is on break for the Good Shabbos and Welcome! 2015-08-07آ  Shabbos Youth Programs • SKIP Light will page 1
is on break for the Good Shabbos and Welcome! 2015-08-07آ  Shabbos Youth Programs • SKIP Light will page 2

is on break for the Good Shabbos and Welcome! 2015-08-07آ  Shabbos Youth Programs • SKIP Light will

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  • Shabbos Youth Programs • SKIP Light will be offered August 8, 15 & 22 by registration only. See inside flyer for more information. • Mommy & Me is on break for the rest of the summer. • B’nei BJ for Boys in Grades 2 – 5, led by Lawrence Stroll, Board Room, 10:30am. • Nine fif-TEEN Minyan is on break for the rest of the summer. • NCSY Shalosh Seudos for High Schoolers, led by Rabbi Chaim Neiditch, between Mincha & Maariv, Carson Room. • Shalosh Seudos for Grades 5 - 8 is on break until August 22. • Father Son Learning, 5:30 - 6:30pm, Kollel Beis Medrash, followed by popcorn and drinks. Sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 613.

    Shabbos Classes (Brought to you by Beth Jacob and Atlanta Scholars Kollel)

    • Rabbi Stein’s Daf Yomi class will not meet this Shabbos. • Shabbos Morning Chumash Shiur, Rabbi Ilan D. Feldman or Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, 8:15am, Main Shul, for men & women. • Shabbos Shiur for Men, 10:45am, Kollel, with Rabbi Moshe Makovoz. • 12 Minute Halacha, Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, following the 9:00am Minyan Kiddush, for men & women.

    Erev Shabbos FRIDAY, AUGUST 7 Earliest Candlelighting..........7:08pm Candlelighting.......................8:14pm Early Mincha, MS..................6:50pm Carlebach Minyan, DM.........6:50pm Mincha, DM...........................8:10pm

    Shabbos AUGUST 8 Shacharis Early Minyan, K ...................8:00am Main Minyan, MS ................8:45am 9:00 Minyan, DM .................9:00am Adult Beginners, CS...........10:00am Mincha Early Mincha, DM ................5:00pm Mincha, MS .........................7:45pm Maariv Shabbos ends/Maariv, MS...9:07pm Late Maariv, K.......................9:16pm

    Weekday WEEK OF AUGUST 9 - 14 Shacharis Sun, DM................7:00/8:00/9:00am Mon, Thur, DM..............6:50/8:00am Tues, Wed, Fri, DM........7:00/8:00am Mon-Fri, K.............................. 7:30am Mincha Sun, K .........................2:15/7:40pm Sun - Thurs, DM ..................8:10pm Mon - Thurs, K.............5:45/7:40pm Maariv Sun - Thurs, DM....following Mincha Sun - Thurs, DM ..................9:00pm Sun - Thurs, K ......................9:45pm

    Next Shabbos FRIDAY, AUGUST 14 Earliest/Latest Candles...7:02/8:07pm Early/Mincha, MS/DM.....6:45/8:05pm

    (CS) Carson Room, (CR) Conference Room, (BR) Board Room, (DM) Daily Minyan, (K) Kollel, (MS) Main Shul

    Bar Mitzvah of Yaakov Ephraim Shkarofsky

    Mazal Tov to the Shkarofsky Family!

    Carlebach Minyan this Friday Night, 6:50pm in Daily Minyan.

    Ilan D. Feldman, Rabbi • Yechezkel Freundlich, Associate Rabbi Dr. Emanuel Feldman, Rabbi Emeritus

    Harvey Steele, Executive Director • Larry Beck, President Mindy Tanenbaum, Preschool Director

    Jodi Wittenberg & Tzippy Teller, Co-Presidents, Sisterhood 1855 LaVista Road Atlanta, GA 30329 • (404) 633-0551 • Fax (404) 320-7912 This Shabbos flyer is brought to you in loving memory of Marlene Mendel, z”l.

    Her light does not go out at night. - Prov. 31


    Torah Reading: page 980 Haftarah: page 1197 Pirkei Avos: chapter 4

    Rosh Chodesh Elul This Shabbos we will bless the new month of Elul. The molad (birth of the new month) will be Shabbos, August 15, 4:23am and 8 chalakim (one-eighteenth of a minute). Rosh Chodesh will be Shabbos and Sunday, August 15 and 16.

    Good Shabbos and Welcome!

