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Iraq War Operation: Desert Storm

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Iraq War Operation: Desert Storm. By: Brandon Farah. The road to war. Iran Iraq war. Kuwait over-stepping oil quota Iraq planned invasion for oil fields Captured oil fields. SCUD missiles. Originally a Soviet SRM Modified and renamed Scud B in various places in Iraq. Reactions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Iraq War Operation: Desert Storm

Iraq War Operation: Desert Storm

Iraq WarOperation: Desert StormBy: Brandon FarahThe road to warIran Iraq war.Kuwait over-stepping oil quotaIraq planned invasion for oil fieldsCaptured oil fieldsSCUD missilesOriginally a Soviet SRMModified and renamedScud B in various places in IraqReactionsAmericans immediately chose to protect KuwaitUN resolution imposing trade embargoPeacekeeping force sent out to back U.S.Defend Saudi Arabia and any friendly statesBuilding a CoalitionSaudi Arabian and U.S. Forces

ProblemsHad to end the conflict by RamadanUnable to understand the natives

Desert ShieldFirst half of Desert StormAir assault on SCUD missile sitesElite agents perform reconSAS 101st Airborne destroy some SCUDsOperation Desert SaberGround assault of the war

After affects of the WarWe have finally shaken off Vietnam Curse.Iraq staved off invasion and maintained its Pol. SystemSourcesPictures from google.comQuote 1 Quote 2Quote 3 from

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