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iCONTENTSPara No. Particulars Page No.1. JamiaMilliaIslamia....................................... 12. OfficersoftheJamia... 23. GeneralGuidelines........................................ 3CoursesofferedbytheUniversity.. 54. GuidelinesforAdmission....................................... 135. RulesRelatingtoAdmission....... 166. ReservationofSeats........................................ 177. SpecialProvisionsfor Admission............................................... 188. IdentityCard............ 199. Hostel Accommodation.............................................................. 1910. Attendance........... 2011. StudentsDiscipline.......... 2012. Dr.ZakirHusainLibrary........... 2013. FinancialSupportSystem....... 2014. GeneralRulesRegardingFeesand Accounts..................................... 2015. AdmissionofForeignStudents/NRIs/ICCRSponsoredCandidates.. 2216. FacultyofHumanities&Languages....................................... 2717. FacultyofSocialSciences....... 3318. FacultyofNaturalSciences................................. 3919. FacultyofEducation... 4520. FacultyofEngineering&Technology.................................... 5321. FacultyofLaw................................ 7522. Facultyof Architecture&Ekistics.................................. 7823. FacultyofFineArts..... 8324. FacultyofDentistry......... 8625. AnwarJamalKidwaiMassCommunicationResearchCentre........................... 8826. MaulanaMohammed AliJauhar AcademyofInternationalStudies 9427. CentreforManagementStudies.............. 9528. CentreforPhysiotherapy&RehabilitationSciences.......... 9729. CentreforInterdisciplinaryResearchinBasicSciences............................. 98ii30. N.M.CentreforPeace&ConflictResolution................... 9831. CentrefortheStudyofComparativeReligions&Civilizations......... 9932. Dr. K. R. N. Centre for Dalit & Minorities Studies ............... 10033. CentreforSpanish&Latin AmericanStudies........................ 10034. CentreforWestAsianStudies........ 10135. CentreforJawaharlalNehruStudies........................... 10136. CentreforCulture,Media&Governance........... 10237. India ArabCulturalCentre..... 10238. F. T.K.CentreforInformation Technology.............................................. 10239. CentreforTheoreticalPhysics 10340. CentreforEarlyChildhoodDevelopment&Research............. 10341. CentreforNanoscienceandNanotechnology. 10442. ArjunSinghCentreforDistance&OpenLearning........................ 10443. JamiasPremchand Archives&LiteraryCentre..... 10544. SarojiniNaiduCentreforWomensStudies... 10645. Dr.ZakirHussainInstituteofIslamicStudies.... 10646. Barkat AliFiraqStateResourceCentre.. 10647. AcademicStaffCollege... 10648. AcademyofProfessionalDevelopmentofUrduMedium Teachers...................... 10749. CentreforCoaching&CareerPlanning..... 10750. UniversityPlacementCell....... 10751. JamiaSchools...... 10752. FeeStructureofallcoursesoftheUniversity..... 10853. AdmissionScheduleofCoursesofferedbytheUniversity............ 12954. RecognizedCoursesof ArabicMadarsas/Institutions................. 14655. ImportantTelephonenumbersofDeans/HoDs/DirectorsoftheCentres/OfficersoftheUniversity.......................................................................................................... 1471Jamia was established in 1920 by a group of nationalistMuslimintelligentsiaatAligarh(UttarPradesh).Itscampusshiftedfrom AligarhtoDelhiin1925andthefoundationstoneofthepresentcampuswaslaidon1stMarch 1930. Since then, the university has expanded andbecomeknownasapremiereducationalinstitutionofthe country. Recognizing its contributions in the field ofteaching,researchandextensionwork,theUniversityGrantsCommission(UGC)bestowedthedeemeduniversity status to it in 1962, and it was designated aCentral University in 1988. The journey from Aligarh toDelhi, not only presents the physical expansion of Jamia,butalsopresentsalessonforthosewhowanttobuildeducational institutions for the nation. It is therefore notsurprisingthatRabindranathTagoreoncecalledtheUniversityasoneofthemostprogressiveeducationalinstitutions of the country.JamiaandtheNationalist AlternativeJamia was conceived as the National Muslim UniversityinOctober1920onthecampusoftheMohammedanAnglo-Oriental College set up by Sir Syed Ahmed Khanat Aligarh. Since its inception in 1892, the Aligarh Collegehadproducedaneliteandmiddleclassleadershipthatwas actively involved with the nationalist movement inonemannerortheother.Thelandedgentryconnectedwith the Aligarh College had helped to form the All IndiaMuslim League in 1906. At the same time, the educatedandsecularMuslimintelligentsiafromthecollegewasassociatedwiththekhilafatandnon-cooperationmovementsledbyGandhijiandwhosemainplankofpoliticalmobilisationwasHindu-Muslimunity.ThechangingcharacterofthenationalistmovementintheGandhianleadershiphaditsimpactonthoseconnectedwiththe AligarhCollege.Thesyndicateofthecollegeproclaimed that it had been founded to turn out worthyandusefulsubjectsoftheBritishCrown.Incontrast,freedom fighters like, Mohamed Ali (the khilafat leaderandthefirstvice-chancellor)andHakimAjmalKhanwantedtobuildaneducationalinstitutionwhichwouldserve to inculcate both, modern education and nationalistideals in students from all communities, particularly theMuslims.TheyalsoactivelyopposedthetwonationtheorypropagatedbytheMuslimLeague.Thisstandbrought about a split between the Muslim intelligentsiaand the Jamia was born out of this ideological conflict.The formation of Jamia was supported by Gandhiji andTagorewhohadhimselfinitiatedsuchaneffortinSantiniketan.Thestart,whichwasmadeinKrishnaAshramoftheAligarhCollegecampus,wasalsoa1. JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIAdifficultonewithlackoffundsandinfrastructure. Thenew university demonstrated that a society with diversecultures could be groomed into a modern nation on thebasis of a shared culture and perspective. In Jamia, Hindu,Muslim and other students not only studied together, theyalso ate and lived together in a spartan lifestyle. Teacherscame from all over the country and lived the same simplelifestyles. The use of khaddar for uniforms epitomisedthe nationalist principle that was to follow throughout itsdevelopment.In 1924, after the withdrawal of khilafat, the institutionfaced a serious threat of closure. It then moved to DelhianditsreinswerehandedovertoDrZakirHusainin1926 who aptly remarked: The biggest objective of Jamiais to prepare a roadmap for the future of Indian MuslimswiththereligionofIslamatitscoreandtofillthatroadmapwiththecolourofthecivilisationofIndiainsuch a way that it merges with the colours of the life ofthe common man. Jamia survived this transitional phasewith the active support and involvement of leaders likeHakimAjmalKhan,M.A.Ansari,AbidHussainandMohammadMujeebwhosharedZakirHusainsvisionfortheinstitution.ThisphaseofJamiasdevelopmentwas characterised by the equal sacrifices that were madeby the staff and students of the university, and were ablyaided by Gandhiji in their fund collection.Jamia: AreflectionofaselfreliantmodernandsecularnationFrom its inception, the Jamia had catered to students fromdisadvantagedbackgrounds(incontrasttotheeliteAligarh College) and its course curriculum was suited tomeettheneedsofsuchstudents.ThemediumofinstructionandlearningwasHindi,UrduandEnglish.By 1937, the Jamia campus had already shifted to Okhla.TheuniversitywasanactiveparticipantinspreadingGandhijis idea of nai talim which was popularly knownas the Wardha Scheme. Under the leadership of ZakirHusain,thechiefarchitectofWardhaScheme,JamiastartedtheBookBankproject,theVillage(dehat)Project,andSubziMandiProject.Theyalsostartedprogrammesonsehataursafai(healthandhygiene),kapda(weaving),carpentryandsoapmakingwherestudentslearntthemeritsofcombiningmanuallabouralongwithbroadeningtheirintellectualhorizons.Vocational training and school education became one ofthecornerstonesofJamiaeducationandmodelsforinnovative teaching.Atthethresholdofindependence,Jamiawasemergingasadynamicanduniqueinstitutionthataspiredfor2supportfromtheindependentIndiangovernment.Thetrials and tribulations of a newly formed nation were alsoreflectedinJamia,whichfacedenormousfinancialdifficulties in this period. However, the coping strategiesused by the administration, staff and students themselvesreflectedthevaluesofself-relianceanddemocraticfunctioningthatweretoformthecoreprinciplesofNehruvianIndia.Nehruassignedmanyrolestothefounders of Jamia: both Zakir Husain and Mujeeb wereinducted into the Planning Commission to develop a planfor integrated education. But despite these contributionsto national development, they were forced to fight hardfor a university status.ContemporaryJamiaItwasin1962thatJamiabecameadeemeduniversityrecognisedbytheUniversityGrantsCommissionAct,1956undertheleadershipofMohammadMujeeb,Atlast Jamia employees were able to draw regular salaries.By1963,regularteachingprogrammeslikemastersinhistoryandeducation,andundergraduateprogrammesinscienceswerestarted.Thereafter,in1969doctoralprogrammeswerestarted.Theemergenceoftheuniversityasapremierinstitutionoflearningwasrecognised in 1988 when it was accorded the status of aCentralUniversity.Today,JamiaMilliaIslamiaisanensembleofamultilayerededucationalsystemwhichcovers all aspects of schooling, under-graduate and post-graduateeducation.Theuniversityrecognisesthatteaching and research are complementary activities thatcan advance its long-term interest. It has Natural Sciences,Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Education,Humanities & Languages, Architecture & Ekistics, FineArts,LawandDentistryFaculties.Also,ithasawellknownAJKMassCommunicationResearchCentre.JamiaMilliaIslamiahasalsostartedseveralotherresearch centres that have given an edge to Jamia in termsofcriticalresearchinvariousareas.Obviously,theseinitiativesaimtopromotenewandemergingareasofresearch and programmes that can offer opportunities toits students and teachers to expand their horizons.TheJamiaMilliaIslamiaconductsUndergraduate,Postgraduate, M. Phil. and Ph.D. as well as Diploma andCertificatecourses.ThenumberofstudentsintheUniversityis14858ofwhich7519areenrolledinundergraduatecourses,2736inpostgraduate,1418inM.Phil/Ph.D and 3185 in Diploma/Certificate courses.Jamia Millia Islamia, as before, continues to cater to theinterests of students from all communities, but also aimsto meet the particular needs of the disadvantaged sectionsof the Muslim society. True to the legacy of its founders,itcontinuestosupportmeasuresforaffirmativeactionandfosterthegoalsofbuildingasecularandmodernsystem of integrated education. Thus, Jamia Millia Islamiaisconstantlylearningfromitshistorytonegotiatethenew and emerging challenges facing a nation of the twentyfirst century.2.OFFICERS OF THE JAMIAAmir-i-Jamia(Chancellor) : VacantShaikh-ul-Jamia(Vice-Chancellor) : Mr. Najeeb Jung, IASNaibShaikh-ul-Jamia(Pro-Vice-Chancellor) : Prof. S.M. RashidMusajjil(Registrar) : Prof. S.M. SajidDean, Faculty of Humanities & Languages : Prof. S.M. Azizuddin HusainDean, Faculty of Social Sciences : Prof. Khan Masood AhmedDean, Faculty of Natural Sciences : Prof. Khalil AhmadDean, Faculty of Education : Prof. Aejaz MasihDean, Faculty of Engineering & Technology : Prof. Khalid MoinDean, Faculty of Law : Prof.Rose VargheseDean, Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics : Prof. S. M. AkhtarDean, Faculty of Fine Arts : Prof. Z.A. ZargarDean, Faculty of Dentistry : Prof.RaginiDean,Students Welfare : Prof. TasneemMeenaiFinanceOfficer : Prof. Shahid AshrafLibrarian : Dr. Gayas Makhdumi33.GENERAL GUIDELINES1. Candidatesarerequiredtoreadtheprospectuscarefully before filling in the Application Form forAdmission to the courses of studies in the Jamia.The Prospectus provides general information andissubjecttotheprovisionsoftheAct,Statutes,Ordinances, Regulations and relevant ResolutionsoftheAcademicCouncil/ExecutiveCouncilofJamia.2. Admission to all courses except the courses offeredbytheFacultyofEngineering&Technology,Architecture&EkisticsandDentistry,shallbedonethroughanEntranceTest(85%weightage)and Interview (15% weightage).3. Admission to the courses offered by the Facultyof Engineering & Technology, Architecture andEkisticsandDentistryshallbedonethroughthemeritdeterminedonthebasisofanEntrance Test. For further detail see Para 20, 22and24forthecoursesofferedbytheFacultyofEngineering & Technology, Faculty of Architecture& Ekistics and Faculty of Dentistry.4. All seats in the undergraduate courses offered bytheFacultyofHumanities&Languages,SocialSciencesandNaturalSciencesshallbefilledthroughCommonEntranceTestsfollowedbyInterview. The tests shall be conducted for differentgroups of subjects as detailed below:a) Social SciencesGroupIBBS/B.Com(Hons.)