TM JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 FREE • New Tell Us Once service cuts away tiresome ‘red-tape’ • Victory against employers for those aged 65 and over • New Year resolutions on looking and feeling healthy • Commonsense precautions assist safe Winter motoring

jan 2012 seniors today

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jan 2012 seniors today

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January/February 2012


• New Tell Us Once service cuts away tiresome ‘red-tape’

• Victory against employers for those aged 65 and over

• New Year resolutions on looking and feeling healthy

• Commonsense precautions assist safe Winter motoring

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02 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

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January/February 2012 | 03 SeniorsToday

Set in two acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Lawton Manor, like all Majesticare’s luxury care homes, has always offered the best possible quality of life, and now with our Garden Rooms extension, we can offer our residents, their friends and families even more.

We have a number of rooms available, all featuring the highest possible standards of luxury and the latest technology, including full en-suite with shower, electric profiling beds, flat screen TV and extensive views of the countryside or gardens.

Our residents benefit from experienced staff who provide professional personalised care and a whole range of services to enhance their lives. There is no better way to get a feel for the luxury and attention to detail we offer at Lawton Manor than to come for a visit.

At Lawton Manor we offer:

Lawton Manor Care HomeProud to be Recognised as an Excellent Rated Home

• 24 Hour Nursing Care• Respite & Convalescent Care

• Day Care• Palliative Care

• Long & Short Term Care• Specialist Care

Address: Lawton Manor, Church Lane, Church Lawton, Stoke-on-Trent ST7 3DDEmail: [email protected] Website: www.majesticare. co.uk

If you would like more information or have any questions about Lawton Manor and theMajesticare way of life, please call our House Manager, Ann Ball, on 01270 844200

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04 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

QUESTION:HAVE you ever asked why people will ‘phone a number in the national press or see a market trader, and, then, allow a total stranger to come to their house and possibly bully them into buying a bed, scooter, bathlift or stairlift at highly-inflated prices?

The follow-up to this is, of course, that the person who sold it may not have any servicing back-up and, now that he’s got his commission, really doesn’t want to sort out any problems you may have.

ANSWER:The person buying the product didn’t have anywhere else to go and was swayed by the (often false) promises in the advert.

THE ALTERNATIVE:At present, there is a great deal of discussion about the price of Mobility products.Recent reports have slammed some direct-selling companies from the national press, along with market traders for overcharging customers on many mobility products.

It has also been claimed that many of these companies have no back-up support and are

often “unobtainable”, when problems occur.

So, why do people buy from companies like this?They see adverts offering 20% off, 50% off etc., but rarely giving prices.The price can often be a shock - even at 50% off, but high-pressure salesman make it sound like a bargain.

Sometimes, people feel that there isn’t anyone who can satisfy their requirements.

However, recently, there have been some changes for the better and a new type of mobility store is emerging - they advertise their prices, they have showrooms and engineering support for maintenance and service, if something goes wrong.

ABLEWORLD is one of these companies which are members of both NAEP (National Association of Equipment Providers) and are recognised as a Community Equipment Dispenser.

You can visit the company’s stores, or, of course, visit the website: www.ableworld.co.uk

Wherever you buy your mobility products from, please ensure that they have the CEDAB (Community Equipment Dispenser Accreditation Body) ‘credentials’ and have premises which either you, a friend or relative can visit.


UNMISSABLE! The company’s showroom on Leek Road (at Joiners Square Roundabout), in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

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January/February 2012 | 05 SeniorsToday


Nantwich, CW5 5NFTel: (01270) 626971

HANLEYABLEWORLD430 Leek Road, Hanley, ST1 3HU

Tel: (01782) 205901


58 Hill Street, Congleton, CW12 1AG

Tel: (01260) 408161


81 Nantwich Road, Crewe, CW2 6AW

Tel: (01270) 255725

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06 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

NEW research released by a national charity shows that services which seniors believe are crucial to their well-being are suffering, as a result of Government cuts across the country.

The ‘Shaping Our Age’ study - released by the WRVS (Women’s Royal Voluntary Service), the UK’s largest charity, delivering preventative care for older people - avers that these cuts are placing their health at risk and putting an overstretched NHS under even greater pressure.

These findings are likely to spark immense concern throughout the country’s older community, as the evidence mounts up that the withdrawal of key services to prevent health-problems amongst older people is contributing to greater pressures on hospital-beds.

Delays in people being discharged from hospital are now 12,433 above the level since the introduction of the public spending-cuts: cutting the number of older people admitted to hospital could save the NHS £2 billion a year.

‘Shaping Our Age’ is the most in-depth research project of its kind and investigates the current provision of services for seniors in this country.

2011 marks the the first year of a three-year study (funded by the Big Lottery), and this year’s research is based on quantitive responses from 165 individuals from throughout the UK, representing older people from all walks of life.

Against a back-drop of increasing concern about the delivery of public services to Britain’s ageing population, this study examines seniors’ views about the scope, quality, availability and importance of public services for older people.

This study shows: * Social interaction is cited as being one of

the most important factors to improved well-being and quality of life, but older people are feeling more

isolated as services become increasingly remote; for instance, as move online or as local facilities close.

* There is a tangible impact on seniors, the wider community and the UK economy as a result of cuts to public services designed to prevent older people from being isolated, such as day centres and befriending services (e.g. organised shopping-trips, exercise-classes or specialist one-to-one support during times of change or difficulty).

* The level of practical support available to seniors to enable them to continue living in their own

home is not sufficient, and there is a need for greater access to support at critical times, such as following bereavement.

* There are significant failings in hospital care for older people - poor treatment from hospital staff, poor hospital-hygiene and low disability-awareness.

* The lack of dignity and respect exposed in hospital care is now being seen in other public services, such as GP surgeries - there is evidence that unacceptable seniors’ care is present throughout the public sector, which is sparking concern about the quality of public services more broadly.

Commenting on the findings, David McCullough, WRVS Chief Executive, said: “The ‘Shaping Our Age’ study confirms what older people across the country have told WRVS’s 40,000 volunteers for some time: that overcoming loneliness and isolation is one of the most important aspects to maintaining or improving quality-of-life.

“It adds to the weight of evidence which shows that loneliness is a genuine health-risk and, if undetected, can lead to expensive and avoidable stays in hospital.

“Isolated older people are more vulnerable returning to accident and emergency departments after a spell in hospital, are more likely to suffer from depression which, in turn, can lead to physical health-problems.

“This simply cannot continue: we are sharing our evidence with local authorities across the country demonstrating that preventative services are good-value for taxpayer and good for older people and their families.

“WRVS urges ministers to hold decision-makers to account to protect vital public services from further spending-cuts and to invest in preventative support services that reduce and loneliness.”

Added Professor Peter Beresford OBE, Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Centre for Citizen Participation at Brunel University, and one of the authors of the ‘Shaping Our Age’: “The older people involved in the ‘Shaping Our Age’ project highlight that the biggest thing that supports their well-being is having social contact and relationships.

“Instead of closing down day-services and meals-on-wheels for older people, the Government must develop the 21st century versions of these crucial services to meet the growing number of older people’s needs and support their future well-being.”

Spending-cuts putting seniors’ health at risk, reveals new study


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January/February 2012 | 07 SeniorsToday

WHEN someone dies, the last thing that loved ones left behind want to be landed with is extra paper-work and ‘red-tape’.From now on, thanks to a new Tell Us Once service being rolled out across the country, it will be easier for families to notify government authorities about changes in their circumstances.Tell Us Once is being launched by the Department for Work and Pensions, in partnership with local authorities throughout England, Wales and Scotland.It enables key local and central government departments and services to be notified simply through one, single appointment with the local registrar.With 575,000 deaths and 770,000 births nationally, Tell Us Once saves time and ‘hassle’, and is expected to save users £66 million during the next, ten years.Under the scheme, up to 28 different services can be notified on relatives’ behalf, making it a much easier way for them to report their bereavement to the relevant authorities.Overall, a person using Tell Us Once can expect to contact government seven fewer times, when compared to previous arrangements.Says Tell Us Once programme director, Lyn McDonald: “We’ve done away with the ‘red-tape’ which usually confronts a person wanting to report a change in their circumstances to government.“In a single appointment at their local authority, a person can notify all the relevant government departments and service authorities of their circumstances.“It’s a service which saves time and money.“We’re providing a simple process that

responds to the specific needs of people who need to be with their families and not on the ‘phone to government authorities, at a time when they need it most.”Those wishing to use the service will need

to bring relevant documentation to their appointment, such as passport, driver’s licence, national insurance number and details of any benefits.For those who may find a face-to-face interview too difficult, a ‘phone service operated by the Department for Work and Pensions is also available.The benefits all round of Tell Us Once over ten years are £258 million, including a £192

million saving to government.Without Tell Us Once, it would cost UK citizens £50 million over ten years to notify government of their change in circumstances.Overall, if the current arrangements were continued, the cost to customers and government is estimated to be £1.1 billion over ten years.Tell Us Once is already in place in many UK regions and should be rolled out to 96% of the country by March, 2012.

