Isais Revelation

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Revelation of Isais

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Isais Revelation


The revelation of Isais on the Knight band, from the later, the Lords of the blacks were stone, probably falls in the year 1226. The quarter in which the entity appeared, was located at the foot of the Untersberg (Ettenberg).

Isais revelation

"True I - review all you to the hearing.Image give ' I - you to the face.Talking about knowledge and wisdom, all-spanning,Preview fishing until transmission of end of.Talk not likeness still symbol,not unclear Word,clearly give ' I known that was what, what is.Human beings, as earthy,dedicated to the die - and immortal at the same time.Star children, heavenly born -.much of thousands older than this world.Light power sons and daughters of shine,Sky dweller, is lost in the darkness.Light alive - and yet to the shadow drawn.forever - and not free from dying.Hikers on the ridges of the worlds,CIS reborn - again determined hereafter.God's children, but godlike not.More eloquently, there are about people;Old gender - young their world.Unborn the human beings,.Since pre-registration fishing there, will be all the time.Preview fishing was there from before eternity given everything.Time was not room.Beingless slumbering beings as all that.before had pity Deus to her on that.measurable time, created created rooms,to walk through: worlds of the sky.Fell into the seeds of beings;Before eternity, eternity ward nowEarly spring the Beginnings.Down leaned Deus, to ensure the essence.Moisturizing vitality, soul ablaze, inspire the spirit.Heavenly world life and weaving, awoke asRecognizing the creatures after their kind:Those were like later people were,those were how were animals,.were such as green plants-and demon spirits.Everything but not, as today the Earth knows that.What accounts for the celestial worlds.Yes, heaven is sprung what lives in the Earth,fled once the Deus light,.seeking strange shadows - clueless.Because a shadow Prince rebelled against the worlds of the sky,.Deus to defy.A shadow realm, the shadow Lord created -.distance the heavens: the dark Hall.Empty infinity stretches between these worlds;No one who was reconciled.In the Middle, however, between dark and light,powerful spirits are built Valhalla.There the Deus bold gods, liveforever battle rules between them and Hannah.But fell down from heaven worlds numerous beings,.look at the Hall.Later, they were people.Such sank all fainted,forgetting the own name,.forgetting all, what was.For this is to the liking of a Deus freshly created new World:Earth Kingdom here and now with all of the stars,to off er birth the lost multitudes,.Hiking trail up to the earthly dyingand gateway to the heavenly homecoming.Beyond world arc added Deus the human expiration;Bridge for their return.You I call now all the worldly realmswell-made, Deus added:At the top the sky world of eternal light,The Deus realm, all beings original homeland.The all-enclosing basic land then is-No World that not it spanned,on this side as beyond the mirror.Also the Hall is the sinister, those terrible;blood burning disgust endless torment.In the middle of grasslands, Valhalla has its place;strong strength, splendid Castle.This side realm also floats in the Green Landwith the Earth and the bright stars.Also spans because of the multicolored arc beyond worlds:from up one up down to the Hall.The worlds are there not walk through to earthly dying people.On grassland, away, is an incredibly rich:The grey Canal of the demons;often horribly, but also quiet.There is the sleeping worlds in grassland more-and also the sunken silent Valley.The Earth inhabiting come from there,seedling equal only to roam, this worldHomecoming win.True, I review all, speech understanding and wisdom,teaching knowledge and also with clear Word.In sky worlds, Deus lives with his followers.In the Hall, the sinister shadow Prince, the discarded, Halethe Corruptor: malicious Dain is his name.In Valhalla, the cheerful heroes, prevailthe gods with their wives.Guest with them Ischtara entitled the Deus Botn.The Einherjar go there and offthe double immortal mean siblings.All people entering the CIS,with them creatures and greenhouse.Earth being to wander.The next arc beyond worldsWay offers them after earthly death.Everyone dials in his car.Basic lands climes all can meet up:Good and evil, any kind.Isais, who taught you, has her Office.At night in the sleep your mind from the body rises,.to wander through the worlds of slumber.Even some met there,exchanges may be on time.Some spirit aspires also hellichten tag Hochauf.Vibration may speak of the afterlife to him,Message to give.But I warn: such is often wore.Notes on human beings, earthly beings to follow!And look: here is the beginning.Sounds. True, I review all you and clear sound.give you advice:War is in the dance of the time runs,Since malicious Dain threw up against Deus.Place, seize the space, where the hero sword