/B.A.(Hons.)EconomicsGroup II B.A.(Hons.)Sociology/PoliticalScience/Psychology/SocialWork/History/GeographyGroup III B.A./BACA/B.A.(Hons.)IslamicStudies/HotelManagement,Travel&Tourism/Mass Media HindiNote: Application Forms for the above courses areto be submitted in the office of the Dean, Facultyof Social Sciences, JMIOMRSheetwillbeusedintheEntranceTestfor the above groups.b) Humanities & LanguagesB.A.(Hons.)Arabic/English/Hindi/Urdu/Persian/Turkish Language & Literature.Note: ApplicationFormsfortheabovecoursesareto be submitted in the office of the Dean, Facultyof Humanities & Languages, JMIOMRSheetwillbeusedintheEntranceTestfor the above groups.c)NaturalSciencesGroup I B. Sc./B. Sc. (Instrumentation)/B. Sc.(Hons.)Physics/Chemistry/MathematicsGroup II B.Sc.Biosciences/Biotechnology.Group III B.A.(Hons.)MathematicsNote: ApplicationFormsfortheabovecoursesareto be submitted in the office of the Dean, Facultyof Natural Sciences, JMIOMRSheetwillbeusedintheEntranceTestfor the above groups except B.A. (Hons.) Maths5. The applicants may apply for the courses from oneof the groups of subjects referred in Para 4 aboveby filling a single Application Form, specifying theorderofpreferenceinappropriatecolumn(s)intheApplicationForm.However,ifacandidatewishestoapplyinthecoursesfromtwoormoredifferent groups, he/she will have to fill a separateApplication Form in each such case.6. ThereshallalsobeaCommonEntranceTestforthe courses shown below:i). PG Diploma in Digital Cartography/PG Diplomain Remote Sensing & GIS Applications*.Note: ApplicationFormsfortheabovecoursesaretobesubmittedintheofficeoftheHead,DepartmentofGeography,JMIii).MasterofComputerApplication(MCA)/PGDCA*.Note: ApplicationFormsfortheabovecoursesaretobesubmittedintheofficeoftheHead,Department of Computer Sciences, JMI4iii). M. A. in Conflict Analysis & Peace Building/M.A. in Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy/M.A.inMediaGovernance/M.A.inComparativeReligions/M.A. in Early Childhood Development*.Note: ApplicationFormsfortheabovecoursesareto be submitted in the office of the Director, NMCentre for Peace & Conflict Resolution, JMI*Theapplicantsshouldspecifytheorderofpreference in appropriate column (s) while fillingApplicationFormsfortheadmissiontothecourses referred in Para 6 (i) (ii) and (iii) above.OMRSheetwillbeusedintheEntranceTestfor the above groups except referred in Para 6(i).7. AnApplicationForm,foragroupofcoursesinwhichCommonEntranceTestwillbeconducted,as mentioned in Para 4 and 6 above, may be obtainedby paying Rs. 300/- only.8. Candidates(exceptB.Tech.,BDSandB.Arch.)obtaining less than 33% marks in undergraduate anddiplomacoursesand36%marksinpostgraduatecourses in the Entrance Test will not be eligible forInterview. Admissions to the courses offered by theFaculty of Engineering & Technology, Architecture& Ekistics and Dentistry shall be done through themeritdeterminedonthebasisofanEntrance Testonly subject to obtaining a minimum of 33% marksin undergraduate (except in BDS and B. Arch.) and36% marks in postgraduate courses.9. The candidates of all categories obtaining less than50% marks in the Entrance Test will not be eligiblefor admission to BDS course and 40% marks for B.Arch. course in both PCM and Aptitude Test.10. There will be no negative marking in the EntranceTests in any course of Jamia Millia Islamia.11. All applicants for admission to any course in Jamia,exceptthecoursesofferedbytheFacultyofEngineering & Technology, Faculty of Architecture&EkisticsandFacultyofDentistry,shallhavetoappearinboth,EntranceTest&Interview.Theadmission to the courses offered by the Faculty ofEngineering & Technology, Faculty of Architecture&EkisticsandFacultyofDentistryshallbedonethroughthemeritdeterminedonthebasisofanEntrance Test only.12. The absence of a candidate in either of the EntranceTest/Interviewwillforfeithis/herclaimforadmission.13. Noapplication/requestfromcandidatesforrechecking/re-evaluationofAnswerScriptsofEntrance Tests shall be entertained.14. There is no provision of nomination on any seatby any authority of the Jamia and no application/request shall be entertained in this regard.15. Students admitted shall be subject to the provisionsofthe Act,Statutes,OrdinancesandRegulationsof the Jamia.16. Jamiareservestherighttomakeanychange/modificationintheprovisionsmadeinthisProspectus and the same shall be duly notified. Thecandidates shall not be informed of any such changeindividually.17. OnlineapplicationformsforadmissioncanalsobedownloadedfromJamiawebsite(http://www.jmi.ac.in).18. No candidate shall be entitled to claim admissionas a matter of right.19. Admission to any course of Jamia can be cancelled,atanytime,ifanyinformationfurnishedbythecandidateatthetimeofadmissionisfoundtobeincorrect.20. Thecandidates,whohaveappearedatthequalifying examination but whose results have notbeen declared may also apply for admission. Theymust, however, submit their results/marks sheet bythe last date of admission as per the list in whichthe name of the student figures. The candidates ofthe Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Facultyof Architecture & Ekistics and Faculty of Dentistrymust produce their results/marks sheet at the timeof admission.21. ThecandidatesadmittedtovariouscoursesinJamiashallbeliabletosubmitanaffidavitonRs. 10/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper certified bya first class Magistrate assuring not to indulgeinanyformofragging,inaformobtainablefromtheofficeoftheDepartment/Faculty/Centreconcerned.5Faculty of Humanities & Languages1. Ph.D. Arabic - - -2. M.A.(Arabic) Arabic 200/- 30 07.05.20123. B.A.(Hons.) Arabic Arabic * 60 07.05.20124. Adv. Diploma in Mod. Arabic Lang. & Transl. Arabic 200/- 30 07.05.20125. Diploma in Modern Arabic Lang. Arabic 200/- 40 07.05.20126. Certificate in Modern Arabic Lang. Arabic 200/- 50 07.05.20127. Ph.D. English - - -8. M.Phil.(English) English 200/- 20 07.05.20129. M.A.(English) English 200/- 40 07.05.201210. B.A.(Hons.)English English * 60 07.05.201211. Diploma in Translation Proficiency English 200/- 20 07.05.201212. Certificate in Translation Proficiency English 200/- 30 07.05.201213. Ph.D. Hindi - - -14. M.Phil.(Hindi) Hindi 200/- 10 07.05.201215. M.A.(Hindi) Hindi 200/- 30 07.05.201216. B.A. (Hons.) Hindi Hindi * 40 07.05.201217. B.A. (Hons.) Mass Media Writing Hindi Hindi * 40 07.05.201218. P.G. Diploma in Journalism (Hindi Medium) Hindi 200/- 40 07.05.2012(Self-Financing)19. P.G. Diploma in T.V.Journalism (Hindi Medium) Hindi 200/- 40 07.05.2012(Self-Financing)20. Ph.D. History - - -21. M. Phil. (History) History 200/- 10 07.05.201222. M.A.(History) History 200/- 50 07.05.201223. B.A. (Hons.) History History * 6007.05.201224. Ph.D. Isl. Studies - - -25. M.A. (Islamic Studies) Isl. Studies 200/- 30 07.05.201226. B.A. (Hons.) Islamic Studies Isl. Studies * 60 07.05.201227. Ph.D. Persian - - -28. M.A.(Persian) Persian 200/- 30 07.05.2012TABLE-ICOURSES OFFERED BY THE UNIVERSITY DURING THE ACADEMIC SESSION 2012-2013S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)6S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)29. B.A.(Hons.)Persian Persian * 60 07.05.201230. Adv. Diploma in Modern Persian Persian 200/- 20 07.05.201231. Adv. Diploma in Turkemenian Persian 200/- 10 07.05.201232. Diploma in Modern Persian Persian 200/- 40 07.05.201233. Diploma in Kazhaki Persian 200/- 20 07.05.201234. Diplomain Turkemenian Persian 200/- 10 07.05.201235. Diploma in Pashto Language Persian 200/- 10 07.05.201236. Certificate in Modern Persian Persian 200/- 40 07.05.201237. Certificate in Kazhaki Persian 200/- 20 07.05.201238. Certificatein Turkemenian Persian 200/- 10 07.05.201239. Certificate in Pashto Language Persian 200/- 10 07.05.201240. Ph.D. Urdu - - -41. M.Phil.(Urdu) Urdu 200/- 20 07.05.201242. M.A.(Urdu) Urdu 200/- 30 07.05.201243. B.A.(Hons.)Urdu Urdu * 60 07.05.201244. P.G. Diploma in Urdu Mass Media Urdu 200/- 30 07.05.201245. B. A. (Hons.) Hotel Management, Travel F/o Hum. & Lang. * 30 07.05.2012and Tourism(BHMTT)46. B.A. (Hons.) Turkish Language & F/o Hum. & Lang. * 20 07.05.2012Literature47. Diploma in Tourism & Travel Mgt. F/o Hum. & Lang. 200/- 30 07.05.201248. Certificate in Tourism & Travel Mgt. F/o Hum. & Lang 200/- 30 07.05.201249. Adv. Diploma in Turkish F/o Hum. & Lang 200/- 20 07.05.201250. Diploma in Turkish F/o Hum. & Lang 200/- 20 07.05.201251. Certificate in Turkish F/o Hum. & Lang 200/- 40 07.05.2012Faculty of Social Sciences52. B.A. F/o Soc. Sc. * 50 07.05.201253. Ph.D. Commerce - - -54. M.Com. (Business Mgt.) Commerce 200/- 30 07.05.201255. M.I.B. Commerce 200/- 65 07.05.201256. B.Com.(Hons.) Commerce * 50 07.05.201257. B.B.S. Commerce * 40 07.05.201258. Ph.D. Economics - - -759. M.A.(Economics) Economics 200/- 50 07.05.201260. B.A.(Hons.)Economics Economics * 50 07.05.201261. B.A. with Comp. Appl. (B.A.C.A.) Economics * 30 07.05.201262. Ph.D. Pol.Science - - -63. M.A.(PoliticalScience) Pol.Science 200/- 40 07.05.201264. M.A. (Human Rights & Duties Edu.) Pol.Science 200/- 20 07.05.201265. M.A.(Public Administration) Pol.Science 200/- 40 07.05.201266. B.A. (Hons.) Political Science Pol.Science * 40 07.05.201267. Ph.D. Psychology - - -68. M.A.(AppliedPsychology) Psychology 200/- 40 07.05.201269. B.A.(Hons.)Psychology Psychology * 40 07.05.201270. Advanced Diploma in Counsel. Psychology Psychology 200/- 20 07.05.201271. Ph.D. Social Work - - -72. M.A. (Social Work) Social Work 200/- 30 07.05.201273. M.A. (Human Resource Mgt.) Social Work 200/- 20 07.05.201274. B.A. (Hons.) Social Work Social Work * 20 07.05.201275. P.G. Diploma in Mgt. of NGOs. Social Work 200/- 50 07.05.201276. Ph.D. Sociology - - -77. M.A.(Sociology) Sociology 200/- 30 07.05.201278. B.A.