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Bellringer: EOCT Review Questions8. What was the purpose of the Navigation Acts?a. to stop the middle passageb. to control the trans-Atlantic Tradec. to end the Atlantic slave traded. to halt the triangular tradee. Explain Jacksonian Democracy, expanding suffrage, the rise of popular political culture, and the development of American nationalism. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyFhnZi8eUA&feature=related Election of 1824Known as the corrupt bargainTop Candidates: John Quincy Adams and Andrew JacksonBecause no clear majority- decision; went to House of Representatives

Elections of 1824 Henry Clay (although out of the running) decided to back Adams House of Representatives declare ADAMS the winnerClay becomes Secretary of StateJACKSON IS FURIOUS!Jackson begins to campaign for the next election immediately!Election of 1828 -Voting rights were expanded in the early 1800s, many working class men could now vote

-Andrew Jackson wins the Presidential election in 1828-Jackson is seen as The Peoples President

-Was an orphan, had little formal education, fought in several duels, and was the hero of the War of 1812 Rise of popular political cultureJacksons presidential campaigns caused an increase in public participation in politics: -Campaign rallies were first introduced -Mudslinging: Both sides accused the other of wrongdoing and these accusations were turned into songs, buttons, and posters *To campaign posters: The one on the right is pro Jackson, the one the left is anti Jackson, picking on his spoils systemJacksonian Democracy1.Jackson looked to strengthen the executive branch and weaken Congress2. Wanted UNIVERSAL MALE SUFFRAGE expanded voting rights to men without property too!3. Spoils system: appointed people to government jobs based on party loyalty4. favored Manifest Destiny5. Believed in Nullification6. Opposed National Bank

American Nationalism Believed that the US was superior to other nations and people: -Most had the same religion (Protestant), language, and culture -Should expand (Manifest Destiny) to Jackson spread this belief

Indian Removal ActJackson saw the Native Americans as an obstacle to Manifest DestinyU.S. Government forced Native Americans off their land Cherokee removal known as the Trail of Tears

Compare and Contrast these two images of Andrew JacksonCreate a political cartoon of Andrew Jacksons presidency. The cartoon can involve any topic of his presidency that we discussed-Jacksonian Democracy-Universal (White Male) suffrage-Nationalism-Indian Removal Act

Work SessionStep 1- Choose your topic

Step 2- Brainstorm a list of specific facts or ideas related to the topic

Step 3- Decide what message or opinion you want to explain

Step 4- Brainstorm caricatures, symbols, stereotypes, humor that can show your ideaWork Session-Create your cartoon1. What is the subject (topic)?

2. Who are the characters and what do they represent?

3. What symbols are used and what do they mean?

4. What is the message or viewpoint the cartoon portrays?

Work Session-Cartoon analysisClosing ActivityWhat do you think?

Do you think that Andrew Jackson was an American Hero or an Infamous Villain? Why? Share your responses!