For more information about Tell Us Once, readers should visit:Reporting a bereavement: www.direct.gov.uk/death-tellusonce or Reporting a birth: www.direct.gov.uk/birth-tellusonce

Tell Us Once service for bereaved helps cut ‘red-tape’


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08 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

IT’S OFFICIAL: employers can no longer compel employees aged 65 or over to retire on the grounds of age.On Saturday, October 1st, 2011, the phasing out of the much-discussed default retirement age (DRA) was completed.

The DRA of 65 for men and women was introduced in October, 2006, by the-then Labour Government to protect employees from being forced into retirement at an earlier age, unless employers could objectively justify it.

However, the law had signally failed to keep pace with the increased longevity, improved health and decreasing wealth of those over the age of 60.

Research by insurance company, Prudential, claims that more than a third of people planning to retire this year will have incomes below the poverty-line; so, clearly, these people will have more than enough reason to continue working for as long as possible!

The expiring rules included a statutory right for employees to request postponement of retirement beyond 65, but this proved ‘easy meat’ for employers to repel.

As a result, Age UK estimates that more than 100,000 people were forced to retire against their will in 2009, and, although the figures have not yet been updated for 2010, a rise is expected.

Predictably, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) reacted with horror at the scrapping of the DRA, insisting that it should be postponed by

twelve months.

Averred John Cridland, the CBI’s Director General: “The guidance for employers on working without the DRA is too little, too late.

“Employers accept that more people will want to work beyond 65 as the population ages, but the Government has not recognised the fundamental question, which is how employers should manage retirement on the basis of a performance-appraisal.

“This will be particularly acute in physically-demanding sectors.”

Even the Government admits that the new system may suffer from initial ‘glitches’.

Indeed, Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, is on record that the issue of dealing with older employees doing physically-demanding work was still unsolved, stating: “Heavy manual-work is not as prevalent as it was, but there are still plenty of jobs you cannot go on doing.”

Nevertheless, some companies have already started to get to grips with the problem.

For example, BT (British Telecom) has 75,000

‘Antique Antics’ with Eric KnowlesLAUGH out loud and bring along your heirlooms and treasures for the benefit of the opinion of a leading expert in Newcastle on Monday, February 13th.Boasting over 30 years in the business and as a regular on BBC TV flagship-programme, ‘Antiques Roadshow’, Eric Knowles is the ‘friendly face’ of antiques.On February 13th, in an entertaining evening in three parts (starting at 7.30pm), Eric will, firstly, inspect your ‘treasures’ and select 25 of them to talk about later

during the show.Then, he will amuse the audience with his often-irreverent anecdotal reminiscences (ably supported by excellent images).The final part of the evening is devoted to a discussion of the selected objects from the audience.Eric is keen to assure all those bringing heirlooms that he, for one, will be drinking only ‘Adam’s Ale’ until all of them are safely returned!Tickets (priced at £13.50 and £17.50), can be purchased from the Box Office on (01782) 717962 or at [email protected]

If you’re over 65, you can no longer be forcedto retire on age-grounds


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January/February 2012 | 09 SeniorsToday

employees in the UK, of whom 32% are aged 50 and more.

Explaining that the company has a low rate of attrition and no compulsory redundancies, and makes wide use of flexible working, Dennis Gissing, BT’s Head of Diversity Practice, stated: “Some 10,500 of our people work from home.

“Plus, around 60,000 work flexibly in some way, be it shiftwork, part-time or jobshare.

“I think that has been a great benefit for people to balance their personal responsibilities in terms of childcare, because we have the grandparenting community now, and they have responsibility around that.”

Continuing to employ older staff is, however, expected to be particularly hard for small

businesses, many of which are simply too small to let people ‘downshift’, adopt flexible hours or change roles.

The Federation of Small Businesses initially

supported the scrapping of the DRA, but Andrew Cave, its Head of Policy, explained that it had altered its stance since it received feedback from members.

“Smaller businesses tend to employ older people and it wasn’t an issue for them, but what they object to is the amount of administration they will have to do, as and when they continue to reviewing staff.

“One of the joys of running a small business is the informality of work-relationships, especially when someone has worked there for many years.

“But the changes will make the practice of employing people of that age much more complicated if they are not able to do that job

any longer.

“The burden of proof is on the employer that they are not able to carry on with that role.”

The demise of the DRA and the raising of the state pension age will also do nothing to help those who stop work through ill-health or redundancy before they even hit their sixties.Employers, who are already struggling to see how they can keep existing employees in their staff as they age, are not going to want to take on those who have been out-of-work for months (or even years).Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, said that the Government’s latest back-to-work scheme - its Work Programme - announced on Friday, April 1st, would pay providers from the voluntary and commercial sectors to create individually-tailored programmes to support long-term benefit-claimants return to work.He also stressed that employers will find benefits in incorporating older workers, citing research by Lancaster University which looked at McDonald’s employing people over 60 as part of a mixed-age workforce.The research found that customer-satisfaction was 20% higher in those branches and that older workers were often a more stable workforce, more reliable, sometimes more motivated.However, it is not always easy to persuade managers of the benefits of employing seniors.Asda is widely recognised to be one of the leaders in incorporating older staff into its workforce: it has never operated a DRA, its staff can stay in the company pension scheme until the age of 75, and it employs 40,000 staff over the age of 50, including 1,100 more than 70.Commented Caroline Massingham, People Director for Asda: “We have great customer-service heroes who affect the environment which the largely-youth-market brings to some of our stores; the fact that they mentor youth and help them, works extremely well.“The work-ethic of older workers versus some of our youth-market has a massive effect on store-performance.“It brings stability in that labour-market - you do not see turnover in older workers in the same way as you see turnover in youth.”

continued from page 8

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10 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

Powerful drama explores the dark undercurrents of children’s playFOUR months after presenting a play based upon one of the best-loved British TV ‘sitcoms’, Roy Clarke’s ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, Congleton Players’ first 2012 production features a classic television drama.Many seniors will have fond recollections of Dennis Potter’s acclaimed television play, ‘Blue Remembered Hills’, which (following on from his enormously successful ‘Pennies From Heaven’ in 1978) was first broadcast as a BBC TV ‘Play for Today’ in January, 1979.Though the most straightforward and naturalistic of his popular works - is both hilarious and incredibly moving.

Through the simple act of using adults in the roles, Potter was able to emphasise the darker aspects of children’s innocence and imagination, creating an altogether more complex

and ambivalent picture of that “land of lost content”.During an idyllic, summer afternoon in 1943, a group of children play in the West County hills, fields and forests.With no adults around, they indulge in spontanenous games and horseplay - sometimes echoing the distant war; at other times, revealing their own insecurities and petty vindictiveness.But, as they tease, fantasise and fight the day away, the children’s innocence is about be destroyed forever.The title comes from A.E. Housman’s poem, ‘Into my heart an air that kills’ (a paen to a lost childhood which Potter himself recited at the

end of the broadcast play).Dennis Potter was born in 1935, in the rural coal-mining area of Berry Hill, in the Forest of Dean (the location of ‘Blue Remembered Hills’), in Gloucestershire, close to the Welsh border.Following national service (1953-56, when he learnt Russian at the Joint Services School for Linguists, served with the Intelligence Corps and, subsequently, at the War Office), he won a scholarship to New College, Oxford, where he read Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and edited the student magazine, ‘Isis’.He was hailed by his economics tutor as a “cross between Jimmy Porter and Keir Hardie”.After a prolific career as a television dramatist and screenwriter, he died of pancreatic cancer in 1994, aged 59, nine days after the death of his wife, Margaret. The drama’s cast comprises David Parry as Willie, Nigel Evans (Peter), Ryan Jones (John), Hilary Warr/James Peake (Raymond), Chris Sheard (Donald), Dee Melia (Angela) and Vicki Lee (Audrey).Directed by Simon Matthews, ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ (which contains scenes which some might find upsetting) runs from Tuesday, February 7th, to Saturday, February 11th, starting at 7.30pm.Tickets, priced at £5.50 (Tuesday), £6.50 (concessionaries) and £7.50 (Wednesday-Saturday), are available from Congleton Tourist Information Centre, Tel: (01260) 271095 or online at www.congletonplayers.com

W A N T E DOld watches wrist & pocket ladies or

gents, working or not all makes especially OMEGA!


