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I originally am from Pemberville, OH and I still live there currently.

I am a High School graduate of Eastwood High School – Go Eagles!

I recently graduated in August from BGSU with a degree in Exercise Science. I guess I have stuck with the bird theme thus far being that I have been an Eagle and a Falcon. I kind of messed that theme up coming to Findlay (now an Oiler) but I’m excited about being here.


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We added the guy pictured with my sister below. He wasn’t the guy I thought I would see my sister with but he’s been a big blessing to all of us. Glad she picked him!

Here’s my family on the day of my sister’s wedding. We’re crazy but I love it!


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I also like various kinds of sports and other physical activities. I’ve been on a couple bike rides this past year to raise money for different causes. The most recent was a ride for MS from Cleveland to Cedar Point and back (150 miles in two days).

I like to sing and play the guitar. Sometimes I’ll play for church or for graduation parties or just because I want to. Kind of my way of winding down.

Things I Enjoy Doing

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Currently working on acquiring licensure in AYA Integrated Science.

Plan to teach some form of science at either the high school or middle school level.

Also plan to coach various sports as well as use my exercise science background to coordinate strength and conditioning programs.

Future Plans as an Educator