(Hons.)Sociology Sociology * 40 07.05.201279. Ph. D. Adult & CEE - - -80. M.A. / M.Sc. Development Extension Adult & CEE 200/- 20 07.05.201281. B.Lib. & Information Science Lib. & Info. Sc. 200/- 40 07.05.2012Faculty of Natural Sciences82. B.Sc. F/o Nat. Sc. * 50 07.05.201283. Ph.D. Biosciences - - -84. M.Sc.Biosciences Biosciences 200/- 30 07.05.201285. M.Sc. Biochemistry (S.F.) Biosciences 200/- 30 07.05.201286. B.Sc.Biosciences Biosciences * 40 07.05.201287. Ph.D. Biotechnology - - -88. M.Sc. Biotechnology (S.F.) Biotechnology 200/- 30 07.05.201289. B.Sc.Biotechnology Biotechnology * 30 07.05.201290. Ph.D. Chemistry - - -S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)891. M.Sc. Chemistry Chemistry 200/- 40 07.05.201292. B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry Chemistry * 40 07.05.201293. Ph.D. Comp. Sc. - - -94. M.Sc. Bioinformatics (S.F.) Comp. Sc. 200/- 40 07.05.201295. M.C.A. Comp. Sc. * 50 07.05.201296. P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications Comp. Sc. * 30 07.05.201297. Ph.D. Geography - - -98. M.A./ M. Sc. Geography Geography 200/- 30 07.05.201299. B.A./B.Sc.(Hons.)Geography Geography * 60 07.05.2012100. P.G. Diploma in Digital Cartography Geography * 20 07.05.2012101. P.G. Diploma in Remote Sensing Geography * 20 07.05.2012& GIS Applications102. Ph.D. Mathematics - - -103. M.Sc.Tech. (Industrial Math. With Mathematics 200/- 30 07.05.2012Computer Application)(S.F.)104. M.Sc. Math. with Computer Science Mathematics 200/- 40 07.05.2012105. M.A./ M. Sc. Mathematics (S.F.) Mathematics 200/- 40 07.05.2012106. B.Sc.(Hons.)Mathematics Mathematics * 40 07.05.2012107. B.A.(Hons.)Mathematics Mathematics * 30 07.05.2012108. Ph.D. Physics - - -109. M.Sc.Physics Physics 200/- 40 07.05.2012110. B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics Physics * 40 07.05.2012111. B.Sc.Instrumentation(Voc.) Physics * 20 07.05.2012Faculty of Education112. Ph.D. Edl.Studies - - -113. M.Phil. in Education Edl. Studies 200/- 10 15.06.2012114. M.A. (Edl. Planning & Admin.) Edl.Studies 200/- 10 15.06.2012115. M.Ed. Edl.Studies 200/- 25 15.06.2012116. M.Ed.(ElementaryEducation) Edl.Studies 200/- 20 15.06.2012117. P.G. Diploma in Edl. Mgt. (S.F.) Edl.Studies 200/- 10 15.06.2012118. Ph.D. TTNFE(IASE) - - -119. M.A.(Education) TTNFE(IASE) 200/- 15 25.06.2012S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)9120. M.Ed.(SpecialEducation) TTNFE(IASE) 200/- 15 25.06.2012121. B.Ed. TTNFE(IASE) 500/- 200 17.05.2012122. B.Ed.(NurseryEducation) TTNFE(IASE) 200/- 30 25.06.2012123. B.Ed.(SpecialEducation) TTNFE(IASE) 200/- 30 25.06.2012124. Diploma in ETE TTNFE(IASE) 500/- 100 10.05.2012Faculty of Engineering & Technology125. Ph.D. ( Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Respective - - -Electronics & Communication / Computer DepartmentsEngg. / Applied Sc. & Humanities126. M.Sc.Electronics AppliedScience 550/- # 30 30.04.2012& Humanities127. M.Tech. in Environmental Science & CivilEngineering 550/- # 15 30.04.2012Engineering (Part-Time)128. M. Tech. in Earthquake Engineering CivilEngineering 550/-# 18 30.04.2012129. M.Tech.inMechanicalEngineering Mechanical 550/- # 18 30.04.2012(MachineDesign, ThermalEngg., EngineeringProduction and Industrial Engg.)130. M.Tech. (Electrical Power System & ElectricalEngg. 550/- # 15 30.04.2012Management)131. M.Tech. (Control & Instrumentation System ElectricalEngg. 550/- # 18 30.04.2012132. B.Tech.(Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/ Respective 550/- # 350 30.04.2012Electronics&Communication/Computer) Departments(70 each)133. B.E. (Civil/Mech./Elect./ Electronics & Respective 550/- # 350 15.10.2012Communication/Computer)(Evening) Departments(70 each)134. Diploma Engg. (Civil / Computer / University 550/- # 300 30.04.2012Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical(Regular) Polytechnic (60 each)135. Diploma Engg. (Civil / Computer / Universtiy 550/- # 300 15.10.2012Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical(Evening) Polytechnic (60 each)Faculty of Law136. Ph.D. Law - - -137. LL.M Law 200/- 20 18.05.2012138. B.A. LL.B (Hons.) Law 200/- 80 18.05.2012S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)10Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics139. Ph.D. Architecture - - -140. M. Arch. (Pedagogy/Medical Architecture / Architecture 500/- 60 11.06.2012BuildingServices/RecreationalArchitecture/UrbanRegeneration141. M. Ekistics Architecture 500/- 20 11.062012142. B. Arch. Architecture 500/- 40 10.05.2012143. B. Arch. (Self-Financing) Architecture 500/- 40 10.05.2012Faculty of Fine Arts144. MFAPainting/Sculpture/Applied Art/ Fine Arts 200/- 08 (in 15.06.2012ArtEducation/Graphic Art eachcourse)145. MFA Art Art History & Art Appreciation Fine Arts 200/- 10 15.06.2012146. BFA Applied Art Applied Art 200/- 30 15.06.2012147. BFA Painting Painting 200/- 20 15.06.2012148. BFASculpture Sculpture 200/- 10 15.06.2012149. BFA Art Education ArtEducation 200/- 20 15.06.2012150. Certificate in Commercial Art/ Applied Art 200/- 20 each 15.06.2012Photography151. Certificate in Calligraphy Applied Art 200/- 10 15.06.2012152. Diploma in Sculpture Sculpture 200/- 10 15.06.2012153. Certificate in Sculpture Sculpture 200/- 10 15.06.2012154. Certificate in Painting Painting 200/- 20 15.06.2012Faculty of Dentistry155. Bachelor of Dental Surgery Dentistry 500/- 50 01.05.2012A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre156. Ph.D. AJK-MCRC - - -157. M.A. in Mass Communication AJK-MCRC 500/- 50 03.05.2012158. M.A. in Convergent Journalism AJK-MCRC 500/- 20 03.05.2012159. P.G. Diploma in Development Communication AJK-MCRC 500/- 40 03.05.2012160. P.G. Diploma in Broadcast Technology AJK-MCRC 500/- 20 03.05.2012161. P.G. Diploma in Still Photography & AJK-MCRC 500/- 20 03.05.2012VisualCommunication162. P.G. Diploma in Graphics & Animation AJK-MCRC 500/- 20 03.05.2012163. P.G. Diploma in Acting AJK-MCRC 500/- 20 03.05.2012S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)11M.M. Ali Jauhar Academy of International Studies164. Ph.D. MMAJ-AIS - - -165. M.Phil. MMAJ- AIS 200/- 20 07.05.2012166. Diploma in Uzbek MMAJ- AIS 200/- 10 07.05.2012167. Certificate in Uzbek MMAJ- AIS 200/- 20 07.05.2012Centre for Management Studies168. Ph.D. CMS - - -169. M.B.A.(Full-Time) CMS 500/- 60 19.05.2012170. M.B.A.(Evening) CMS 500/- 70 19.05.2012Centre for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences171. Ph. D. CPRS - - -172. Master in Physiotherapy (MPT Sports) CPRS 200/- 10 07.06.2012173. Bachelor of Physiotherapy CPRS 200/- 40 07.06.2012Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences174. Ph.D. CIRBS - - -Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace & Conflict Resolution175. Ph.D. NM-CPCR - - -176. M.A. in Conflict Analysis & Peace Building NM-CPCR * 40 07.05.2012Centre for Study of Comparative Religions & Civilisatons177. Ph. D. CSCRC - - -178. M. Phil. CSCRC 200/- 20 07.05.2012179. M.A. in Comparative Religions CSCRC * 30 07.05.2012Dr. K.R. Narayanan Centre for Dalit & Minorities Studies180. Ph. D. KRN-CDMS - - -181. M.A. in Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy KRN-CDMS * 30 07.05.2012Centre for Spanish & Latin American Studies182. M. Phil. in European Stud/Latin American Studies CSLAS 200/- 10 07.05.2012183. Adv. Diploma in Spanish CSLAS 200/- 30 07.05.2012184. Adv. Diploma in Portuguese CSLAS 200/- 20 07.05.2012185. Adv. Diploma in French CSLAS 200/- 30 07.05.2012186. Adv. Diploma in Russian CSLAS 200/- 10 07.05.2012187. Adv. Diploma in Italian CSLAS 200/- 30 07.05.2012S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)12S. No. Course Department/ Application Seats/ LastDateCentre Fee(Rs.) Intake for Sub-(Including mission ofEntrance ApplicationTest Fee & cost FormofProspectus)188. Diploma in Spanish CSLAS 200/- 40 07.05.2012189. DiplomainPortuguese CSLAS 200/- 20 07.05.2012190. Diploma in French CSLAS 200/- 40 07.05.2012191. Diploma in Russian CSLAS 200/- 20 07.05.2012192. Diploma in Italian CSLAS 200/- 30 07.05.2012193. Diploma in Catalan CSLAS 200/- 20 07.05.2012194. Certificate in Spanish CELAS 200/- 50 07.05.2012195. CertificateinPortuguese CELAS 200/- 30 07.05.2012196. Certificate in French CELAS 200/- 50 07.05.2012197. Certificate in Russian CELAS 200/- 30 07.05.2012198. Certificate in Italian CELAS 200/- 40 07.05.2012199. Certificate in Catalan CELAS 200/- 20 07.05.2012Centre for West Asian Studies200. Ph.D. CWAS - - -201. M. Phil. CWAS 200/- 20 07.05.2012Centre for Jawaharlal Nehru Studies202. Ph.D. CJNS - - -203. M.Phil. in Development Studies CJNS 200/- 10 07.05.2012Centre for Culture, Media & Governance204. Ph.D. CCMG - - -205. M.A. in Media Governance CCMG * 30 07.05.2012India Arab Cultural Centre206. Ph.D. IACC - - -207. P.G. Diploma in Iranology (Part-Time) IACC 200/- 20 07.05.2012Centre for Early Childhood Development & Research208. M.A. in Early Childhood Development CECDR * 20 07.05.2012Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology209 Ph.D. CN&N 210. M. Tech. (Nanotechnology) (S.F.) CN&N 200/- 20 07.05.2012 NOTE: * For Appplication Fee, refer to Para 3 (7) above.# Rs 650/- for downloaded Form for courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering & Technology.** Refer to Para-52 Fee Structure & Para 53 for Schedule of Admission (2012 13) of all coursesof the University.134.1. How to obtain Application Forms :1. Candidatesseekingadmissiontoanycourse(except Ph.D. programme) at Jamia Millia Islamiaduringtheacademicsession2012-2013mayobtain the prescribed Application Form along withtheProspectusfromtheUniversityCounteratJamia Millia Islamia on cash payment (Inclusiveof Entrance Test fee) as shown in Table-I (underthe column Application Fee).2. The ApplicationFormmayalsobedownloadedfromtheofficialwebsiteofJamiahttp://www.jmi.ac.inandsubmittedalongwiththeprescribedfeeasmentionedabove.Photocopiesof web down loaded Application Forms will notbe acceptable. Only web down loaded ApplicationFormswiththeincriptionJMI-WDAF-2012will be accepted.3. The ApplicationFormandProspectusmayalsobeobtainedthroughpostbysendingcrossedDemand Draft of an amount as shown in Table-I(underthecolumnApplicationFee)drawninfavour of Jamia Millia Islamia payable at Delhi/NewDelhialongwithaself-addressedenvelopof 30x25 c.m. size affixing postage stamps worthRs.150/- clearly indicating the name of the coursefor which the Application Form is required. Therequest for sending a set of Application Form andprospectus should be addressed to the Registrar,Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi -110025.4. The cost of Prospectus along with the ApplicationForm for each course includes the Entrance TestFee.Nootherfeeisrequiredtobesubmittedatthe time of submission of the Application Form.4.2. SubmissionofApplicationFormsforPh.D. programmeApplication form along with the general guidelines foradmissiontoPh.D.ProgrammemaybedownloadedfromtheJamiaswebsiteathttp://www.jmi.ac.in.ThedulyfilledupapplicationformalongwithademanddraftofRs.1000/-drawninfavourofJamiaMilliaIslamiaistobesubmittedintheofficeofconcernedDepartmentofstudies/Faculty/Centre.4.GUIDELINES FORADMISSION4.3. Submission of Application Form(i) Application on prescribed form completed in allrespects for all courses should be submitted eitherin person or by post, in the office of the respectiveFaculty/Department/Centre on or before last dateofsubmissionofapplicationform.Admissionformswillbeacceptedbetween09:00a.m.to04:00p.m.