Open 6 days or for home visits Tel: SOT 201455 anytime


Servicing from £20.00


Rope Street, Hartshill07816 683299



Liverpool Road, Kidsgrove,Stoke-on-Trent

Telephone:01782 782102 / 782682

Available forWeddings Pa r t ies Bir thdays Chr istenings Anniversa r ies

Funera ls

BEST-KNOWN for ‘Pennies from Heaven’ and ‘The Singing Detective’, Dennis Potter (1935-1994) is considered by many to be the country’s finest TV playwright.

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January/February 2012 | 11 SeniorsToday

Biddulph Bathing Solutions(Opening Soon)



01782 515 695Charlie: 07966 134 143

Steve: 07814 325 725 / 07896 067 848

Sandbach Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

[email protected] www.sandbach-physio.co.uk

• Sports Injuries• Back & Neck Problems• Sports Massage• Paediatric Sports Injuries• Growth Development Issues• Whiplash Injuries• Acupuncture• Work Related Injuries• Manipulative Therapy• Orthopaedic Injuries• Neurology, Stroke, MS• Pre/post Orthopaedic Surgery

We are able to offer acupuncture to our clients for a wide range of symptoms. Advice on exercise, sports rehabilitation and stretching programmes.12 Abbey Road, Sandbach,Cheshire, CW11 3HAFor an immediate appointment

Treatments offered include

Tel. 01270 763025 first treatment

cost for new

clients with this


A N E W Y O U F O R 2 0 1 2

Open: Mon-Thur 8am-9.30pm, Fri 8am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm

01782 316708

Instant inch loss with aBody Wrap now available

495 King Street, Longton ST3 1HD

PortlandHealth & Leisure Centre

• Catering for men, women, OAPs and students• Cheaper monthly membership • No direct debit • Toning beds • No contracts • No enrolment fee

Friendly Service

So, what shape are YOU in, as you enter 2012?!!!

Many seniors will have fond recollections of NO sooner have we recovered from the delicious debaucheries of the festive season and New Year’s Eve than we are expected to come to terms with tackling the perennial problem of staying (or becoming) healthy and beautiful in 2012!

Although January may seem like a ‘safe’ month, Valentine’s Day/Night is fast-approaching.

Moreover, what if you want to jet off to a ‘heat-seeking’ vacation soon, in order to get away from the cold, damp, depressing weather which is (generally) dominant throughout January and February?!

A visit to your favourite hair-stylist can, of course make you LOOK good, ensuring that your cut emphasises your image to the best advantage, reinforcing the

strength of your features and maximising your sexual allure - but how do you FEEL?

A tremendous increase in interest in all aspects of health-orientated leisure, ranging from the well-established concept of ‘keep-fit’ to aerobics for all ages and both sexes has marked the past, two decades.

Yes, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, but, most important, it is YOUR decision!

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12 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

CLOISTERSTutoring & Educational Services

All Subjects, All AgesFree Info & Advice

Local Tutors, CRB & Police Checked

www.cloisterstutoring.co.ukTel: 01782 889011

Premier Agency (Est. 1992)



Have you the time & skills?A NEW Year is here already, and our thoughts are now

focussing upon the Summer of 2012.Principal, Sue Brown BA (Hons) PGCE, and her team at

Cloisters Tutoring & Educational Services are preparing resources for the expected rush for tutoring.

This is the time of year when parents start to realise that, in only a few months’ time, their children will be sitting their final exams.

If you have free time and are suitably qualified, now is a great time to join the team and make use of your skills.

Cloisters can offer an hour or a few hours of one-to-one tuition which you can decide upon: all introductions are exclusive.

“I often have enquiries for pastimes; so, even if you do not have qualifications, but have plenty of experience, we may be able to offer you a client,” explained Sue.

“We always welcome new tutors, and it is free to join our database; the only requirements are that you have a current CRB, if you wish to work with children.”

If readers have family and friends who have children, there is evidence that they can improve with one-to-one tuition.

Cloisters realises that all children are individuals who learn in different ways and at different speeds.

“Our tutors can provide encouragement and bring self-confidence, giving a child an advantage in the classroom,” said Sue.

Cloisters can cater for all subjects, at all levels, whether it is for an academic subject, to learn a new skill or just part of a leisure pastime.

The wide range of subjects includes the popular subjects of Maths, English and the Sciences to Art, ICT, Bookkeeping, Law and Stage Design: the list is endless and ever-growing.

“It is not only children that we cater for, but also adults who wish to do academic subjects or who wish either to aid business or family-member or as additional support, if completing a college course,” added Sue, with further information obtainable on the website: www.cloisterstutoring.co.uk

Cloisters (Midlands North) is an established educational Agency which specialises in providing individual tutoring, either in the home or in the home of a local tutor.

It is also a Criminal Records Bureau Umbrella Body, which means that Cloisters can also offer CRB checks to any type of organisation; more information is available on the website: www.crbcloisters.co.uk or by contacting Sue on (01782) 889011.


Paul’s Coaches39-53 SEATER COACHES



For private hire, tours & contractsA fleet of luxury coaches

Tel:01782 513666Fax: 01782 519000

Celebrate with us in 2011 / 2012Function Halls, Licensed Bar,

Security & Large Free Car Park

BURSLEY ROAD, COBRIDGE www.cobridge.bt.ck.co.uk

Thursday – The Luncheon ClubOpen 7 days a week Tel: 01782 838045

Cobridge Community CentreNumber 1 affordable venue in the PotteriesAvailable for weddings up to 150 people

Ballroom Dancing Classes Available + Tae Kwon Do

New men’s group for Biddulph

AGE UK North Staffordshire has launched a new social/activity group for men aged 60 and over.The group holds fortnightly meetings (on Fridays between 10am and 12 noon) at Biddulph Fire Station on Princess Street in the town.The next meeting will take place on Friday, January 13th, and further information is available from Age UK’s Jenny Bell on (01782) 286209.

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January/February 2012 | 13 SeniorsToday

Personal experience enhances a wealth of different therapiesIT was a series of personal crises, culminating in “a life-changing experience”, which motivated Rachel Dawson into becoming a fully-qualified counsellor herself!

Rachel was well-known in the East Staffordshire town of Uttoxeter as the manager of Birds Cake Shop, but, approximately five years ago, her father died suddenly.

Approximately one year later, her mother was taken critically ill, and, then, split up with her long-term fianc’e.

Explained Rachel: “It had been a bad time for me, so my GP offered me counselling.

“After eight weeks of seeing a wonderful NHS counsellor, I found it a life-changing experience; so, I decided that I wanted to help people myself.

“So, I started to train and, after three years of comprehensive training, I am fully-qualified and registered with the Counselling Society.”

Rachel told Seniors Today that, after working as her employer’s counsellor and volunteering at local churches during the last, few months, she was now branching out with her own practice.

“I can help with many problems, ranging from pain-management (of which I have a lot of experience, suffering from a chronic back-problem and find that relaxation-therapy really helps), but I can also help with bereavement, relationship-issues, family-problems, carers’ issues, job- and stress-issues, plus many other things).

“I am available during the day at Jenny Hudson’s Uttoxeter Chiropractic Clinic and the Gar Nevin’s Cherry Hill Osteopathic Clinic.”

Rachel Dawson offers a range of different therapies (from Cognitive Behavourial therapy [great for helping with depression and anxiety] and ‘one-to-one’ therapy, which can help with numerous problems or ideal for helping to get things “off your mind” within a fully-confidential environment.Readers who question that counselling is NOT for you, but DO have problems, should take advantage of her first-appointment-offer of just £10.“I offer a concessionary-price of £20 for OVER-60s and unemployed people per 50 minutes (£35 normal price for 50 minutes),” said Rachel, who can be contacted for further information on (01889) 560515 or 07541-121782 or via email: [email protected]“I will answer all queries as quick as possible and personally,” promised Rachel, whose new website is: www.racheldawsoncounselling.co.uk

EXCLUSIVELY FOR LADIESRachel Dawson - Counsellor/Therapist

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14 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

New Year Wining & Dining

ROY and Sharon Potter’s acclaimed Cheshire venue is renowned for their regular ‘Nights with the Stars’ evenings - and the popular couple have a real cracker lined up to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2012!

For, The Wilbraham Arms at Alsager is marking THE date for all those romantically-inclined with a performance by the man known as ‘The UK’s Number One’ - Hamilton Browne, giving his much-praised ‘Tribute to Lionel Richie’ act on Friday, February 10th.

Indubitably one of most popular tribute acts around today, Hamilton’s uncanny resemblance to one of the most resilient ‘Legends of Motown’, Lionel Richie, is “second-to-none”.

He has had the pleasure of performing his ‘tribute act’ in many, leading theatres, as well as such prestigious hotel-chains as Hilton, De Vere and Renaissance, and, while in

great demand throughout the length and breadth of Britain, he spends a considerable part of the

year in Europe, as well as the Caribbean.

Hamilton has had the privilege of working with many stars, whilst performing with the world-famous ‘Trevor Chance’s Legends Show’ in Blackpool.

