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A Magazine for math enthusiasts and math olympiad aspirants

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Reason, Debate and Story

, May, 2012 Ashani Dasgupta Editor Calcutta, India Phone: +91 9804005499 Sudip Mondal Co-Editor Santa Clara, CA Phone: +001 4084767585 Arkabrata Das Co-Editor Calcutta, India Phone: +91 8984655870 Content Development Pratyush Kumar Mishra Niran Meher

Year 1, Issue 1

Mostly mathematics... sprinkled with a little bit of computer science and physics

REACH USCheenta Ganit Kendra, center of mathematics, strives to bring out the mathematical talent in middle school and high school students. Math Olympiads and challenging Math Entrances of Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Institute of Mathematics and Applications (in India) and STEP or Sixth Term Examination Paper (in Cambridge, UK) act as motivation of our course work. Our offline activities (classes, summer camps etc.) are mostly implemented in Calcutta (India) and San Francisco, Bay Area (USA). We try to reach out to as many as possible through our online courses, online math forum and blog and pages in facebook and twitter.

E-Mail: Address: B-37, C.I.T. Buildings, Calcutta 700007, West Bengal, India



A few wordsNo mathematician should ever allow himself to forget that mathematics, more than any other art or science, is a young man's game. G.H. Hardy, A Mathematician's Apology 'Reason, Debate and Story' is a journal of mathematics. High School level math is sufficient for accessing most of it's contents. A considerable portion of the journal require much less sophistication in formal math. However, that does not mean the mathematics presented here is 'easy'. Elementary ideas can actually motivate deceivingly simple looking challenging problems. Cheenta Ganit Kendra (literally meaning 'center of mathematical thoughts' in Bengali) engages with bright mathematically inclined students every year in and outside classroom. We have math olympiad courses and other advanced mathematics programs for high school and middle school students. Young men and women join us from diverse backgrounds and nationality (we have online as well as offline courses). Although our work is mostly concentrated around Calcutta, we are always looking out to communicate with mathematically inclined students; currently, we are working with students from USA too. While engaging with the students, we have realized that there is a serious lack of popular math literature in India. We do have more than one widely distributed math magazines here; unfortunately they mostly publish questions and solutions from engineering entrances. Journal on school level mathematics can generate considerable amount of interest among young students. The celebrated journals like Komal (Hungary) and Kvant (Russia) have been extremely successful in motivating innovation in the young mind. The other magazines of similar scope include Crux Mathematicoram (Canadian Mathematical Society), Plus Magazine (University of Cambridge), Die Wurzel (Germany) etc. We are inspired by these initiatives. Apart from publishing interesting and motivating articles on mathematics (and allied sciences) , problems and discussions from challenging math contests, we wish to use this journal as a vehicle of communication with our student community and evolve it as their first step towards mathematical exploration. We are sharing the beauty of truth through mathematics. The motivation is to appreciate the Eureka moments of knowledge and try and experience some of them. Ashani Dasgupta

Editor May, 2012


CHEENTA GANIT KENDRA subtends an angle of 1350 at the center of the circle. Find the maximum possible area of ABCD.

Cheenta AwardeesKrishnendu (Class XI) for excellent performance in I.S.I. Entrance Model Test 10 . The story of Astronomy (Lloyd Motz ) 2. Abhra Abir (Class XII, external canditate) for scoring maximum points in I.S.I. Entrance Model Test 9. Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume I (Richard Feynman). 3. Shobhan (Class XII) for being the most interactive student of the week. One two three Infinity (George Gamow). 4. Shubhojit (High School Graduate) for scoring maximum points in I.S.I. Entrance Model Test 10. Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol I (Richard Feynman) ______________ 1.