(exceptlunchhours)onallworkingdays. The Jamia remains closed on Saturday andSundaybesidestheholidaysrecognisedbytheJamia.(ii) Payment of fee by cheque/ IPO/ MO shall notbeaccepted.(iii) Demand Drafts drawn in favour of Jamia MilliaIslamiapayableonlyatDelhi/NewDelhibranches will be accepted.(iv) TheApplicationFeeisnon-refundableandnocorrespondence on this subject will be entertained.(v) Threerecent(passportsize)coloredphotographsdulyself-attestedshouldbeaffixedontheapplicationformandcoveredwithtransparenttape. Theapplicationformswithdifferentphotographsareliabletoberejected.Thesephotographsaretobepastedwith gum and should not be stapled or pinned.Xeroxcopiesofphotographsarenotacceptable.Note:ApplicantsforcoursesofferedbyFacultyofEngineering&Technologyshouldrefertopara20.8 for further instructions.(vi) Candidates are required to fill an application formin his/her own handwriting. If a candidate submitsmorethanoneapplicationformforthesamecourse, his/ her candidature is liable to be rejected.(vii) TheapplicantsoftheB.Tech.,DiplomaEngineering(Regular/Evening),M.Tech.Mechanical Engineering, M. Arch. and M. Sc.Chemistry Courses should give their choice ofthe branch /specialization in the respective box/ovalasprovidedinthe ApplicationFormforAdmission. The choice or order of preference14aboutvariousbranchesasfilledbytheapplicant in the Application form for admissionshallbetreatedasfinalexceptforvariouscoursesofFacultyofEngineering&Technology.(viii) Application Form must be filled in and duly signedby the applicant.(ix) Theapplicantstoallcoursesundervariousreservedcategoriesmustsubmitattestedphotocopies of the certificate of verification ofthe reserved category issued by the competentauthority,alongwiththeapplicationforms.(x) Incomplete application form (s) shall be summarilyrejected.(xi) Candidates whose results have not been declared,mayalsoapplyforadmissionprovidedtheyproducetheresult/certificateofthequalifyingexaminationatthetimeofadmissionasperthelist in which the name of the student figures. Anysubsequent production of result/ certificate of thequalifyingexaminationshallnotbeconsidered.However,incaseofMastersdegreecoursesofthe Faculty of Engineering & Technology, pleasesee para 20.3 (iv).(xii) The last dates for acceptance of application formsfor each of the courses is shown in Table- I and II(Para-53)ADMISSIONSCHEDULEOFCOURSESOFFEREDBYTHEUNIVERSITYDURINGTHEACADEMICSESSION2012-2013 of the Prospectus.(xiii) Itmustbenotedthat ApplicationFormswillalsobeacceptedbyMail/CourierattheconcernedFaculty/Department/Centre(asshowninTable-I)only,uptothelastdateofacceptanceofforms,asspecifiedintheAdmission Schedule. Any form received by anymeanssayRegisteredPost,SpeedPostorbyCourier Services, after the last date, as specifiedin the Admission Schedule shall be rejected.4.4. Entrance Test Details / AdmissionProcedure(i) AdmissiontoallcoursesofJamia,exceptthecourses offered by the Faculty of Engineering &Technology/Architecture&Ekistics/Dentistrywould be done through a written test (85%) andinterview(15%),whereastheadmissiontothecourses offered by the Faculty of Engineering &Technology/Architecture&Ekistics/Dentistryshallbedonethroughthemeritdeterminedonthe basis of an Entrance Tests only, which will beheldatvariouscentresinDelhi/NCR.TheSchedule of Admission is given at Table-II (Para-53) ADMISSION SCHEDULE OF COURSESOFFEREDBYTHEUNIVERSITYDURINGTHE ACADEMIC SESSION 2012-2013 of theProspectus.(ii) AllcandidatesseekingadmissioninvariouscoursesofferedbyJamia,includingcandidatesforreservedseats,arerequiredtoappearintheEntranceTestinaccordancewiththeadmissionscheduleshowninTable-II(Para-53).Thecandidates who qualify the Entrance Test, exceptthosewhoareseekingadmissioninthecoursesofferedbytheFacultyofEngineering&Technology,FacultyofArchitecture&Ekisticsand Faculty of Dentistry, will also be required toappearfortheinterviewasperAdmissionSchedule.Noinformationwillbesenttotheindividualcandidates.(iii) Personsaccompanyingthecandidatesarenotallowed to enter the Examination Centres.(iv) Only those candidates who possess a valid AdmitCard for Entrance Test shall be permitted to takethe Entrance Test.(v) ThelistofthecandidatesselectedforinterviewshallbedisplayedinascendingorderoftheirEntrance Test Roll No. The lists will be put up ontheNoticeBoardoftheFaculty/Department/CentreconcernedaswellasontheJamiaswebsiteonthedatesgivenintheadmissionschedule.(vi) Thelistsofprovisionallyselectedcandidatesaswellasofthosewhoareonthewaitinglist,foradmissionwillbeputontheNoticeBoardsofthe Faculty/ Department/ Centre concerned as wellasJamiaswebsiteonthedatesgivenintheschedule.www.jmi.ac.inPROSPECTUS2012-2013 15(vii) Inallcourses,exceptthecoursesofferedbytheFaculty of Engineering & Technology, Architecture& Ekistics and Faculty of Dentistry, the admissionwill be made on the basis of merit determined bythe aggregate of marks in written test and interviewas per weightage given below: EntranceTest : 85% Interview : 15% The admission to the courses offered by theFacultyofEngineering&Technology/Architecture&Ekistics/Dentistryshallbedonethroughthemeritdeterminedonthebasis of an Entrance Test. For further detailsplease refer to Para 20, 22 and 24. IncaseofM.A.SocialWork/HRM/MIB:Interview 10% and group discussion 5%.(viii) CandidatescancollecttheiradmitcardfortheEntranceTestinpersonwhilesubmittingtheapplicationform.Thosewhowishtoreceivethesame by post may send a self-addressed and dulystamped (amount Rs. 25/- ) envelope (22 cm x 30cm)withtheapplicationform.However,theUniversity shall not be responsible for any postaldelays or loss during transit. If the admit card islost or not received in time, the candidate maycontacttheofficeoftheconcernedDepartment/Centre/Facultyalongwithtworecent(passportsize)selfattestedcolorphotographs, similar to those pasted/affixed onthe ApplicationForms,andthereceiptissuedbythepostofficeforhavingdispatchedtheapplicationform,forgettingduplicateAdmitCard,atleastone-dayinadvanceofthedateofEntranceTest.ForcoursesofferedbytheFacultyofEngineering&TechnologyandDentistry,theAdmitCards/HallTicketswillbesenttothecandidates by post. Please also see 20.3.(iii) and(24)forotherinformationrelatingtoAdmitCards.(ix) Thenumberofcandidates,calledforinterviewshallbegenerallythreetimesthetotalnumberof seats in the course concerned provided that theyhavesecuredatleast33%marksintheEntranceTestatundergraduateanddiplomacoursesand36%marksinpostgraduatecoursesotherthanBDS and B. Arch. In case of B. Arch. 40% marksof PCM and Aptitude Test will be considered. Incase of BDS candidates obtaining less than 50%marksforallcategoriesoftheapplicantsintheEntrance Test will not be eligible for admission. IncaseofcandidatesselectedforadmissiontothecoursesofferedbytheFacultyofEngineering&Technology,Architecture&EkisticsandFacultyofDentistry,theyarerequiredtobringAdmitCardsissuedforEntrance Test at the time of admission.(x) Forallothercourses,candidatesselectedforinterview are required to bring their Admit Cardsissued for Entrance Test and attested true copiesofthefollowingdocuments,alongwiththeoriginal at the time of interview: Proofofpassingthequalifyingexaminationtogetherwiththemarkssheetinaccordancewith the eligibility requirements for admissionas mentioned in this prospectus. ProofofagebasedonthecertificateofHighSchool/SecondarySchooloranequivalentexamination. CharacterCertificatefromtheinstitutionlastattended. ExperienceCertificateforcandidatesofEvening/ParttimeCourses.Self-employedcandidates shall provide authentic evidence insupport of their self employment. Proofofentitlementforaparticularreservedcategory issued by the competent authority.* No objection Certificate from present employerfor candidates of Evening/Part-time courses orsponsoredcandidates. CertificatefromanM.B.B.S.doctororagovernmenthospitalcertifyingbloodgroup(after final selection of the candidate). In case an intervening /gap period is involved,an year wise certificate/ affidavit from Class 1Gazetted Officer/ Notary Public for the entire*ForMuslim,MuslimWoman,MuslimOBC/ST,theprescribedformatofaffidavitmaybedownloadedfromtheJamiaswebsite,whichshallbesubmittedalongwiththeApplicationForm.(ExceptforcoursesinF/oEngg.&Technology in which case affidavit will be required at the time of admisiion).16intervening /gap period showing candidates preoccupation and non indulgence in any criminalactivitiesafterleavingtheInstitutionlastattended will be required. Proof of permanent address as declared in theApplication Form with the name of the PoliceStation and the District.(xi) Itisthesoleresponsibilityofthecandidatetoensurehis/hereligibilitybeforeapplyingforadmission to a particular course. No claim of anysort in this matter shall be entertained.(xii) The Syllabus for the Entrance Test can be seen onthe Jamias website.(xiii) Applicants are advised to read all the instructionsgiven in the Prospectus carefully before filling upthe Application Form.5. RULES RELATING TOADMISSION1. AdmissiontoallcoursesshallbesubjecttotheprovisionoftheAct,Stuatutes,Ordinances,RegulationsandtherelevantresolutionsoftheAcademic Council / Executive Council of Jamia.2. AdmissionofcandidatestoallCoursesshallbesubjecttoclearancefromtheProctorialDepartment of Jamia Millia Islamia.3. List of selected candidates shall be displayed ontheNoticeBoardoftheFaculty/Department/CentreconcernedaswellasontheJamiaswebsite. No intimation to the selected candidateswillbesentbypost.Thecandidatesshallberequired to get their admission completed by thedate given in the Admission Schedule referred inTable II (Para 53).4. All the candidates are required to submit TransferCertificate/Migration Certificate in original within60 days from the date of admission, failing whichtheadmissionofthestudentisliabletobecancelled.5. Ifacandidatefailstocompletetheadmissionformalities by the prescribed date, he/she willautomatically forfeit his/her right of admission.6. Admission of a candidate may be cancelled at anytime, if any information furnished by the candidateat the time of admission is found to be incorrector that the candidate has been wrongly admitteddue to any reason.7. Theadmissionofacandidatewillnotbecompletedunlesshe/shehasanIdentityCardissued by the Proctors Office. Admission is liabletobecancelled,ifastudentdoesnothaveanIdentity Card issued and entered in the ProctorsOffice register within the stipulated time.8. NocandidatewillbeallowedtotakeupajobwhilepursuingafulltimeCourse.Those,whoareemployedatthetimeofadmission,willberequiredtoproduceacertificateofleavefromtheir employer within one month from the date ofadmissionfailingwhichtheiradmissionwillbecancelled.9. No candidate, studying a regular full time Coursein Jamia will be allowed to take any other regularexamination,exceptcoursesunderCareerOrientedProgrammesofUGC,simultaneouslyeitherfromJamiaoranyotherUniversity/Institution etc.10. A student of the 1st Year/1st Semester of any coursewho is detained due to shortage of attendance willno longer remain a student of the University. Suchastudentwillhavetoseekfreshadmissionandwill be required to go through the entire admissionprocess.ProvidedthatastudentofIstYear/IstSemester