Prior to embarking on his tribute show, he was travelling the world with a myriad of icons of Soul, including The Four Tops, Percy Sledge, The Detroit Emeralds and Odyssey, performing his hugely-successful, not-to-be-missed ‘Sounds of Soul’ show.

Hamilton Browne will be performing many of Lionel Richie’s fabled hits, such as ‘All Night Long’, ‘Easy’, ‘Hello’, ‘Love Will Find A Way’ and, of course, ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’.

Tickets for the Valentine Weekend event on February

10th are priced at only £20 per person, with diners enjoying a sumptuous, hot carvery buffet, cabaret and late-bar, in addition to being entertained regally.

Top-class entertainment is, of course, a must, and Roy (an ex-professional entertainer himself) and Sharon quickly recognised a niche in the market for top-quality cabaret dinner evening, launching their ‘Nights with the Stars’ during their early years at the Alsager venue.

“I usually sing on these evenings, and this is popular with diners here,” said Roy.

Another huge hit at the pub is ‘Willy’s Jazz Club’, which features the very best in live jazz every Sunday evening.

Needless to say, The Wilbraham Arms is also associated with excellent culinary fare, and readers can benefit from special discount-vouchers throughout this month of January (featuring such great offers as half-price dinners and a complimentary bottle of wine with meals amounting to £40 and over - simply ‘phone the pub, call in or visit the website:thewilbrahamarms.co.uk for more details!

Moreover, each week sees a terrific choice of appetising attractions: ‘Special Evening Menu’ (2 courses at £7.95, 3 coursers, £9.95, from 6pm to 8.30pm) on Mondays; ‘Steak Night’ (offering great offers on rump, fillet, sirloin and fillet, plus wine) on Wednesdays; ‘Authentic Curry Night’ (when you can experience the taste of India with truly-authentic curries from just £5.95) on Thursdays; and ‘Fish Night’ (featuring fish, chips & mushy peas for just £7.25, plus many other special offers on fresh fish) every Friday.

Wilbraham Arms - Hamilton’s tribute act will have amorous diners ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’!!

The Wilbraham Armshas set the new standardRoy & Sharon offer a warm welcome

We are open all day for food Friday, Saturdayand Sunday as well as Bank Holidays.Open Monday to Thursday, lunch & eveningsSandbach Road North, Alsager,Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. ST72AX

Tel: 01270 877970 www.thewilbrahamarms.co.uk

10th February - 7pm onwardsLIONEL RICHIE TRIBUTE

Tickets £20.00

• Function Facility• Free Wireless Internet• Cabaret Dinner Evenings• Live Jazz every Sunday Evening



Page 15: jan 2012 seniors today

January/February 2012 | 15 SeniorsToday

New Year Wining & Dining

Something to delight EVERYONE here!!COME, relax and enjoy our new coffee shop, while placing your orders for fresh meat and vegetables.Glebe Farm Shop has grown from strength to strength during the past, twelve months.The new, extended shop offers an even greater range of local produce and tasty treats, along with the incorporation of a butcher’s shop.The Butcher’s provides a large range of home-reared and locally-sourced meats, along with sausages and ‘burgers made on-site.On Thursdays, we have a local fishmonger exhibiting a wide selection of fresh fish from 11am to 5pm.The beginning of December, 2011, saw the opening of our new Coffee Shop.Built in the old dairy, it is open daily and serves home-made soup, sandwiches, light lunches and home-made cakes.

These sit alongside a wide range of Cherry Red Coffees, Clipper Teas and a variety of soft drinks.Patrons can relax in the warm, friendly environment, enjoying the home-produced meals and snacks.Glebe Farm is situated in the heart of Astbury Village, next to historic Astbury Church, and within easy access of many, local rambling and cycle routes.Our ‘Farm Barn’ and surrounding paddocks house a wide variety of animals to provide entertainment for all age-groups.

We often have new-born piglets, goats and lambs (springtime) for visitors to come and enjoy.

Come down here to see the wide range of produce which we have on offer; see, first-hand, yard-animals - and also have a great cup of coffee.WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU!

G l e b e F a r m S h o p , Astbury

Glebe Farm Coffee Shop


Home made Soups, Sandwhiches, Light Lunches & Cakes

Butchers Home Reared Produce

Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pmSat 9.30am - 4.30pm

Sun 10am - 3pm

New Animals ArrivingGoats, Donkeys, Hens, Pigs

Owls & Aviary

Astbury Village, Congleton01260 273916

FRIENDLY helpful service in the Coffee Shop is assured, thanks to (left-to-right) Julie, Kelly, Matthew and Haley.

Page 16: jan 2012 seniors today

16 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

New Year Wining & Dining


THURS PIE NIGHTAll home-made 6.00pm –9.00pm


Choice menu includes game & fish

Tues & Weds Specials Board2 Dine for £10.50

Tel: 01782 720486CHURCH STREET, AUDLEY

All our food is locally sourcedand freshly prepared to order


Looking forward to a LOVE-ly meal?IT may be January, but why not starting for 2012’s Valentine’s Day and its culinary benefits?

Tuesday, February 14th, is, of course, that relevant day of remembrance, when the cordiality, closeness and bonhomie of two hearts remain afresh and rejuvenating.

What could be more apposite than a candle-lit dinner for two, accompanied by sweet, romantic music?

A special dish of your sweetheart, coupled with a bottle of ‘bubbly’, always goes down well, of course.

The dinner-table should be decorated with chiffon of amber colour or attractive netting.

Alternatively, a cupid-sign in fabric could be entangled either on the top of the dining-table or tying with the dining-chairs, or, perhaps, a lover’s bow over the lampshade or on the chandelier (if no candle-lit dinner is preferred)?

Pets’ obesity is a seasonal problemIT is obvious that winter months can prove a real challenge for many pets.

With the nights drawing in, it can be more difficult to find the time to walk your dog, while your cat may prefer to settle down in front of the fire, rather than getting out and about.

Where possible, constant exercise-levels will help to keep you and your pet fit and healthy.

Keep an eye on your pet’s weight and get in touch with the clinic, if he or she is gaining a few, extra pounds (carrying excess weight can have a multitude of adverse effects, including heart-disease and diabetes).

In addition to checking your pet’s weight, keep an eye out for signs of joint-stiffness.

Limps and difficulty in rising after a rest are both signs of

joint-stiffness and pain, which can be worsened by cold weather and also by carrying extra weight.

A prompt check of any such signs is advisable, as it is gives staff the best chance of being able to help affected pets.

Naturally, the colder weather can be challenging for pets (like rabbits and guinea pigs), which live outside.

It is important to ensure that their hutches are warm, dry and clean and have plenty of bedding.

Water-bottles should be checked regularly to ensure that they not become frozen!

TheBlack HorseHome cooked food served 12-2pm

Mon- FriTraditional Dishe s • Daily Specials

Wednesday Roasts2 courses 2 choices £4.75 • Sma ll portion s available

F res h s a n d wi che s • Ch i ld re n ’s M e n u• Sunday Lunch served £6.25 - add a

Home Made Sweet for £1Open 12- 3pm & 7-11pm Mon- Fri,

Sat 12- 4 & 7-11, Sun 12- 4 & 7-10.30


01782 561313

Spacious Beer Garden • Car ParkSunday Night General Knowledge

Quiz rollover cash prizesTraditional ales including the famous

‘Hollows’Doubles from £2.50

Buffets & Business LunchesDarts • Dominoes • Skittles

Outside Smoking Shelter


(01782) 397572 Fax: (01782) 396622


(01782) 392125 Fax: (01782) 396622



Louise Mounkley

Fields Farm, EatonCongleton, Cheshire CW12 2NL

07962 261413

Wishing all our customers Seasons Greetings

Season’s Greeting to our many friends & supporter in Staffordshire

Page 17: jan 2012 seniors today

January/February 2012 | 17 SeniorsToday

Join Jason & team at this true gem!!

THIS famous, canalside, Staffordshire hostelry may be hidden away, nestling snugly in the heart of the tree-clad Churnet Valley, but it is real gem - and a delight to discover!

The Black Lion at Consall Forge, near Wetley Rocks, is a FRIENDLY pub in every sense (and that includes walkers and dog-owners, walking their pooches along the towpath of the Cauldon Canal), and it boasts a real fire, which is especially welcoming at this chilly time of the year.

Moreover, manager, Jason Purcell, and his team offer their customers a winning combination of perfectly-kept, traditional, cask-conditioned beers and ciders and great value, wholesome ‘pub-grub’, using only the finest, fresh ingredients (many produced locally).

Food is served in the compact, 20-seater restaurant and throughout the pub day and night here (from 12 noon to 3pm and between 5pm and 8.30pm, Monday-Friday, and right through, from 12 noon to 8.30pm, Saturday & Sunday).