is needed, where after bold action is required.Place know which is yours.Who hesitates that Brooks - who condones prevail Hll.Gently greeting offer the meek but battle cry, strike're contrary to wrong.Know love in place such as the hour of the Javelin.Pitiful feel, where emergency claws tore a suffering.Hard, but look in the eye of the Looper.Get out does not hesitate to strike - -.where dark cloud down lowers itself.Warriors is where war anger prevails.Be loving to the domestic hearth.Split is the Earth hiking:how bright is the day and dark night.Never imagine that one merely of both.I review all true, will show you further,want to show what is:Haunts malicious Dain earthly World cities and countries;Oceans and canyons, deserts and forests, meadows and mountains,breaks on the sources of pain, blood, he soaked the peoples,as a God, to gebrdend.Manifold the face of evilsoliciting everywhere from the joints of the Earth.much main-the raging throat.Not a sword trick alone is good to divide all.Sea of flames across the countries will ROARsome unit of time, before the worm goes by.Arglist nourishes the menace paunch.powerful makes the Launcher of the shadow.Who wanted since stop the horrorso long not doing on clarifying water pitcher?Accounts of it!Ye are available through all times-until the hour of victorious sword fulfilled.Then blow up is the flag in the stormsthe final victory-defining battleIf water jug beam lapping the Earth world.Away from the day, the hour of victory.sweeping clouds are piling up, flashes they spew.Kingdom of light! O light Reich, Kiel, breaks the shipOnly land on the harm Beach debris.Read up the pieces carefully guards for new plant:Victory ship there once.If the beam puffs the sail -.from hereafter he comes by ILU's Sun, invisible -.the time is then.Peeking through the Star Worldlooks up to the head of the Bull.He brings the Lance.Measure out the star level: by the head of the bullup to the water jar.The black purple stone can be found below the average.Black stone, effective powerful force.Isais once reviewed him from hell of Garcia facility,Outfoxing the Prince of shadow, which him Valhalla robbed.Brought Isais, offeringcut a length of Ellen from the hair of the head himself.and put in boy clothes,in order to deceive Schaddains guard.Penetrated Isais so hells of dark fire,.to save the black-purple stone:Mighty its power, gives water jug light.Hail to the knowing! Hail to the waysthat follow, what is recommended.Effective powerful it will be.So women's hair binds magical power,Beyond vibration captures it in the here and now.The longer there wallet in balance.more light-giving power to win is capable of-but not unthreatened in dark time,.Because malicious Dain then leers.Flowing spirits, magic vibration strength,the maiden selects long ' hair is sometimes to the lair.Is good mostly, donates much at all,is to have assets by wool.Who abide in the yard and at the stove and the light's long.But which openly argue against the darkness,like cutting a piece, like Isais to the Hllreis did.Powerful is the man in the fight with the swordand its volition - magic, however, the woman is.Recognize the signs give you in the sky.The occupation ' ner feels, the elect understand's.Call me:"In the light of the Moon,out of the darkness of the come up, sister of Isais,that you always met.which our always thought."Black stone - and is yet light.Part of the primordial matter - unbelievably strong.Man leads him, just him, kind of womanmakes since Valhalla army, will be effectiveHis home people, victory he gives -.deforestations always certainly.Because in Wodins mountain, the power rests.He, the chosen tongue, hears voices soundmay not suffer strange. Is not aware-and act again.Rock - is black purple but hell' life power.I, Isais the maid, I chose you, I speak unto you,give him your master.Who Isais kissing mouth, neck and hair,will again be kissed Isais spirit.The true me, hearkenMy claw hits the wrong however.So I show you me, that picture you can form made of wood, ore or stone - put up in it,to be taken as a sister under the true.But I'm the wrong guy as Zoe.Bin near you, am with your masteron year, hour, and day - until the time fulfilled.When Ischtara is done on the water jugglass lid and effectively radiates already young light -.then change causes suture.Then Isais has done their work for the time;Ischtara carries the Office from now on.You should then kiss her mouth, eyes, and hair.the Lord of Light shall you serve for the purpose.but do not forget Isaiens.But, some which are the bravest,you like to remain at my side.From the notes of the Moonlight I call you to me.In the light of the Moon, so they call me:Those are supposed to be's, do not fear the worstand the heaviest non-shy,You waive Middle peace and bliss,because in grassland of the fight still does not end.I just want to be them not more sister,but bride and wife.Only if met, what want to Deus,If golden time goes on countries of the worldand of all the peoples heart.until then t