of any course who fails in the Annual/Semester-end Examination or who could not taketheexaminationforreasonsotherthanshortageof attendance, will not be re-admitted. However,he/she may be allowed to appear as an Ex-StudentintheconsecutiveAnnual/IstSemester-endExamination.11. A student of other than Ist Year/Ist Semester, whohas not taken the examination due to shortage ofattendance, may be given re-admission in the saidclass of that course in the next consecutive Year/Semester.Incase,thestudentfailstofulfilltherequirementofattendanceafterbeinggivenre-admission,his/heradmissionshallstandcancelled.1712. Allstudentsofundergraduate/post-graduatecourses,otherthanfreshstudentsofIstyear/previousyear,mustcompletetheirre-admissionformalities within 15 days of the commencementoftheacademicsessionorbythelastdateannounced for the purpose.13. Acandidate,whohastakenadmissiontoanyCourse as a full time regular student will forfeithis right as an ex-student in Jamia and will not beallowedtoappearinanyExaminationofJamiaasanex-student,exceptinthecaseofimprovement.14. Candidate seeking admission for regular coursesafter a gap of three or more academic years aftertakingCertificate/Diploma/Degree/Post-GraduateDegree,maybeconsideredforadmission by the Admission Review CommitteeconsistingoftheShaikh-ul-Jamia(Vice-Chancellor),theDean,StudentsWelfare,theDeanoftheFacultyconcerned,theHeadoftheDepartment concerned, and the Proctor.15. Theadmissiontoallcourseswillbegrantedtoonlythoseapplicantswhoseresultofthequalifying examinations is complete in all respectbythelastdateofadmissionasperthelistinwhichthenameofapplicantfigures.ThecandidatesoftheFacultyofDentistrymustproducetheirresults/markssheetatthetimeofadmission.16. Re-admission:Forgeneralrulesregardingre-admissionrefertoStudentsHandbook20122013.17. JamiaMilliaIslamiarecognizestheapproveddegreesofallcentraluniversities,stateuniversities,institutionsofnationalimportanceandreputedforeignuniversities,providedthattheirequivalencehasbeenestablishedbytheAssociation of Indian Universities (AIU). Besides,theuniversityalsorecognizescertainqualifications from the reputed madrasas as well,thedetailsofwhicharegiveninpara54oftheprospectus.18. Astudentsshallnotordinarilybeallowedtochangetheoptional/subsidiarysubjects(s)ofacourse,unlessthesameisappliedforandpermittedwithinfourweeksfromthedateofadmission. Such applications should be submittedto the Dean, of the Faculty within the consent ofthe Heads of the Department (s) concerned.19. TheverificationprocessofstudentsadmittedinvariouscoursesoftheUniversityshallbedone by the office of the Dean of the concernedFaculty/Centreaftercompletingadmissionprocessandincaseanydiscrepancy,appropriatepolice/criminalactionshallbetaken against the erring students.6. RESERVATION OF SEATS6.1 GeneralGidelines:(i) Seatsinvariouscoursesshallbereservedorspecial provisions be made for certain categoriesofcandidates,andproceduretobeadoptedforpurpose of admission as per details given beloworasmaybedecidedformtimetotimebytheMajlis-i-Talimi(AcademicCouncil).(ii) Candidates seeking admission under the reservedcategoriesshallberequiredtofulfilltheprescribed admission requirement of the course.(iii) Therelaxationintheminimumprescribedpercentage of marks in the qualifying examinationfor admission to a course shall be permissible onlyin one of the categories.(iv) Ifacandidateinthereservedcategoryqualifiesfor admission in the general category he/she shallbe transferred to the general category.(v) Therelaxationofmarksasgiveninpara7.2(a) and 7.3 below will not be applicable to thecandidatesapplyingforadmissiontothecourses offered by the Faculty of Architecture&Ekistics,Engineering&Technology,Dentistryandthepart-time/eveningcourses.6.2. MuslimMinority:6.2.1 Vide Judgment dated 22.2.2011 in Case No. 1443of2006(alongwithconnectedpetitions),theJamia Millia Islamia, has been declared a MinorityEducational Institution under Article 30 (1) of the18constitutionofIndiareadwithSection2(g)oftheNationalCommissionforMinorityEducational Institutions Act by the Commission.Asaconsequencethereof,theUniversityshallprovide for the following reservations:i) 30%ofthetotalnumberofseatsineachcourseshallbeearmarkedfortheapplicantswhoareMuslims.ii) 10%ofthetotalnumberofseatsineachcourseshall be earmarked for the Women applicants whoare Muslims.iii) 10%ofthetotalnumberofseatsineachcourseshallbeearmarkedfortheapplicantsofOtherBackward Classes (OBCs) and Scheduled TribeswhoareMuslims,asperthelistnotifiedbytheCentralGovernment.Note: The reservation for Muslim OBC candidates willonly be applicable to the candidates belonging toNon-CreamyLayer.AllsuchapplicantsarerequiredtosubmitOBC(CentralGovernmentList) certificate from the competent authority, copyofwhichisavailableonhttp://ncbc.nic.in/backwardclasses/index.html.6.2.2 Forpurposesofclarification,asandwhenseatsarevacantinanycoursefromamongstthe10%of the total number of seats earmarked as per Para6.2.1(ii)and(iii)above,suchvacantseatsshallstand transferred to the category of general Muslimapplicants,asenvisagedinpara6.2.1(i)ofthisOrdinance.6.3. Persons with Disabilities:3%seatsinallcourseswillbereservedforphysicallychallenged persons in accordance with the Persons withDisabilities(EqualOpportunities,ProtectionofRightsand Full Participation) Act 1995. Candidates under thiscategorywillbegivenrelaxationtotheextentof5%marks in the qualifying examination. Provided that onlysuch persons would be considered for admission underthis category who are suffering from not less than 40%ofaphysicaldisabilityascertifiedbyacompetentmedicalauthority.Itisclarifiedthatthemaximumprescribedperiod(s)for passing the examination of a course shall be extendedby two years in case of Physically Challenged Persons.However,inexceptionalcases,theShaikhulJamia(Vice-Chancellor)mayfurtherextendthesaidperiodby one year.6.4. Internal (Jamia) Students:5%seatsinallUndergraduate/Diplomacoursesshallbe filled by internal students of Jamia who have passedtheir qualifying examination from the Jamia Schools asaregularstudent,subjecttotheconditionthatsuchapplicants must have been on the rolls of the School (s)for a continuous period of five years;Provided that the qualifying condition of five years onthe rolls of Jamia School (s), as envisaged in Para 3.0herein above, shall not apply to the students who havesecured admissions in the said schools prior to the dateof Notification of this Ordinance.ProvidedfurtherthatapplicantsundertheInternal(Jamia) category must fulfill the minimum requirementsspecifiedforthecourse,andqualifytheprescribedEntrance Test (s).Note: StudentspermittedtoappearinvariousexaminationsofJamiaasPrivateCandidates/DistanceMode, shall not be entitled for consideration under theInternal (Jamia) category.7. SPECIAL PROVISIONS FORADMISSIONS7.1. OutstandingPlayers(a) A specified number of seats, over and above thesanctionedstrength,inboththeunder-graduateand post-graduate courses, may be earmarked bytheMajlis-i-Talimi(AcademicCouncil)foradmissionofoutstandingplayersandsportspersons, who have represented their Universities/Region/State, provided that they have passed thequalifyingexamination.(b) There shall be no such provision for admission tooutstandingsportspersonsincoursesintheFacultyofEngineering&Technology,Architecture&Ekistics,Dentistry,andinsuchothercoursesastheprescribedbytheMajlis-i-Talimi (Academic Council) from time to time.19(c) SuchcandidateswillbenominatedbytheShaikhul Jamia (Vice-Chancellor) over and abovetheseatsallottedtoeachcourse,ontherecommendationoftheGamesandSportsCommittee.7.2. N.C.C. Cadets(a) Relaxationtotheextentof5%ofmarksintheaggregate or in subject concerned, as the case maybe,willbegiventoN.C.C.cadetshavingthefollowing N.C.C. Certificates for admission to allCourses(excluding,part-time/eveningcourses). AorBCertificateforadmissiontoundergraduatecourses.C Certificate for admission to postgraduatecourses.(b) StudentsadmittedonthebasisofN.C.C.shallhavetocontinueintheN.C.C.atleastforoneyear.(c) TherelaxationofmarksonthebasisofN.C.C.Certificateshallbepermissibleonlyontheproduction of concerned certificate duly verifiedby the N.C.C. Officer of the Jamia.7.3. N.S.S.VolunteersN.S.S.Volunteers,whohaveattendedtwo10daysSpecialCampsandoneNationalIntegrationCamporRepublicDayCampmaybeprovidedarelaxationof2%marksintheaggregateorinsubjectconcernedasthe case may be, for admission to all Courses. Relaxationof marks given on the basis of N.S.S. certificates shallbe permissible on the production of relevant certificatesduly verified by the N.S.S. Programme Coordinator ofthe Jamia.7.4. Urdu Medium Candidates:(a) AspecifiednumberofseatsinUrdumediumsections in B. Ed., B.Ed. Nursery, B. Ed. SpecialEducation,DiplomainElementaryTeacherEducationandBFAinArtEducationmaybeprovidedtoprepareteachersforUrdumediumSchools.(b) The candidates applying for admissions in Urdumedium section should have passed High Schoolwith Urdu as an optional subject.7.5. KashmiriMigrants:(a) Kashmiri migrants need to apply and go throughthecompleteprocessofadmission.Theiradmission will be considered over and above thetotal number of seats but not exceeding one seatintechnical/professionalcoursesandinothercoursesnotexceeding5%ofthetotalseatsinacourse.(b) The candidates seeking concession in admissionunderthiscategorywillberequiredtosubmitcertificatesinsupportoftheirclaimofbeingKashmiri migrants obtainable from the registeredDivisionalCommissioner,Govt.NCTofDelhi,NewDelhi.8. IDENTITY CARDTheadmissionofacandidatewillnotbecompletedunless he/she has an Identity Card issued by the ProctorsOffice.Theadmissionisliabletobecancelled,ifastudentdoesnothaveanIdentityCardissuedandenteredintheProctorsOfficeRegisterwithinamonth of admission.9. HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION1. Limited Hostel Accommodation for the studentsexists at present.2. The students desirous to be admitted in the hostelsshould contact Provost, Halls of Residence Boys/Girls, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.3. Students allotted hostels are required to pay feesand other hostel charges, the details of which areprovided in the Hostel Bye-laws and notificationsissued from time to time, which may be obtainedfrom the Office of the Provost (Boys/Girls) againstpayment of prescribed cost.4. Nohostelfacilityisavailableforpart-time/evening, distance mode and private candidates ofany Course.2010. ATTENDANCEStudents shall be required to be regular in their classesand attend not less than 75% of the aggregate of lectures/tutorials/practicalsofallcompulsory/optional/honoursand subsidiary subjects in order to be eligible to appearintheexaminations.ForfurtherdetailspleaseseeStudents Handbook, 2012 - 13.11. STUDENTS DISCIPLINEEvery student of Jamia shall maintain discipline whichincludestheobservanceofgoodconductandorderlybehaviour by the students of the University. For furtherdetails please see Students Handbook, 2012 - 13.11.1. Rules and regulations regarding Care ofEquipment:Equipment is an important resource of the University. Itishighlyexpensiveandhardtoreplace.Forfurtherdetails and rules for the issue, handling & care and returnofequipmentsetc.,refertoStudentHandbook2012-2013.12. DR. ZAKIR