The Black Lion is acclaimed for its very large baguettes (with a myriad of fillings and priced at just £5.95) and its Sunday lunches, with the main course (usually a choice of roast beef, pork or half-roast chicken and, occasionally, lambshank [with supplement], served ‘with all the trimmings’) priced at only £6.95, plus, if required, a traditional dessert (£3.25).

No bookings are taken for Sunday lunches (it’s a policy of ‘first come, first served’), but, for evening meals, it is strongly recommended that you book 24 hours in advance, in order to avoid disappointment, such is the venue’s high volume of customers.

Readers can enjoy the pub’s own

hog-roasts (featuring a whole pig!) at weekends and bank holidays.

Of course, the Consall Forge venue is also renowned for its host of ‘trad.’ beers and ciders, with ‘real ale’ aficionados able to choose from the bar’s five hand-pulls, one constantly dispensing beers from the portfolio of Alton-based Peakstones Rock Brewery: Oblivion (ABV 5.5%), Black Hole (ABV 4.8%), Alton Abbey (ABV 4.5%) Chained Oak (ABV 4.2%) and Nemesis (ABV 3.8%), plus seasonal brews, Submission (ABV 5.0%) and Dimmingsdale Blonde (ABV 4.0%), with the other four serving a consistently-changing array of ‘guests’.

Unsurprisingly, the Potteries Branch of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) voted it ‘Pub of the Month’ for August, 2009, and it has also been nominated for the prestigious ‘Pub of the Year’ accolade.

“We have a beer festival lined up for the end of February, and we shall be taking part in the 2nd Real Ale Trail Beer Festival, organised by Churnet Valley Railway over the weekend July 20th-22nd,” commented Jason Purcell, who has managed The Black Lion for the past 3.5 years (his first pub was The Hope and Anchor, in nearby Cellarhead, Stoke-on-Trent, ten years ago).

“Traditional ciders are also in huge demand here, and, last summer, we had had no less than 23 on offer!”

The pub’s spectacular location is also enhanced by the proximity of the River Churnet and, of course, the railway line and station (customers

relaxing in the large beer-garden during the summer enjoy splendid views of passing steam trains, as

well as canal narrowboats). Another popular attraction

(especially with the canal boaters) is its Tuesday acoustic nights which, hosted by Peter Gibson, re-start in February.

Open seven days a week (12 noon-3pm & 5-8.30pm, Monday-Friday, and 12 noon-8.30pm, Saturday-Sunday), The Black Lion has a sister venue in the form of pub/B&B, The Saltwells Inn, sited in the centre of the Saltwells Nature Reserve, at the heart of the Black Country in Dudley.

“The pub is improving all the time: the restaurant at the rear has already been decorated, and the rest of the rooms will benefit from a ‘face-lift’ with new furniture in the New Year,” said Jason.

For all bookings and details of 2012’s acoustic nights, contact Jason and his friendly, helpful staff on (01782) 550294; you can also visit the website: www.blacklionpub.co.uk

BBWholesale Catering& Retail Butchers

Bickerton Bros Ltd.A Family Business with over 40 years experience with its own

farm & abbatoirSuppliers of all meat products to all types of catering outlet

Hotels • Restaurants • Nursing Homes • Mobile Catering & much more!!

Extensive delivery service available throughout the whole ofShropshire and Staffordshire

Tel: 01782 561041141 London Road, Chesterton, Newcastle ST5 7JD

Tel: 01782 393151Green Farm, Caverswall ST11 9EG

Bengry’s the BakersA long established family business


Delivering fresh products dailyCall in to see our complete range

SPRING ROAD, NORMACOTTel: 01782 313405


07891 350908


Peakstones wishes all their customers a Happy New Year.

Visit us at our Market StallCheadle on

Tuesday / Friday / Saturday

Contact David Edwards

www.peakstonesrockbreweryalton.co.ukEmail: [email protected]

The Black LionConsall Forge

WHAT a setting! A steam locomotive of Churnet Valley Railway is pictured passing the famous pub, with the River

Churnet in the foreground.

Page 18: jan 2012 seniors today

18 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

Vertical, Roller, Venetian& Perfect Fit Blinds

Sofas, Chairs, Footstools & Headboards

20% Discounton combined upholstery

and soft furnishing orders

Made to Measure

Painting is athing of the pastwith these plastic coated

interior doors

£90 eachSupplied and fittedwith brass fittings

Ask for Dan

Full range of interior and exterior doors available

Ring 01782 623683

or visit our website at www.bloorconstruction.co.ukEmail [email protected]


For all your construction needs

07812 144191 or 01538 369209

Portfolio of work available to view

Free, no obligation quotationsavailable on request

Call Mathew on


Tel:Margaret & Staff 01260 224553

Ashwood, Marton Lane, GawsworthGawsworth Nurseries

Page 19: jan 2012 seniors today

January/February 2012 | 19 SeniorsToday

AVALON BLINDSFREE consultation and fitting

at your convenience100’s of top quality fabrics

Made-to-measure Blinds, Rollers, Venetian, Vertical etc.

7 quality vertical blinds from £185

Conservatory SpecialistsChild Safety Options AvailableCredit/Debit Cards Accepted

call 01782 824223

G J R ELECTRICALRe-wires, Fuseboards, Fault Finding, Sockets, Lights, Showers, etc. Friendly and Reliable

Same Day ServiceO.A.P. Discounts

Great Rates24HR Callout

Call 01270 328 032SNEYD CARPETS


412 SNEYD STREET, SNEYD GREEN 01782 204333240 HIGH STREET, TUNSTALL 01782 837874

Full range of carpets, floor coverings and

laminatesto suit all budgets


www.sneydcarpets.co.ukHOME SELECTION

John CooperPlumbing & Heating

35 years experienceAdvice given & solutions found for

all your plumbing & heating systemsNo call out fee!

Gas Safe Registered 10434

Call John on01782 533790 or 07973 522998

“We do it right!”


Bathrooms, kitchens, repairs & servicing,

central heatingtanks and cylinders,

commercial pipe work,underground services, gas checks, electrics,

door heaters


Tel: 01782 714883Mobile: 07855 364183Web: www.mthc.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Make a 'New Year Resolution': save a fortune (without compromising upon quality of product)!!

IT'S another New Year, and seniors visiting this local store will discover thousands of excitingly-priced items in-stock.

Located on Newstead Industrial Estate at Trentham (adjacent to the A5035), in Stoke-on-Trent, Homebrands really does live up to its name by offering top-quality furniture from a number of the country's best-known high street retailers and major department stores at a fraction of the cost, thanks to an exclusive contract.

As a result, it can even offer discounts of up to 60% off the normal price - IT'S SO SIMPLE!

Yes, visitors to Homebrands can view literally hundreds of sofas, dining tables, chairs, beds, living room furniture, wardrobes, coffee

tables and chests of drawers - to name just a few of the stocks on offer seven days a week.

What's more, these stocks are continuously changing, and Homebrands runs regular in-store promotions and 'Special Offers' as an added bonus.

The store offers readers a unique retailing concept which is right for today's economic climate (its products are sold at bargain-prices all-year-round).

Since Homebrands does not occupy an expensive high street location, it is able to keep its prices down for its customers.

Regardless of this HUGE choice of product, most items are available to 'take away' or for immediate delivery to anywhere in mainland UK.

Readers can contact the business at [email protected]; alternatively, you can visit the website: www.brandinteriors.co.uk


Page 20: jan 2012 seniors today

20 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

Bedroom Furniture including Oak Sliding DoorRobes, Dining, Occasional and much more

VISIT OUR FENTON SHOWROOM:Unit 2, Victoria Road, Fenton,

Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2HSor view online at

ww w.graysoakandpine.co.uk01782 744573

Traditionally hand crafted oak and

pine furnituremade in the heartof Stoke-on-Trent

Local family manufacturing

company with a friendly service

Oak and PineFurniture




Sky FreeSat installedfor £70.00

Affordable Aerials & Sky• Digital & Freeview Upgrade Service• All Work Guaranteed• FREESAT £125 Installed with Reciever• Fast, Same Day Service• Experienced Local Family Company

High St, Trentham, Staffs01782 265808Sky HD Fitted Free


FIREPLACES& Potteries Gas

ServicesHandmade hardwood fireplaces in mahogany, oak, pine, white & beech

Contemporary marble & cast iron fire places also available

Specialists in hardwood surrounds




01782 413121289 CITY ROAD, FENTON,





Established30 Years

Open Mon-Sat 9-3 (closed Thursdays)

