-tripod to give your snap the best chance.

    Finally, while the type of scenery that benefits most from a panoramic shot means this usually goes without saying, you also want to be as far back as possible where the detail is still good, ensuring that the lens can focus to infinity and keep a large area of the image equally crisp rather than trying to pick out individual features.

    Pic: iStockphoto

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    Edit | Photoshop Touch

    Edit with Photoshop TouchWho says the iPad cant handle advanced photo editing?

    visual guide | GETTinG sTarTEd wiTh PhoToshoP Touch

    File Menu1 Of course, it loads files. What makes Photoshop Touch special, though, is

    that being a layer-based editor, youre not restricted to just files. In most cases, youll be bringing in and combining multiple images for your compositions. Access it all from here.

    Adjustments2 This panel contains tools designed to work across a whole image or layer,

    many crucial for photographic work. Its where you go to adjust brightness levels, to pull detail out of shadows and highlights, to reduce noise in an image, and to use the ever-present Auto-Fix.

    Effects3 These work much like Adjustments, but are designed to radically affect

    the image. Under Basic, youll find stalwarts like Gaussian Blur and Drop Shadow, with the Stylise, Artistic and Photo categories featuring more dramatic effects such as halftone patterns and creating the illusion of a pencil sketch.

    Composition4 Behind this icon are tools for playing with your layers, including warping,

    fading out, adding a picture straight from the camera, and Lens Flare a button that its joked everyone gets to use once, and only once. There are also options here for cropping, rotating and resizing the image as a whole.

    Tools5 Speaking of Tools, heres where youll find them. Photoshop Touch includes

    more than are immediately obvious, with alternatives popping out if you tap and hold one; Blur, for instance, is partnered with Smudge, while the Clone Brush sits next to the Healing Brush.

    Layer Menu6 Heres where the magic happens. You can create new layers, reorder them,

    and alter their opacities and blending modes to turn a collection of unrelated elements into one coherent whole.

    Touchs interface may look complex at first, but its all very logical

    Its a full studio, able to handle everything from building an image up over multiple layers to applying special effects

    while Photoshop Touch (6.99 / $9.99) isnt even in the same sport as its desktop cousins, never mind the same

    league, its hands-down one of the best image editing tools on the iPad. unlike many other apps, such as apples iPhoto, its not restricted to simply polishing up your photos. its a full studio, handling everything from building an image over multiple layers to applying special effects, all with a simple interface that makes even normally complex tasks such as separating

    a subject from the background a million times easier.

    if you have a creative cloud account, Photoshop Touch can access it. alternatively, it can pull local photos, access your Facebook account, take shots within the interface, and even search Google for images that should be okay to use though dont take that on faith if your work is intended for public viewing. whatever youre using though, you can get great results. over the next few pages, well take a look at a few of its features.

    SKILL LEVELTaking things further

    IT WILL TAKE40 minutes

    YOULL NEEDiPhone/iPad,

    Photoshop Touch

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    Photoshop Touch | Edit

    1 What are they?The building blocks of any composition. Layers can hold imported pictures, text and brush-strokes, with each treated as its own thing in terms of effects. Theyre much more primitive than in most desktop editors though, with no masks (though you can erase parts to reveal whats underneath), the Clone Brush only working on its source layer, and no adjustment layers available to increase brightness, contrast or other settings on everything underneath.

    4 Fade to whiteNext, we go to the & symbol and add a fade. This gives us a line that determines where the fade starts and where it ends. Radial gradients are available, but for this one, a linear one will be fine. We need to avoid including the buildings, but also not to make the blue too overpowering, so everything is to some extent caught in the fade on this picture. When were done, therell be just enough blue that nobody will look too closely at it.

    2 Creating layersEvery Photoshop Touch project has at least one layer, be it a blank or an imported picture. You can have twenty more, though its best to use as few as possible. To add or duplicate them, tap the + in the bottom right. To delete or merge them, tap the two squares. The merge button has an arrow, the delete button is a rubbish bin. From here you can also lower their opacity and choose a blending mode, as discussed overleaf.

    5 EraseBecause the new sky is overlaid on the previous image, its obscuring the details. Easily fixed. Choose the Eraser brush and drag the sliders to make it reasonably large, but very soft. Sometimes lowering the opacity makes for a smoother edit, but in this case we dont need it. The key is that the edges should remain soft so they dont give away the effect. The biggest tell here will be a white corona around the subject if we erase too much blue sky.

    3 Touching the skyHeres a simple example of what you can do with layers. This is a decent picture, but the sky is blown out. Luckily, we have plenty of others with good blue skies in this case, were using one from Iceland. We import both, then use the arrow icon at the top to resize the Iceland picture so that the sky is big enough to fill the space. This can be tweaked later if its not quite big enough, or the ground slightly encroaches on it.

    6 Finishing offPaint in small strokes so that a tap on the Undo button in the bottom left wont get rid of too much of your work