HUSAINLIBRARYDr.ZakirHusainLibraryistheCentralLibraryoftheUniversity.TheLibraryhasarichcollectionofabout3.50lacbooks,microfilms,periodicalvolumes,manuscripts and rare books.The library subscribes to450printjournalsandprovidesaccesstoabout6,000full-texte-journalsonSciences,SocialSciences, Arts,Humanities,IslamicStudies,Law,EngineeringandTechnology through 26 major e-databases. Besides, thereare specialized subject collections in some Faculty andCentreLibraries.The library has online catalogue of its collections, andprovidesautomatedcirculation.Thelibraryprovidesinter-libraryloanservices,andisamemberofDelnet,Inflibnet, British Library and American Centre Libraries.ThelibrarysDigitalResourceCentreprovidesaccessto the e-journals, e-thesis (Jamia) and other e-resources.ThelibraryfacilitiesareopentoallbonafidestudentsofJamia.Thestudentsareadvisedtoenrollformembership and obtain bar-coded library cards.13. FINANCIAL SUPPORTSYSTEMThe University offers a number of scholarships, both toundergraduate and postgraduate students. Most of thesescholarships are merit based. However, support is alsoavailable to students belonging to economically weakersections of the society through the Students Aid Fund.The office of the Dean, Students Welfare also processesvarious scholarships instituted by state governments forstudents belonging to Scheduled Castes and ScheduledTribes as well as those instituted by Private Trusts andFoundations.Furtherdetailsofthesescholarshipsareavailable on the university website as also with the officeof the Dean, Students Welfare. The students of distancemodeandpart-timecoursesarenoteligibleforScholarships/ Aid Fund.14. GENERAL RULESREGARDING FEES ANDACCOUNTS(i) Fees shall be accepted by the bankers of the Jamiaincashandnotbycheques.DemandDraftwillbeacceptedbytheCashSection,Finance&AccountsOffice,JMI.(ii) Allfeesarepayableinlumpsumatthetimeofadmission. Course-wise Fees is shown at Para 52.(iii) Partpaymentisnotallowedexceptinthosecourses,whichhavenotifiedthisfacilityintheprospectus.(iv) After completing all admission formalities for 1styear, if a student changes his/her course of studies,fullfeeforthenewcourseshallbepaidbythestudentbytheprescribeddateofnewcourse,however the deposited full fee of old course mayberefunded.(v) Incaseofcancellationofadmissionwithinamonth,allchargesexceptadmissionfeewillberefunded.However,incaseofself-financingcourses, 80% of the fees will be refunded.In othercases, the fees except caution money shall not berefunded/adjusted/carriedoverinany21circumstances. No correspondence in this regardwill be entertained. (No Fee refund is permissiblein B. Lib. & Information Science (BLIS) course.)(vi) If a student does not claim the refund of his/hercreditbalancewithinoneyearofleavingtheJamia, the amount standing to his/her credit shallbe credited to the Central Scholarship Fund.(vii) TheCautionMoneywillberefundedonlyafterexamination results are announced. If it remainsunclaimed for more than one year from the dateofannouncementoftheresult,itshallnotberefundedandshallbecreditedtotheCentralScholarshipFund.(viii) StudentsadmittedtothePart-time/EveningCoursesofAdvancedDiploma,DiplomaandCertificateinadditiontofull-timecourseoftheJamia shall be charged the following fees.a) Tuition Feeb) Admission Feec) Sessional/ Syllabus Feed) ExaminationFeee) Subject Association Feef) CautionMoney(ix)(a) RegardingFees,otherthancoursesbasedon Semester System (except Ist year):(i) Without Late Fee: Within 15 days from thedateofcommencementoftheacademicsessionor by the prescribed date, whichever is later,(ii) With a Late Fee of Rs.100/-: Within 10 daysfrom the date given on the fee-slip,(iii)With a Late Fee of Rs. 500/-: Within 1 monthfrom the date of commencement of the academicsessionorbytheprescribeddate,whicheverislater,(iv) If the fee is not deposited within the time limitfixed at clause his/her name will be struck off fromtherollsbuthe/shemayonlybere-admittedaftergettingpermissionfromtheVice-ChancellorwithanadditionallatefeeofRs.500/-. (ix) (b) In case of failure to pay fee (except Ist semester)in courses under semester system within 15 daysfrom the date of commencement of the academicsession/by the prescribed date, whichever is later,additionalamountofRs.100/-willbechargedprovided the dues are cleared within 10 days fromthe given date.(x) IncaseofRe-evaluation/CompartmentExamination:(i)WithoutLateFee:Within15daysfromthedateofannouncementofresultwiththepermissionfromtheDean/Director/Principalconcerned,(ii)Afterthis,he/shemayonlybere-admittedafter getting permission from the Vice-Chancellor.(xi) Incaseoffailuretopayfee(exceptIstyear/Istsemester)inrespectoftheB. A.(Hons.)SocialWork, M. A. Social Work and M. A. HRM course,within15daysfromthedateofcommencementoftheacademicsession/bytheprescribeddate,whichever is later, additional amount of Rs. 100/-willbechargedprovidedtheduesareclearedwithinoneweek.Nofurtheropportunitywillthereafterbeprovidedforre-admission.Latesubmission of fee in spite of paying the late feewillnotentitlethestudentsforseekinganyrelaxation in attendance for either theory classesorfieldwork.(xii) Fee for activities like educational tour/camps etc.are left to the Department to decide consideringthenumberofstudentsandtheexpensestobeincurred on tours/camps. No subsidy of any kindwouldbeavailableforthisactivityfromJamiaexcept where educational tour is a part of syllabusanditsmarksarecountedfordeterminingthedivision.(xiii) DependantsofstaffmembersofJamiashallnotberequiredtopaycautionmoney,ifastaffmembergivesguaranteeinwritingtotheeffectthat the caution money, whenever required to bepaid may be deducted from his/ her salary.22(xiv) The employees of Jamia and their sons/ daughters/spouse are exempted from the payment of tuitionfee and medical fee except in self-financed coursesand courses with differential fee.(xv) Thefeegivenintheprospectusisonlyforthecurrent academic year and enhancement of fee willbeapplicabletoalltheconcernedclassesofdifferent years of the course concerned.(xvi) The fee from the old students who are admitted insuchcourses,whichdonotexistpresently,shallbe governed by the old prospectus.(xvii) If the last date for payment of fees falls on holiday,thefeesshallbepaidonthenextworkingdaywithout fine.(xviii) Fee deposited through prescribed fee slip withindue date (given on fee-slip) shall be accepted forthe purpose of admission. No correspondence shallbeentertainedforrefund/adjustmentetc.,Ifpayment was not made on proper fee slip issuedby the authorised office and / or without due date.NOTE: Allfeesandcharges,wherevergivenintheProspectus, are subject to revision even during theacademicsession2012-2013.15.ADMISSION OF FOREIGNSTUDENTS/ N.R.Is/ ICCRSPONSOREDCANDIDATESI.PROSPECTUS & APPLICATION FORMTheUniversityProspectus,statingalladmissionguidelines, eligibility criteria and application forms canbeaccessedontheJamiaMilliaIslamiawebsitewww.jmi.ac.in.II.ELIGIBILITYEligibility qualifications for international students willbethesameasforIndianstudentsineachcourse/programme.III.VISAREQUIREMENTSOnbeingmgrantedadmission,allapplicants(exceptthose applying for research visa) should produce theirStudentsVisawithinonemonthofcompletionofadmissionformalities.(Ph.D.applicantsmusthaveavalid RESEARCH VISA when they come to completeadmissionformalities).IV. CATEGORIESOFFOREIGNSTUDENTSS. No. Category % ofseats1. I.C.C.R 5 % over and above theSponsored/ regularseats(subjecttoNominated sufficientinfrastructuralapplicants facilities)2. General Notexceeding10%oftheregularseats3. Supernumerary 15%seatsoverandaboveregularseats(subjecttosufficientinfrastructuralfacilities).Outofthe15%seats,5%seatsofthesupernumerarycategoryshallbeearmarkedforNRIs,theirspouses,dependantson(s)anddaughter(s)inclusiveoflegallyadoptedchildren1. ICCR applicants - These are nominated/ sponsoredbyGovernmentofIndiaundervariousCulturalSchemesoftheIndianCouncilforCulturalRelations(ICCR).CandidatesareadvisedtocontactthenearestIndianDiplomaticMissionfornecessary information about these scholarships.2. Generalapplicants-Theseareapplicantswhoqualifyforadmissionafterclearingtheregularentrancetestandinterview.Thefeestructureisindicated in the relevant table of fees.The forms on which to apply shall be the same asthose for the Indian nationals and shall be availableat the sale counter of the university. The form canalsobedownloadedfromthewebsiteoftheuniversity.Abankdraftoftheprescribedfee,23mentioned in the University Prospectus, is requiredtobepostedwithdownloadedforms.TheformshouldbesubmittedtotheHead/DeanoftheconcernedDepartment/Facultybythelastdatementioned in the Prospectus for Indian students.3. Supernumerary applicants - These are applicantswhofulfilltheeligibilitycriteriaoftheCourseoftheirchoicebutdonotwishtoappearfortheentrancetestandinterview.Theadmissionshallbe given purely on the basis of the marks obtainedin the qualifying examination.The fee structure isindicatedintherelevanttableoffees.ForPh.D.applicants, this category does not apply.ApplicantsseekingadmissionunderSupernumeraryCategoryareadvisedtosendtheirapplicationsontheprescribedform(whichcanbehadfromtheOfficeofthe Foreign Students Advisor on payment of Rs. 500/-orcanbedownloadedfromtheuniversitywebsite(www.jmi.ac.in).AbankdraftofRs.500/-istobeattached with the downloaded application forms alongwithtranslated, attested copies of required certificatesandtranscripts,photocopiesofpassportandvisaetc.to the Office of theForeign Students Advisor, RearVerandah,DepartmentofEnglish,JamiaMilliaIslamia, New Delhi - 110025 (E-mail: [email protected])10%ofsupernumeraryseatsshallbeearmarkedforforeigners.AnapplicantshallbeconsideredaForeigneronsatisfying the following terms and conditions: -(i) Possess a valid foreign passport.(ii) Possessavalidvisaissuedbyacompetentauthority of the Indian Government clarifying thereasons of his/her stay in the country.AllforeignapplicantsandNRIshavetobedeclaredmedically fit by the Medical Officer of the Dr. AnsariHealthCenter.NRIs: AnapplicantshallbeconsideredanNRIonsatisfying the following condition:ThetermNon-ResidentIndianshallbeaspertheIncomeTaxLaw.However,notwithstandinganyamendmentinsuchlaws,allrights,obligationsandduties flowing and subsisting at the time of submissionofapplicationshallberespectedandmandatedtillfinalization of the course applied for.The following documents required with the applicationform:(i) Copy of passport of parent working abroad(ii) Copy of work permit/License to work/business(iii) Copy of residence permit(iv) Letter from the employer(v) Affidavit from the parent for financial support(vi) NRIStatuscertificateissuedbytheIndianEmbassy in the concerned countryV. SCHEDULE FOR ADMISSION1. ICCR Sponsored Candidates: ICCR Sponsored Candidates (other than Ph. D.) are required to complete theiradmission formalities by August 31, 2012.2. General (Foreign) Students: Admission schedule for this category shall remain same as for Indian students foreachcourse/programme.Supernumerary Category: The admission schedule for this category shall be as per schedule given in table below:24VIII.