IRELAND Traditions and customs. traditions "Wheel of the Year" the old pagan holidays: Beltaine Lughnassad Samhain Imbolc... Were associated with the

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IRELAND Traditions and customs Slide 2 traditions Slide 3 "Wheel of the Year" the old pagan holidays: Beltaine Lughnassad Samhain Imbolc... Were associated with the annual cycle of rebirth and death of the natural world. With each of these festivals is connected story. Slide 4 Beltaine Day began on May 1, and actually the last day of April, in the evening. According to ancient beliefs, on this night the veil between two worlds - our, material, and inhabited by the fae and demons - it becomes so thin that almost worlds intersect. Beltaine was a time of a traditional marriage. Slide 5 Beltaine Feast of Fire Slide 6 Lughnassad Cared 1 August, the holiday of the life and fertilities. With one of startling customs which survived almost to this day is the one ordering country dwellers bringing above the seashore of horses and their bath in sea water. Slide 7 Slide 8 Samhain he most important holiday get around on 31 October on 1 November. They believed, that in the night of the Samhain Christmas Eve ghosts of persons which died in the course of the past year and the ones which not yet were born, descended to the ground in the search living in order to settle in them for the period of the following year. Slide 9 Slide 10 Imbolc The Celtic holiday which was undergone on 1 February, indicated cleaning by water and the fire. It was devoted to the Irish goddess of the spring, the poetry, the health care and the craft, Brigit. At present it is being get around, as the Day of Saint Brygidy. Slide 11 Slide 12 Holidays in our times get around: -God Birth -Easter -Saint Patrick Day in such a religious country Ireland is which, get around are particularly ceremonially and joyfully. Slide 13 Saint Patrick Day He is being get around on 17 March with public holidays. On that day wearing green clothes is the most important tradition. Green is a traditional colour of Ireland referring to the grassy landscape of the island. He is a symbol of this holiday shamrock (trifoliate clover). Slide 14 Slide 15 The traditional marriage ceremony and the wedding In Ireland with day regarded too peculiarly for marrying off a last day is happy in the year. Of Virgo into the wedding day are young dressed into white dresses but still until recently on country weddings wore colourful. Traditionally an Irish bride got back home with the new husband with other road than the one with which she arrived in the church with the father. Slide 16 Slide 17 Wedding superstitions Earrings which a bride is carrying in the wedding day, later will always bring her good luck. Well to be roused in the wedding day by the singing of birds. When bride going outside into the wedding day he will look into the sun, will have beautiful children. Also accidental tearing up a wedding dress is bringing luck in the wedding day. Slide 18 customs Slide 19 Pride of contemporary Ireland women can be, at present in the state a woman is holding the highest office. Don't cancel the pleasure of communing with nature for yourself, Irishmen aren't creating barriers and aren't dissociating themselves, so quickly you will find friends in Ireland. Residents of Emerald Isle love her more than anything else in the world and are glorifying at every chance. Slide 20 Slide 21 Bibliografia rda : Autor : Konrad Koodyski kl. 2 b