98-100The Strand

LongtonTel: 315792 / 599332


Sales, Spares & RepairsValue & ServiceAll Major Brands

Undertake domestic tasks safelyWHATEVER the time of the year (or the weather!), there are many household jobs which we can do ourselves.Once you have tackled even the simplest job, you will start to view your home differently: it will cease to be a place of ominous and expensive things going wrong and start to become an organism which needs a bit of help now and, then!You will understand how it works - where the cables and pipes lie; what the walls are made from; where the important switches and stopcocks are.However keen you are, there are some things that really are best left to the experts, or it could end up as a very expensive mistake - or worse!Self-sufficiency is one thing, but self-preservation should rank higher!Changing a fuse or a plug is one thing, but installing or altering wiring is another.As many seniors will know, asbestos was used extensively from the 1950s

to the ‘80s.You may find it in your home - common areas include garage- and shed-roofs, as gutters and down-pipes, in bath-panels, floor-tiles and as linings for ceilings, walls and doors.There may also be loose asbestos between floors or in partition-walls: breathing the dust can be extremely dangerous, but it is fine, if left well alone.Any dusty work can damage your lungs; so, wear a mask, keep the area well-ventilated, and try to breathe in as little as of the dust as possible.There is an additional danger when sanding old paint (it may contain lead; accordingly, be extra-careful!).Also wear eye-protection: ensure that you have your goggles, if you tackle projects where there might be bits flying about (that includes sanding, drilling, sawing, chiselling and hammering).Always switch power off at the main unit (and water off at the main tap), before embarking upon even minor electrical or plumbing work, and ensure that you use a pair of disposable latex gloves, if your work

involves handling chemicals, paints or varnishes.Don’t even think about drilling or hammering nails into a wall, until you’ve done a ‘sweep’ of the area with a cable/pipe-detector.Though there may be no logical reason why there would be a pipe or cable in the area, it is, sadly, not unheard of for previous occupants to have laid cables diagonally across the wall from ceiling- to light-switch.

Page 21: jan 2012 seniors today

January/February 2012 | 21 SeniorsToday

THIS year, 2012, sees this Stoke-on-Trent-based company celebrating a remarkable 80th anniversary.

Founded in 1932, the Diamond Tile Company Limited, of Hanley, is a unique, fourth-generation family business, which has battled its way through no less than four economic recessions and World War II (1939-45) to evolve into one of the UK's largest and most respected, independent retail showrooms for bathrooms, kitchens, bedroom and tiles.

Diamond has changed continuously to meet the demands of its customers, whilst still retaining a commitment to a premier-quality, professional and efficient service, which is wonderfully complemented by the finest products, created by British and European manufacturers.

Carol Staton (the business's third generation and possessing more than forty years' experience in property and interior design) succeeded her mother, Dorothy, as Managing Director in 1991.

Carol ensures that every display in Diamond's Marsh Street showroom appeals, both aesthetically and economically, to customers, in the process showing them how they can make their rooms as splendid as those pictured in leading home design magazines, but at affordable prices and, if installation is required, the minimum amount of stress and disruption.

Indeed, a comprehensive, in-house-managed installation service is provided (if required), and this is overseen by Carol Staton and supported by over twenty qualified and time-served tradesmen, who are totally trustworthy, work to the highest standards and respect the customer and the home in which they are working.

At the company's showroom, readers can wander around at your leisure, viewing your newly-designed rooms on a large, wall-mounted screen in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom departments, having total confidence not only in Diamond and its staff, but also the quality and design of the product which you are purchasing.

Here, everyone cares passionately - not just about turning customers' ideas into reality, but also doing this in such a way that an often-complex exercise is made thoroughly enjoyable - with the end-result being a stunning room, specially designed to meet people's every need and lifestyle and something that

they can enjoy for many years.I f you pay a v is i t to Marsh Street (complete with over f i f ty colour

co-ordinated, room-setting displays and NO 'pressure-sales'), readers will understand why Diamond's customers continue to return, in addition to recommending the Hanley company to their friends, family-members and neighbours.

"I am, obviously, very proud of Diamond and what we have achieved: our customers are making very important and expensive decisions and need peace-of-mind, when ordering, that the products and price are right, and that, if installation is required, it will be carried out to the highest standard," said Carol Staton.

"Especially at the moment, when every pound counts, I know that the general public has realised that the huge, unrealistic marketing-discounts which the larger groups advertise are not always as good as they seem to be.

"Diamond's unrivalled reputation has been built by giving good, old-fashioned, friendly professional service at the best-possible price, combined with standards, which constantly exceed customer-expectations," added Carol, who is joined in running the family company by her daughter, Louise, as Director in-charge of Design, specialising in unique bathroom-designs and 'wet-room' areas (designer bathroom ranges include Villeroy and Boch, Jacuzzi, Kohler, Daryl, Aqata, Utopia and Ambiance Bain).

Diversification over the years has been the key to the company's success, and, using the knowledge gained in property during the past, forty years and in association with cousin, Nick Staton, of Staton's Estate Agency in London, Carol has opened Kingsley Estate Agents, based inside Diamond on the ground-floor.

"I have felt for a long time that not all estate agents in our area are giving good value for money and service, when selling your property," she explained, adding: "Kingsley is backed by over 100 years' experience and combines first-class, personal service with a realistic commission-charge of 0.5% (plus VAT).

"If required, Diamond designers can discuss any alterations which the buyer make wish to make and provide 3-D and the cost of the work involved."

'Perfect look' created by 'Different by Design' ethos

Personal Friendly Service

& Home Visits

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22 | January/February 2012 SeniorsToday

directory......01782 204392

Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing



Accountants for the smallbusiness and private clients

15 Farmside Lane, Biddulph MoorST8 7LY

A L Thomas & Co

Tel: 01782 516403




07973 440058or 01782 642264


Servicing from £20.00


Rope Street, Hartshill07816 683299

Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing




Reg No 30903



Free measuring/quotations

Also UPVC windows, doors and conservatoriesTop quality, lowest prices

Tel : 01782 65893230yrs exp. 7 days 7am-10pm

Tel: 01538 722959 07977 423739 (m)



DB ElectricalAll types of electrical work



JDB Electrical

Mobile: 07732 597969Tel: 01782 514388 / 911733

Biddulph MuseumHelp us with our Heritage

Things that you may throw away!

We are also trying to find a home for our museumSo if you can help, please contact us

Call Robert on Tel: 01782 523855Mob: 0798 4002953

Or view our website for address and e-mailhttp://www.biddulphmuseum.com

We need artefacts, paperwork and anyother Interesting items on Biddulph


Call Now - 07533 708941

Breakdown/Recoverystarts from under £25



Fishing Tackle

Electrical Work

Fish & Chip Shops



Plumbing & Heating

Turf Supplies

Van & Driver Hire

Double Glazing


HairdressersFor those TraditionalEnglish Fish & Chips

Tel: 01782 315561

Dresden Fisheries


Call Phil for a free quote01782 285869 / 07737 146633



Carbutt’s Turf LtdGrowers and Suppliers of Quality Turf


Perwitt Hall Farm Cottage, Back Lane,Brereton, Sandbach, Cheshire CW11 1RL

TEL: 01260 281404Mobile: 07836 343496

Established 32 Years

Specialists in low maintenance coloured

rendering and a ll p lastering, artexing & c oving

Workmanship GuaranteedFree Estimates

01538 753190/01538 753968Mob 07976 354989




Cycle Shops

Vehicle Recovery

Male members soughtUTTOXETER Choral Society has a problem at the moment.Women currently outnumber men in its ranks by two-to-one; therefore, more tenors and basses are required to balance the choral sound.So, it is looking for more male members; no audition is necessary to join.The society meets each Thursday in the hall of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, at Balance Street, Uttoxeter, between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.Readers requiring further information should visit www.uttoxeterchoralsociety.co.uk

Blurton WRVS invitationNEW members are invited to join the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS), which meets at Winifred Gardens Social Centre, Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent.Activities include lunch clubs and bingo; for prices, times and further information, contact Jan on (01782) 213489/213331.

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January/February 2012 | 23 SeniorsToday


168 - 170 Queens Promenade, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY2 9JNTel: 01253 351654 E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.brincliffehotel.co.uk

A sea front hotel opposite the illumination tabloids and close to all amenities that the village of Bispham has to offer with its restaurants, cafe bars, public houses, supermarket and shops.

A full English buffet breakfast is available along with excellent home cooked evening meals on request (special diets catered for). All our rooms are well equipped with Digital Freeview TV's, tea/coffee making facilities; also we have five en-suite bedrooms on the ground floor and all rooms are centrally heated. We pride ourselves on the warm welcome we extend to our entire guests and do our utmost to ensure that your stay in Blackpool is an enjoyable one.

We offer special discounts for charity/groups and all so run special discounts throughout the year so what you waiting for give us a call today. For further details about the Brincliffe hotel in Blackpool, Lancashire see our website. Price: From £28.00 per person, per nightRooms: 8 Double, 4 Twin, 5 Single - All En-suite

The Brincliffe Hotel

The Brincliffe HotelThe perfect venue for seniors!!A MYRIAD of glowing testimonials from guests reinforce

this hotel’s reputation for offering seniors the perfect Blackpool venue for holiday-breaks all-year-round!