(a) FEE STRUCTURE*The Country classification into Developing and Developed Countries will be based on the criterion adopted by thePlanning Commission, Government of India.13. All foreign students (old/new) are required to fillaregistrationformavailablewiththeOfficeofForeignStudentsAdvisor(FSA),JMIwithin15daysofjoiningthecourse.Bonafidecertificatesshall not be issued if this is not complied with.14. BonafideCertificateshallbeissuedthedayaftertherequestismade.Thestudentisrequiredtosubmit a copy of Passport, Visa and fee receipt.15. CourseMaterialwillbeprovidedonpayment,ifrequired.16. Field Studies will be organized as per the decisionof the Faculty/Centre.17. Ifrequired,applicantsshouldsubmittheequivalenceCertificatefromtheAssociationofIndian Universities, (16, AIU House, Kotla Marg,New Delhi 110002).NOTEforSupernumeraryCategory:-AnamountofRs.2000/-asadmissionfeeandRs.8000/-asrefundablesecurityshallbechargedatthetimeofadmission.25(b) RULESFORFEES&ACCOUNTS(Foreign Students and NRIs)1. Allfeesarepayableinlumpsumatthetimeofadmission on or before notified Dates.2. NRI candidates shall pay the fee according to thecountry of their parents residence.3. Part payment is not allowed.4. Dollarsintheformofcurrencynote/chequearenotacceptable.5. SecurityDepositshallbedepositedincashwiththe Cashier in the Accounts Office.6. FeemaybedepositedequivalenttoUS$attheIndian Bank, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Itcan also be deposited in Jamias Accounts Sectionas demand draft made out by Indian Bank, JamiaMillia Islamia.7. IncaseofcancellationofadmissionunderSupernumerary/SelfFinancingcategoryistobemadewithinamonth,80%ofthefeeswillberefundedinIndianRupeeswithinoneyearfromthedateofcancellation.Inothercases,thefeesexceptSecurityDepositshallnotberefunded/adjusted/carriedoverinanycircumstances.Nocorrespondence in this regard will be entertained.8.(a)IncaseoffailuretopayfeeotherthanPh.D.Scholars,(exceptin1styear)withinonemonthfrom the date of announcement of result or by theprescribeddate,whicheverislater,anadditionalamount of Rs.1000/- will be charged upto 10 days.After this, the name of the student will be struckoff from the rolls and he/ she will be re-admittedon payment of an additional Rs.2000/- within twomonthsfromthedateofannouncementofresultor by the prescribed date, whichever is later.(b)In case of Ph. D. Scholars fails to pay the annualfeewithin15daysoftheduedateanadditionalamount of Rs. 1000/- per month will be charged.9. Feesgivenintheprospectusisonlyforoneacademic year.10. All fees and charges are subject to revision.11. Calculation of the arrears of fee will be governedbytherulesgivenintheprospectusofthatyearfor which the fee is being charged.12. If a student does not claim the refund of his/ hercredit balance within one year of leaving the Jamia,theamountstandingtohis/hercreditshallbeconsideredtohavebeendonatedtotheCentralScholarshipFund.13. FeenotifiedintheProspectusatthetimeofadmissionshallremainforthedurationoftheentire course in which admission is granted.IX. HOSTELACCOMMODATIONFORFOREIGNSTUDENTS1. JamiaMilliaIslamiawillnotbeabletoprovideHostel facilities to all students seeking admissionunderthecategoryofForeignStudents/NRIsonaccountofverylimitedavailabilityofhostelaccommodation.2. Students seeking hostel admission should contactProvost(Boys/Girls)JamiaMilliaIslamia,NewDelhi.3. HostelsfeedetailsmaybeobtainedfromtheProvostOffices.Theparticularsregardingrules,fees etc. are given in the Hostel Bye-Laws, whichmaybehadfromtheProvostOfficeagainstpayment.4. Limited seats shall be available in the InternationalBoys Hostel for Ph.D. scholars and Postgraduatestudents at Noam Chomsky Complex. For detailsoffeeandadmissionprocedure,studentsmaycontacttotheOfficeoftheForeignStudentsAdvisor, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.FEE STRUCTURE FOR INTERNATIONALBOYSHOSTEL26X.OTHER INFORMATION1. English Language CourseItisoptionalforallforeignstudentsinJamiaMilliaIslamiatoenrollfortheEnglishLanguageCourseforforeign students.The Course shall assist them in Englishspeakingandwritingskillsrequiredforstudyintheuniversity.Thefeeshallbenotifiedatthetimeofcommencement of the course.2.ScholarshipsTheuniversitydoesnothaveanyprovisionforscholarshipsforforeignstudents.However,somescholarshipsaregrantedbytheGovernmentofIndiaundervariousschemes.CandidatesareadvisedtocontactthenearestIndianDiplomaticMissionfornecessary information about these scholarships.3. Climate and ClothingThe university campus is situated in South Delhi.Theclimatevariesconsiderablythroughtheyear.Themaximum temperature in summer varies between 400 Cand 450 C.In the winter, it is in the range of 180 C and220 C.Students, therefore, require warm winter clothingas well as light summer clothing.4. EmploymentAs per Jamia rules, international students are not allowedto seek employment in India.5. Ansari Health CenterAllresidentforeignstudentsintheuniversitycampushave to be registered with the Ansari Health Center.TheCentershallreferthemtohospitalsasandwhennecessary.6. Assistance on Arrival (ICCR Scholars)Before leaving for India, students may write to the IndianCouncilforCulturalRelations,AzadBhawan,IndraprasthaEstate,NewDelhi-110002,whoserepresentatives will do their best to meet them on arrival.7. BankingStudents should get Indian currency at the time of arrivaltomeettheirimmediateneeds.ThereisabranchofIndian Bank / Bank of India, Jamia Millia Islamia in theUniversity Campus, which transacts all normal bankingbusinessforbenefitsofstudents,staffandfacultymembers.8.RegistrationwiththeForeignersRegionalRegistration Office (FRRO)UponarrivalinIndia,everyforeignstudentmustberegistered with the FRRO within 14 days from the dateof first entry into India.The FRRO can impose heavyfinesifthisregistrationisdelayedornotdone.Thefollowing is the address of FRRO:EASTBLOCK,NO.VIII,SectorI,R.K.Puram, New Delhi (Tel. No. 011 26711348) .The following documents are required to be submittedfor the registration:-1. 3copiesofrelevantpassportpagewithpersonaldetails.2. 3 copies of passport page with visa.3. 3copiesofBonafideCertificate(tobeobtainedfrom FSA office)4. 3 copies of proof of residence (to be obtained fromProvostoffice)5. 2 copies of letter of acceptance from the University.6. 12 passport size photographs.9.Certificates & documents required with theapplicationformunderSupernumeraryCategory(a) Proof of Date of Birth.(b) TranslatedandattestedcopyofMarksheet/provisional certificate (front & back).(c) Conductandcharactercertificatefromtheinstitution last attended.(d) Attested copy of passport and visa.*(a) ThedefinitionofNRIisapplicableaspertheIncome Tax Act and the Rules/ Notification framedthereunder. (b) Saveasprovidedaforesaid,NRIsponsored(popularlytermedasNRISPONSOREDCANDIDATES)isNOTPERMISSIBLEinJamia.2716. FACULTY OF HUMANITIES& LANGUAGESTheFacultyhassevendepartments:Arabic,English,Hindi, History & Culture, Islamic Studies, Persian, andUrduofferingPh.D,M.Phil.postgraduate,undergraduate, diploma and certificate programmes. ThecurriculaoftheFacultyfocusesuponthecompositenatureoftherichandmyriadfacetsoftheliteratures,history, culture and religions of India and various otherregions. The Departments of History & Culture, Englishand Urdu, have been accorded the status of DRS underSAP by the U.G.C.16.1. COURSES ANDREQUIREMENTSUnless otherwise stated, admission to all courses is madeonthebasisofmeritdeterminedbytheaggregateofmarksobtainedinwrittentest(85%)andinterview(15%).1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)AlltheDepartmentsofthefacultyofferPh.D.programmes. The admission process in Ph. D. starts inJulyeachyear.Thescheduleofadmissionandtheguidelines are displayed on Jamias Website accordingly.2. MasterofPhilosophy(M.Phil.)EnglishLiterature/ Urdu/ Hindi / History*Duration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility: Mastersdegreewithnotlessthan55%marksofaUniversityoradegreerecognizedbytheUniversity as its equivalent in the subject concerned orin a subject allied thereto.*ProspectiveM.PhilcandidatesinHistorywillhavetosubmitabriefstatementofpurposenotexceeding500 words at the time of interview.3. Master of Arts (M.A.) Arabic/ Islamic Studies/Persian/UrduDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility : B.A/B.Sc.orB.A/B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons.)with not less than 45% marks in aggregate Or 50% insubjectconcerned.4. Master of Arts (M.A.) English/Hindi/HistoryDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility : B.A/B.Sc.orB.A/B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons.)withnotlessthan50%marksinaggregateOrinthesubjectconcerned.5. B.A.(Hons.)Arabic/IslamicStudies/Urdu/PersianDuration:6 Semesters (Spread over 3 years)Eligibility: SeniorSecondarySchoolCertificateoranequivalentexaminationwithnotlessthan45%marksin aggregate or 50% marks in the subject concerned.6. B.A. (Hons.) English/Hindi/Mass Media Hindi/History/HotelManagement,TravelandTourism / Turkish Language & LiteratureDuration:6 Semesters (Spread over 3 years)Eligibility: SeniorSecondarySchoolCertificateoranequivalentexaminationwithnotlessthan50%marksin aggregate or in the subject concerned.7. AdvancedDiplomainModernArabicLanguageandTranslationDuration: 1 YearEligibility:B.A.withArabicorDiplomainModernArabic with not less than 45% marks in aggregate or adegreefromArabicMadrsasrecognizedbythejamiafor admission to B.A./B.A. (Hons.) courses.8. Diploma in Modern Arabic LanguageDuration: 1 YearEligibility:HigherSecondaryorSeniorSecondarySchool Certificate with Arabic or Certificate in ModemArabic of a recognised University/Board/Institution withnotlessthan45%marksinEnglishoraDegreefromArabic Madrasas recognized by the Jamia.9. CertificateinModern ArabicLanguageDuration: 1 YearEligibility:SeniorSecondarySchoolCertificateoraHigherDegreewithnotlessthan45%marksinaggregate and ability to read and write Urdu.10. P.G. Diploma in UrduMass MediaDuration: 1 YearEligibility: At least 55% marks in Urdu/ Persian/ Arabicat under graduate level.11. P.G. Diploma in Journalism (Hindi Medium)(Self-financing)Duration: 1 YearEligibility:Bachelorsdegreefromarecognizedinstitution with not less than 45% marks in the aggregate.Working knowledge of Hindi is essential.2812. P.G. Diploma in TV Journalism (Hindi Medium)(Self-financing)Duration:1 YearEligibility:Bachelorsdegreefromarecognizedinstitution with not less than 45% marks in the aggregate.13. Advanced Diploma in Modern PersianDuration: 1 YearEligibility:B.A.withPersianorDiplomainModernPersian from a recognised institution with not less than45% marks in aggregate.14. Advanced Diploma in TurkishDuration:1 YearEligibility : SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalentSchoolCertificatewithnotlessthan45%marks in aggregate along with Diploma in Turkish, ORB.A. in any discipline with 45% marks in aggregate withDiploma in Turkish language.15. Advanced Diploma in TurkemenianDuration : 1 YearEligibility : SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalent School Certificate from a recognized Boardwithnotlessthan45%marksinaggregatealongwithDiplomain Turkemenian,ORB.A. in any discipline with 45% marks in aggregate withDiplomain Turkemenianlanguage.16. Diploma in Modern PersianDuration : 1 YearEligibility :SeniorSecondarySchoolCertificatewithPersian from a recognized Board with not less than 45%marksoraDegreefromArabicMadarsarecognishedby Jamia.17. Diploma in Pashto LanguageDuration : 1 YearEligibility :Senior Secondary/ Higher Secondary withnotlessthan45%marksalongwiththeCertificateinPashtoLanguagewithnotlessthan45%marksinaggregate.18. Diploma