  • Mazal Tov to... • Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Shkarofsky and family on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Yaakov Ephraim. Welcome to all the out of town family who have come to celebrate together. Special welcome to the grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Avraham Fontek from Brooklyn, NY and Dr. & Mrs. Issie Shkarofsky from Montreal, Canada.

    • Rabbi Moshe and Leah Hiller on the upcoming wedding of their daughter Hudy to Yitzy Leffel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pesachya Leffel of Brooklyn, NY and to grandparents Ben Hiller and Selma Stern. Women are invited to a Shabbos Kallah at the Hiller’s home, 1351 Jody Lane, 5 - 6:30pm.

    • Velvel and Tziporah (formerly Lori Issenberg) Wayne on the birth of their daughter, Meira Fraida.

    • Diane & Moshe Manheim on the birth of a grandson, Netanel Mordechai, born to Rabbi Ari & Shira Manheim in Queens.

    Thank You to Our Donors!

    KIDDUSH SPONSOR Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Shkarofsky are sponsoring Kiddush this week in honor of Yaakov Ephraim’s Bar Mitzvah, leining and Maftir. NORMAN RAAB KIDDUSH FUND • Beverly Fermon in memory of her father David Fermon, z”l. • Harvey Steele in memory of his father Harry Steele, z”l. • Tzvi & Junko Horvath in honor of the engagement of their daughter Yael to Meir Yaakov Gutman of Chicago, IL.

    • Diane & Moshe Manheim in honor of the birth of their grandson, Netanel Mordechai Manheim. SPECIAL DEDICATIONS • Mark Brooks made a donation to Growing G-d’s Garden in memory of his

    father Menachem Mendel ben Moshe HaLevi, z”l.

    • Sam Schwartz is sponsoring the 9am Kiddush in honor of his wife Rachel Adison Schwartz graduating occupational therapy school.

    • The Pankratz Family is sponsoring the 9am Kiddush in honor of their upcoming move to Israel.

    • Avraham Samber is sponsoring Shalosh Seudos in honor of his father Moshe ben Avraham z”l.

    Upcoming Classes & Events • Scholar-in-Residence Rav Ahron Lopiansky, Next Shabbos, August 14 - 15. Rav Lopiansky is the Rosh Yeshiva of the Yeshiva Gedolah of Greater Washington, and the author of numerous scholarly works, in both Hebrew and English. Beth Jacob is pleased to be co-sponsoring this Shabbos together with the Esral Family in memory of Moshe Esral, z”l. The Zichron Moshe Yahrtzeit Shiur for men and women will be at 6:30pm Shabbos afternoon.

    • Simchas Torah in August - High Holiday Honors Auction Dinner, Sunday, August 23, 5pm, Heritage Hall. Choose from dozens of High Holiday honors to bid on as you enjoy great food and camaraderie in this first ever BJ High Holiday Honors Auction Dinner. By reservation only. Contact Harvey Steele for more information. Our BJA High Holiday Auction site is now live; look in our Sunday morning e-mail for the link and start bidding!

    • Beth Jacob’s End of Summer Barbecue, August 30, 5-7pm, BJ parking lot (Heritage Hall in case of rain). Join us as we welcome new members and reconnect with current members. Barbecue style food for purchase (vegetarian options), free kids entertainment and caricaturist, music and more.

    • BENA & BJ - Adrienne Gold Pre-Rosh Hashanah Talk, August 30, 8:15pm, Conference Room, $10. “Ayeka? The first and simplest of questions, and a lifetime imperative for the Jew.” Mrs. Adrienne Gold is a popular lecturer across North America, and is a full time teacher at the Village Shul in Toronto. She is also co-director with Lori Palatnik of the popular JWRP missions to Israel.

    News & Updates

    • Rabbi Stein’s Monday Haftarah class will not meet August 10; class will resume August 17.

    • Regular SKIP, Teen Minyan, Mommy & Me and Shalosh Seudos for Grades 5 - 8 are on break for the rest of the summer. • SKIP Light - This Shabbos, August 8, as well as August 15 & 22, we will offer a summer “Skip Light” for children ages 18 months to 5 years in the Youth Lounge and Sisterhood Room. There is limited staff and therefore limited spaces. This is a pre-registration program only, no drop-ins will be accepted. Please contact Sandra Kaplan in the office to register.

    Around Town City of LaVista Hills Q&A at Ner Hamizrach – Wednesday, August 12, 8:00pm. Come ask questions about police, taxes, zoning, sidewalks and the effect of Cityhood on the Jewish community.