Blessed with a Four Star-rating by VisitBritain Quality in Tourism, The Brincliffe is situated on the splendid, tranquil Queens Promenade, in the residential area of Bispham.

Queens Promenade benefits from being flat ground, and its location offers views of the Irish Sea and the resort’s world-famous Illuminations.

Moreover, good public transport-links are sited a two-minute walk from the hotel, enabling guests to enjoy all of Blackpool’s many attractions.

The Brincliffe’s Bar and TV Lounge (which overlooks the Promenade) is an ideal rendezvous for meeting friends, making new ones or simply relaxing in its warm, friendly atmosphere.

Welcoming small coach-parties, the hotel enjoys a fine reputation for excellent, home-cooked food, including a full, English buffet breakfast, and vegetarians and guests with special diet-requirements are catered for.

It comprises 17 en-suite bedrooms (all decorated to a high standard), five of which are on the ground-floor (and ideal for guests with limited mobility), ten on the first-floor and the remaining two on the second.

Access to the hotel is via its wheelchair-friendly, non-slip ramp or by three, small steps to the left of the main front-door.

Once inside The Brincliffe, the hallway is well-lit 24 hours a day, and the ground-floor is all one-level, giving wheelchair-

access to the Bar Lounge, Quiet Lounge and Dining Room.The ground-floor comprises two double-bedrooms, one

twin-bedroom and two single-bedrooms, all accessible by wheelchairs.

The centrally-heated bedrooms feature tea/coffee-making facilities, digital ‘freeview’ TV-sets with remote-controls, radio-alarm-clocks, hair-dryers, wardrobe, dressing-table, bedside cabinets and reading-lamps, plus toilet, sink and shower (each of which boasts a ‘grab-rail’, low-level shower-trays and non-slip flooring).

Gynway Hotel

205 Dickson Road, Blackpool01253 314747


The Gynway is a friendly, family-run hotel where a warm welcome awaits you. Adjacent to the seafront,the Gynway offers:

• Guest lounge• Range of Breakfasts• Colour TVs all rooms• Tea/coffee making facilities


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Proud to supportMarks Service Station

wishing them future success

PARK HALL VILLAGE, LONGTON, S-O-TTel: 01782 336 351Fax: 01782 336 601


30 Liverpool Road, StokeTel: Phil 746947



Octoral Water Based Paint

Contact Steve on01782 865615 or 07941 151514

S.A. School of Motoring* 1st 5 Lessons for £5 ** £20 per lesson after *

* Students £15 per lesson *


• Recovery service available• Free estimates insurance work

• All aspects of mechanical work • Welding & exhausts• MOT preparation & MOTs • Engine & gearbox work

• Servicing & maintenance





01260 273580

• General servicing• Repairs• Bodywork• Diesel & Catalytic• Petrol• Full MOT Facilities• Open 6 days a week

Moreton Level, Astbury,nr. Congleton

MARK’S SERVICE CENTREPremier accreditation for Mark & team “WHAT you see is what you get.” Thus, sole owner, Mark Waimar, about the Stoke-on-Trent business which he took over 16 months ago in September, 2010.In this short period of time, Mark and his highly-qualified team at Mark’s Service Centre, in Blythe Bridge, working along with a host of different schemes, and it is fully regulated by RMT.Moreover, it is one of a handful businesses in the City to be awarded the highest accreditation (Level 2) from the Office of Fair Trading.Located at Unit 9A, Blythe Business Park, on Cresswell

Lane, it majors in air-conditioning and diagnostics of all makes, and there is no limit to its capacities concerning every aspect of servicing of all makes cars and light commercial vehicles (brakes, clutches, cam-belts etc.).“We keep MoTs low at £35 and offer reductions for retired police officers,” said Mark, adding: “We also carry out four-wheel laser-alignment, which secures the geometry of vehicles.”Heading his staff (all fully-accredited), 32-years-old Mark personally brings a working-lifetime’s experience of the garage trade to his business, training as both a mechanic and an auto-electrician, after leaving school at the age of 16.He worked for companies, small and large (the RAC and BT among the latter), before taking on his own, independent business.“A lot of the engine-work that we carry out is for people who don’t possess the ability or knowledge to do it, and other garages bring work to us,” explained Mark.“The centre uses companies’ own software, which means that, on individual models, we can supply exactly the same services and parts as a dealership.“This is very much a family business, and my right-hand man here is Bob, my father-in-law; also we like to keep the business as local as possible.”Open 8.30am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday, Mark’s Service Centre can be contacted on (01782) 399200 and at [email protected]

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MOT’s, Service & Repairs, Air Conditioning,Diagnostics,Laser Tracking

Happy New Yearfrom us all at Biddulph Exhaust


Then come to the specialists!Lots to choose from

Friendly serviceGreat cars & good value

for moneyVisit

MotorcadeFind us at


01782 823888

• MOT• Servicing• Repairs• Air Conditioning• Diagnostic• Tyres• Bodywork

Chapel StreetMay BankNewcastle ST5 [email protected]. 01782 717804T. 01782 614252



STAFFORDSHIRE ST5 9LZTelephone: 01782 618555

All vehicle mechanical repairsplus accident & insurance

work and body repairs


Servicing& RepairsExhausts

Cars & Light Commercial VehiclesNo job too large or small

PHOENIX AUTOSMOTs £25.00 Free Retest



Stay safe during the dark nightsALL road-users (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike) are being advised to take precautions to reduce the chance of serious injury, or even death, on roads.Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable at this time of the year, and are encouraged to wear bright clothing or something fluorescent or reflective in these darker conditions.Reflective material is better, since it shows up in car-headlights: reflective-tape can also be used on clothing and bags.Cyclists should wear light, preferably reflective clothing and ensure that their bikes have working-lights (both front- and back).Drivers are urged to ensure that glassed areas of their vehicles are clean and free from dampness, mist and ice, so they can see properly before they start their

journey.Motorists are also

encouraged not to leave their vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition, whilst defrosting the vehicle or stopping briefly at the shops, to avoid it being stolen.All road-users have a responsibility to act safely, whether they are a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist.Motorists can also do their bit by driving appropriately and reducing their speed to meet the traffic and weather-conditions.Drivers should make sure that their vehicles are fit to drive on the roads and that they themselves are fit to drive.Drivers and riders should be prepared for sudden changes in weather-conditions: driving in poor weather can be tiring, which can affect your concentration.They are also reminded to use their lights when visibility is poor, but they must ensure that their headlights do not dazzle other road-users.

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For peace of mind...

Phone 01782 313542(24 hours)

315 UttoxeterRoad, Longton,Stoke-on-Trent ST3 5LQ

• Scheme fully approved by the National Association of Funeral Directors• Contact us for a no-obligation

discussion or to arrange an appointment

find out more about apre-arranged funeral plan

A family businesssince 1905


Est. 1872A traditional family run business

24 HOUR SERVICEContact Paul Davies or David Podmore

Tel: 01782 313 428THE FUNERAL HOME

105 Upper Normacot Road, Longton


24 Hour





TEL: 01270 750 852

Workshop/Showroom:Victoria Road, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

ST4 2HSTel/Fax: 01782 411106

Email: [email protected]:

66 Millrise Road, Milton, Stoke-on-TrentTel: 01782 545295

Showroom:91 Haywood Street, Leek, Staffs ST13 5JH

Tel/Fax: 01538 398493

Making a careful choice

THE choice of a memorial to a dearly-loved one is such an important decision.

Because it is a lasting monument and a tribute to a person’s life - perhaps, a final gift to someone dearly loved - it is important to make your choice of memorial carefully.

Hasty decisions, made while still in great distress, frequently result in later regrets; therefore, it can be sensible to wait - and to spend time on selecting a suitable bargain.

Usually erected in cemeteries or churchyards, memorials need to be

of a material which will withstand the weather; can take a lasting, carved inscription (and, possibly, more later on); and is suitable for shaping and ornamentation.

The experience of time has shown that natural stone (that is, stone, slate, marble and granite) has all these qualities.

Readers may wish to use a company recommended by a friend or relative, or you may need to look around.

Whether you do, it is generally advisable to use one which specialise in memorial masonry.

They should understand stone and, so, be able to give you reliable advice as to whether the stone you are choosing is suitable for the type of memorial you require - and for the area in which it is to be fixed.

Weather, pollution and surrounding vegetation can have an effect on this.

Members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) are bound by a strict Code of Business and Working Practice, and, should a dispute, unfortunately, arise, by the findings of a free and objective Conciliation and Arbitration Service.

Cemeteries and churchyards generally have regulations governing the kinds of memorials, and, sometimes, also the inscriptions and ornamentation which they will allow.

