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Jack Fellows UCAR Vice President [email protected] Agenda •Dimensions of the Budget •Players •How this really works •Interesting Issues I dealt with while in the government •How you can be involved.

Jack Fellows

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Jack Fellows. UCAR Vice President [email protected]. Agenda Dimensions of the Budget Players How this really works Interesting Issues I dealt with while in the government How you can be involved. Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Jack Fellows

Jack Fellows

UCAR Vice [email protected]

Agenda•Dimensions of the Budget•Players•How this really works•Interesting Issues I dealt with while in the government•How you can be involved.

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• 1983 PhD in Civil Engineering – parametrizing continental scale watershed models with remotely sensed data.

• 1983-84 AGU Congressional Science Fellow

• 1984-1997 OMB Science and Space Branch Chief

• 1997- present: UCAR Vice President

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2010 Budget Overview

Page 4: Jack Fellows

Executive Office of the President(The Players)

• White House Office: Rahm Emanuel • Council of Economic Advisers: Christina Romer• Office of Management and Budget: Peter Orszag• Domestic Policy Council: Melody Barnes• National Economic Council: Lawrence Summers• National Security Council: James Jones• Council on Environmental Quality: Nancy Sutley• Office of Science and Technology Policy: John Holdren• President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board: Paul Volcker• President's Intelligence Advisory Board: Chuck Hagel and David Boren• Office of National AIDS Policy: Jeff Crowley• Office of National Drug Control Policy: Gil Kerlikowske• Office of the Trade Representative: Ron Kirk• Office of Administration: Brad Kiley• White House Military Office: Vacant

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Office of Management and Budget(Keeper of the President’s Policy)

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OSTP-OMB R&D Guidance(Started in 1991)

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R&D Budget

Bush Sr Clinton Bush Jr Obama

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Basic Research

Clinton Bush JrObama

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R&D Doubling Initiatives

Bush Jr Obama

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Interesting Issues(Why did I stay?)

• Learning about incoming Administration policies

• Space Shuttle and Space Station

• Doubling of the NSF Budget

• US Global Change Research Program

• Political punishments

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How can you be involved?

• Congressional Science Fellowship – the ultimate civics lesson

• Professional Societies – sign up for action alerts or Congressional Visits Day

• Advocacy Activities

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Transition Document


Advice to the New Administration and Congress: Actions to Make our Nation Resilient to Severe Weather and Climate Change

• Nine partners– University Corporation for Atmospheric Research– Weather Coalition– American Meteorological Society– American Geophysical Union– Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of

Hydrologic Science– National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant

Colleges– Consortium for Ocean Leadership– Alliance for Earth Observations– Reinsurance Association of America

• Recommendations:– Observations.– Computing.– Research and Modeling.– Societal Relevance.– Leadership and Management. – Budget Resources: +$9B over the next five years based

on community documents.

• Community Nominations Collected

Science is not Done!

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Reorganizing the Federal climate enterprise in the NSTC

and Earth Observations Committee