James Bond Car Parade

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  • 7/23/2019 James Bond Car Parade


    James Bond fanatics were treated with a breath-taking exhibition on the streets of

    Paris this Sunday. A parade featuring over 2 cars from Bond !"ms brought back the

    forty years of memories that a"" # fans cherish.

    $ed by an Aston %arton &B'( the cars paraded down the )hamps *"ys+e and past

    the *i,e" ower. t was a thick s"ice of British cu"ture( topped with a coating ofnosta"gia when c"assics "ike Arc de riomphe( Aston %artin &B'( /ashed in front of

    the bystanders0 eyes. 1or some it brought back their chi"dhood memories whereas

    for other devotees( the show proected a g"amorous history of the British motoring


    he car parade was a bri""iant pub"icity stunt for the upcoming James Bond !"m

    3Spectre0 which is set to re"ease on 4ctober 25th.


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