These vary from place to place, and, so, need to be checked, before any choice is made.

A NAMM memorial mason will be able to assist.

There are often special areas for the burial of cremated remains.

Some simply have a central memorial, commemorating all those buried nearby; in others, headstones or plaques can be erected on the individual plots.

Again, the reputable memorial mason should have full details.

Before a memorial may be erected in a churchyard or cemetery, written permission has to be obtained from its management: your NAMM memorial mason will to this for you.

Seniors requiring further details should contact the National Association of Memorial Masons at 1, Castle Mews, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2XL on (01788) 542264 (Tel)/(01788) 542276 (Fax) or via email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can visit the organisation’s website:


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Crossword Solution

Wordsearch Tunstall fitness classes

TUNSTALL Library, in The Boulevard, is hosting a fitness club on Tuesdays (from 11am to 12.30pm) and Wednesdays (from 1.30pm to 3pm).The classes, run by the WEA (Workers’ Educational Authority) cost £1 each, and everyone is welcomed to attend.Further details are available by telephoning (01782) 831911.

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30(Sports correspondent, George Andrews, remembers how Crewe Alexandra clawed back a point away to Reading with just two minutes remaining!)

Fond FootballMemories

CREWE Alexandra picked up a valuable point at Elm Park, thanks to a super, second-half performance, with a late equaliser from substitute, Craig Hignett, after going behind to a goal in the 25th minute on January 13th, 1990.The Alex was more than holding its own in the early exchanges, and Cutler beat Jones only to see his shot turned around the post by Reading's 'keeper, Francis, and Clayton flicked Jasper's flag-kick into the path of Callaghan, whose header sailed over the bar.The home-side counter-attacked, and Dyson had to react quickly to cut out a through-ball from Senior reaching Gooding.Dyson's clearance found Joseph in space, and the striker cut in from the left to hit a shot from 15 yards that Francis, spreading himself, parried for another Crewe corner.Swain took the corner and it fell to Joseph, but he snatched the ball and went wide of the Reading goal.The home-crowd appealed for a penalty, when Moran went down in the area under a challenge from Smart, as he raced clear onto a long ball from Hicks, but the referee wasn't impressed, and Edwards found Murphy in space.Murphy carved out an opening for Joseph, but his shot lacked the power to beat Francis.In the 25th minute, a defensive error by Callaghan gave Reading a simple chance, which it accepted to take the lead.Swain played the ball in from the flank, but Callaghan took his eye

off the ball for a second, and Senior darted in to lay a cross to Gooding, who scored with a close-range header past Crewe's 'keeper, Greygoose.The home-side could have extended its lead, when Bevan drilled a cross to the unmarked Moran on the edge of the penalty-box, but his powerful shot was superbly saved by Greygoose.The pace of Gilkes was causing a problem for Swain, and the winger cut in from the left to fire in a cross onto the head of Senior, who saw his header well-saved by The Alex's goalie.The striker showed his power a minute later, when he outjumped Dyson to lay on a chance for Moran who was blocked on the line by Edwards.Jasper came close to creating an equaliser in the 58th minute, when he sent Cutler clear of the Reading defence to hit an angled shot which Francis tipped over the bar for a corner and, from the flag-kick, Dyson climbed above Whitlock to head against the Reading upright.Crewe, again, exposed the Reading defence with a slick passing-move, when Edwards linked with Cutler to carve out a chance for Clayton, but the striker saw his first-time, right-foot shot saved at the foot of the post by Francis.But, Senior (who had scored 155 goals in his career) showed his ability to turn a harmless situation into a goal-chance, when a ball by Richardson seemed to pose no problems for the Alex defence, but he sprinted 20 yards to crack a shot that hit the Alex bar.Crewe manager, Dario Gradi, made a double-substitution in the 80th minute, taking off Cutler and Joseph, who were replaced by

Hignett and Sussex.The 20-years-old Hignett had an immediate impact, when he played an intelligent square-ball to Murphy who hit a 20-yard pass to Sussex, who should have scored but snatched at the chance and pulled his shot wide of Francis in the Reading goal.However, Crewe got a deserved equaliser with just two minutes remaining, when Swain released Murphy who cut inside the Reading penalty-area to hit a shot that was blocked but fell to Hignett and the player took the ball in his stride, scoring with a powerful shot inside the far past.READING: Francis, Jones, Richardson, Gooding, Hicks, Whitlock, Beavon, Tait, Senior, Gilkes, Moran; substitutes, Leworthy, Wood.CREWE ALEXANDRA: Greygoose, Swain, Edwards, Smart, Dyson, Callaghan, Joseph (Sussex 80th), Murphy, Clayton, Cutler (Hignett 80th), Jasper.



Keep the Faith - Georgie

CREWE Alex's equalising goal was scored by

20-years-old substitute, Craig Hignett.

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HQ: 22a Nash Street, Newcastle,Staffs ST5 6DR • AAAAAA AD BOOTH

[email protected]

…for your future

From the past…







Doing it in the ‘70s…Still doing it today!

So con�dent are we in the quality of our workmanship, you need not pay for our service


• No job is too large or too small• Fast, friendly professional service from one of our local depots• All work guaranteed by a family firm trading for over half a century

A.D. Booth& Sons Ltd

STOKE 01782 621636LEEK 01538 373898

CREWE 01270 250052STAFFORD 01785 227712

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www.staffsgazette.co.ukAt The click of A Button You Can View

What’s On In the Local Pub & Club Scene

Read All The Latest Leisure & Pub-Talk News

See all the Forth Coming Local Theater Events and Productions

Note Down when Signal 1 & 2 Will Be Holding their 2012 Bridal Fayre Exhibitions

View Our Latest Motoring-Pet-Holiday, and Classified FeaturesAnd Much Much More

All At The Touch Of A button

You Can Now View Your

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Blenheim Mount HotelThe Blenheim Mount Hotel is a

friendly, family owned seafront hotelwith an easy going atmosphere andwelcoming staff making your stay

with us happy ones

207 Central Promenade, Blackpool FY1 5DLTel: 01253 625867


The Blenheim Mount offers• Best location in Blackpool on Central promenade

• Groups welcome • Lift to all floors • Free Wifi

• Ramp access to the rear of building • Ground floor rooms

• Static secured car park (ltd) • Seafront patio area

• All en-suite • Sea view rooms • Tea & coffee facilities

• Tinsel & Turkey midweeks • Themed weekends



The perfect place to eat, drink and stay in beautiful Cheshire.

The Plough Inn is a traditional inn o�ering luxury accommodation north of Congleton. Its rural setting also

makes it an ideal wedding venue.

The Plough Inn is licensed to hold civil ceremony marriages and its delightful garden provides a perfect setting for all those important wedding photographs. We can cater for

both small and large wedding parties.

Popular menu specials, which change regularly, are served in both the Old Barn and the pub area. It includes

traditional favourites such as �sh and chips, steak and chips plus imaginative, original dishes created by our

experienced team of chefs.

FREE half bottle of wine per person when ordering a meal(Excluding Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Quality Service!

01260 280 207Maccles�eld Road, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 2NH


Unbeaten prices

01782 642234 • 01782 64373707887 520939 (m)

We offer the complete packagefor ease & convenience

* Limited period only

Free no obligation assessment

Come with plumber, plasterers & tilerYou can design your own bathroom and the

company will do the rest for youNo job too small; you don’t have to have a full

bathroom fitted - maybe just a shower

Family run business



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TEL: 01782 791059

5 minutes from J15 of M6 on the Newcastle - Eccleshall Road

Showroom OpenMonday - Thursday 10am-5pm Friday/Saturday 10am-4pm


Bedroom Furniture including Oak Sliding DoorRobes, Dining, Occasional and much more

VISIT OUR FENTON SHOWROOM:Unit 2, Victoria Road, Fenton,

Stoke-on-Trent ST4 2HSor view online at

ww w.graysoakandpine.co.uk01782 744573

Traditionally hand crafted oak and

pine furnituremade in the heartof Stoke-on-Trent

Local family manufacturing

company with a friendly service

Oak and PineFurniture

Manufacturers YARNFIELD


Tel: 01785 761401



SPECIAL OFFERS DAILYHome Coooked Food - 2 for £10.00

LUNCHTIME SPECIALHome-cooked hearty meal available

for Senior Citizens

PENSIONERS SPECIALS2 course special for £5.50


Sunday Calvery from £5.00£7.00 or £8.00 - 3 courses


Real Ales, Restaurant & Beer Garden

Valentines Entertainment14th Feb - ELVIS Tribute18th Feb - Local Singer

Seniors Today Magazine Ltd, Second Floor, Lombard House, 3 Bucknall New Road, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 2BB. Tel:01782204392 email:[email protected] www.seniorstoday.co.uk