in TurkishDuration : 1 YearEligibility : SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalentSchoolCertificatewithnotlessthan45%marks in aggregate and Certificate in Turkish with 45%marks,ORB.A/B.Sc.orB.A/B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons.)withnotlessthan 45% marks in aggregate along with Certificate inTurkishlanguage.19. Diploma in KazhakiDuration : 1 YearEligibility : SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondary/Certificate in Pashto Language with not less than 45%marks in aggregate.20. Diploma in TurkemenianDuration: 1 YearEligibility: SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalent School Certificate from a recognized Boardwith not less than 45% marks in aggregate along withCertificatein Turkemenian,ORBachelorsdegreefromarecognizedinstitutionwithnot less than 45% marks in aggregate with CertificateinTurkemenianlanguage.21. CertificateinModernPersianDuration: 1 YearEligibility: SeniorSecondarySchoolCertificate/HigherSecondaryorequivalentcertificatefromarecognized institution with not less than 45% marks inaggregate.22. CertificateinPashtoLanguageDuration: 1 YearEligibility: SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalent certificate with not less than 45% marks inaggregate.23. Certificate in TurkishDuration:1 YearEligibility:SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalent certificate with not less than 45% marks inaggregate.2924. Certificate in KazhakiDuration: 1 YearEligibility: SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalent certificate with not less than 45% marks inaggregate.25. CertificateinTurkemenianDuration: 1YearEligibility:SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalentSchoolCertificatewithnotlessthan45%marks in aggregate.26. CertificateinTranslationProficiencyDuration: 1YearEligibility:SeniorSecondary/HigherSecondaryorequivalentschoolcertificatewithnotlessthan50%marks in aggregate.27. Diplomain TranslationProficiencyDuration: 1YearEligibility: Bachelorsdegreefromarecognizedinstitutionoranequivalentexaminationwithnotlessthan 45% marks in aggregeate.ORCertificateinTranslationProficiencyfromanyrecognizedUniversityandSeniorSecondary/HigherSecondary or equivalent school certificate with not lessthan 50% marks in aggregate.28. Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management Duration: 1 YearEligibility:Bachelorsdegreefromarecognizedinstitution or an equivalent examinationORSenior Secnondary School Certificate or an equivalentexaminationwithCertificateinTourism&TravelManagementofaminimumofsixmonthsdurationofferedbyarecognizedUniversity/Institutionwithatleast 45% marks in aggregate.Desirable - Working knowledge of English29. Certificate in Tourism & Travel ManagementDuration: 1 YearEligibility: SeniorSecondarySchoolCertificateoranequivalentexaminationfromarecognizedBoardwithnot less than 45% marks in aggregateDesirable - Working knowledge of English16.2. COMPULSORY/OPTIONAL/SUBSIDIARYSUBJECTS(i) Compulsory Subjects for B.A. (Hons.)1. GeneralEnglish2. IslamiatorHinduReligiousStudiesorIndianReligions & Culture3.Elementary Urdu or Urdu Language,4. CandidatesfromArabicMadrasasshallhavetooffer Hindu Religious Studies or Indian Religions& CultureNote:(1) The Compulsory subjects shall be offered by thestudentsofallunder-graduatecoursesoftheFacultyofHumanities&Languages/SocialSciences/NaturalSciences(ExceptForeignStudents)includinginthosecourseswherethereisnosubsidiarysuchasBSW,BBS,B.Com.,Bioscience & Biotechnology etc.(2) The students who have studied Elementary Urduat Senior Secondary level shall have to opt UrduLanguage.(3) The students who have studied Urdu Language assubject in Secondary School (Class X) as reflectedin the marksheet will be exempted from studyingElementaryUrdu/UrduLanguageascompulsorysubject.(4) AllthosestudentswhohavenotstudiedUrduatany level (except Foreign students) shall have toopt Elementary Urdu.(ii) Main/ Subsidiary Subjects for B.A. (Hons.)Faculty of Humanities & Languages offers B.A. (Hons.)in the following subjects:1. Arabic 2.Engligh 3. Hindi 4. History5. Urdu 6.Persian 7. Islamic Studies8. Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism9. Mass Media Hindi10. Turkish Language and LiteratureSudentsofferinganyoneoftheabovementionedsubjectsasmainsubjectshallofferonemoresubjectfromthelistofthecoursesofferedbytheFacultyofHumanities&Languages,FacultyofSocialSciencesas their Subsidiary subjects.The list of subsidiary course(s) specific to each HonourscoursewillbemadeavailableattheUniversityswebsite,http://www.jmi.ac.inaswellasonthenoticeboardoftheofficesoftheDeansandHODsinduecourse. The applicants will be required to submit theirpreferencesofsubsidiarycoursesintheprescribedproforma at the time of interviews.3016.4. SEATS IN VARIOUS COURSES OF FACULTY OF HUMANITIES & LANGUAGES16.3. MAXIMUM TIME LIMIT FOR COMPLETION OF COURSESAs per Jamia rules students are required to complete their courses within the time frame specified below:S.No. Course Duration(Years/Semesters)1. M. Phil 3 (6 Semester)2. M.A. 4 (8 Semester)3. B.A.(Hons.) 6 (12 Semesters)4. AdvancedDiploma/P.G.Diploma/Diploma/CertificateCourses 2 years31ANSWERS1 A B C D2 A B C D3 A B C D4 A B C D5 A B C D6 A B C D7 A B C D8 A B C D9 A B C D10 A B C D11 A B C D12 A B C D13 A B C D14 A B C D15 A B C D16 A B C D17 A B C D18 A B C D19 A B C D20 A B C D21 A B C D22 A B C D23 A B C D24 A B C D25 A B C D26 A B C D27 A B C D28 A B C D29 A B C D30 A B C D31 A B C D32 A B C D33 A B C D34 A B C D35 A B C D36 A B C D37 A B C D38 A B C D39 A B C D40 A B C D41 A B C D42 A B C D43 A B C D44 A B C D45 A B C D46 A B C D47 A B C D48 A B C D49 A B C D50 A B C D51 A B C D52 A B C D53 A B C D54 A B C D55 A B C D56 A B C D57 A B C D58 A B C D59 A B C D60 A B C D61 A B C D62 A B C D63 A B C D64 A B C D65 A B C D66 A B C D67 A B C D68 A B C D69 A B C D70 A B C D71 A B C D72 A B C D73 A B C D74 A B C D75 A B C D76 A B C D77 A B C D78 A B C D79 A B C D80 A B C D81 A B C D82 A B C D83 A B C D84 A B C D85 A B C DCandidatess SignatureName and Signature of Invigilator 2 Name and Signature of Invigilator 1Faculty of Social Sciences/Humanities & Languages / Natural SciencesOMR ANSWERSHEETOMR Sheet No.FillingInstructions:1. Use only a BLUE or BLACK BALLPEN to fill in the boxes below.2. Fill in your Roll No., Question Booklet No., Question Booklet set, Category Code,GroupCode and Signature in the appropriate boxes and darken the appropriatecircle using BLUE or BLACK BALLPEN, or an HB PENCIL only.3. For Answers darken the circles with a BLUE or BLACK BALLPEN, or an HBPENCIL only.4. Takecarethatthecharactersdonottouchtheboundaryoftheboxes.5. Fill the same category as already filled in the Application Form.Thumb Impression of Candidate(To be put infront of invigilator)Roll NumberQuestionBooklet Set12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890ABCDQuestion Booklet No123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890S.No. GroupofCourses Group CodeGeneral GMuslim General MMuslim Women MWMuslim OBC MOMuslim ST MTPersons with Disabilities PDJamia JKashmiri Migrant KCategory Code123456781. SG-1 12. SG-II 23. SG-III 34. HG 45. NG-I 56. NG-II 6724 79 285 69 B14SAMPLEUndergraduate Courses ofARABIC/ENGLISH/HINDI/PERSIAN/TURKISHLANGUAGE&LITERATURE/URDUJamia Milia IslamiaSECTION - BName of candidate:Fathers name:Roll No.FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYCODE NO..............................................PERFORATE.............................................FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLYCODE NO.SECTION - B SCORESQuestion No. Score51. of 35)Evaluators signatureTOTAL SCORE (out of 85)Section - A score Section B score TOTAL SCORETotalling done by:PROSPECTUS2012-2013 32SAMPLE3317. FACULTY OF SOCIALSCIENCESTheFacultyofSocialSciencesisoneofthelargestfacultiesofJamiaintermsofnumberofdepartmentsandnumberofstudents.Besidescoursesofferedbydifferentdepartments,thefacultyalsomanagesBachelors courses in Library and Information Sciences.The departments of the faculty are: Economics, PoliticalScience,Psychology,Sociology,SocialWork,Commerce&BusinessStudiesandAdultandContinuing Education and Extension. The programmesoftheseDepartmentsincludePh.D.,Post-graduate,Under-graduatecoursesandpostgraduateDiplomacourses.17.1. COURSES ANDREQUIREMENTS1.Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)AlltheDepartmentsoftheFacultyofferPh.D.programmes.TheadmissionprocessesinPh.D.startsinJulyeachyear.Thescheduleofadmissionandtheguidelines are displayed on Jamias Website accordingly.2.Master of Arts (M.A.) SociologyDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility:ThreeyearsBachelordegreeinanydiscipline with not less than 50% marks in aggregate.3. Master of Arts (M.A.) EconomicsDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility: B.A./B.A.(Hons.) in subject concerned withnot less than 50% marks in aggregate.4. Master of Arts (M.A.) Political ScienceDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility:(i)B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science with not less than50% marks in aggregate.OR(ii) B.A. with Political Science with not less than 50%marks in aggregate.OR(iii) B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. or B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. (Hons.)with not less than 55% marks in aggregate.5. MasterofArts(M.A.)HumanRightsandDutiesEducationDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility: Degree from a recognized University or anequivalent institution with not less than 50% marks inaggregate.Preference will be given to students holdingPostgraduateDiplomainHumanRightsandDutiesEducation.6. Master ofArts (M.A.) Public AdministrationDuration : 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility:B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.orB.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons.) from a recognized university or equivalent with50% marks in aggregate.7. Master of Arts (M.A.) Applied PsychologyDuration:4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility: (i) B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology with not lessthan 50% marks.OR(ii) B.A./B.Sc./B. Com. orB.A., B.Sc., B.Com. (Hons.)or B.Sc. (Home Science) with not less than 55% marksinaggregate.8. Master of Arts (M.A.) Social WorkDuration: 4 Semesters (spread over 2 years)Eligibility : (a) B.A.(Hons.)threeyearscourseinSocialWork/Sociology/Psychology/Economics/PoliticalScience/History/B.A.(Pass)threeyearscoursewith any two of the following subjects: Sociology/Psychology/ Economics/ Political Science/ HistoryfromarecognizedUniversitywithnotlessthan50% marks in aggregate.OR(b)B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science, three years coursefrom recognised university with not less than 50%marks in aggregate.OR(c) B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.orB.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons.),threeyearscoursefromarecognizedUniversityinanydiscipline(s)otherthanthosementioned at (a) and (b) above with not less than55% marks in aggregate.34OR(d) 60% marks in any discipline other than mentionedat (a), (b) and (c) from a recognized University9. MasterofArts(M.A.)H