Jane Manner, East Carolina University Diane Rodriguez, East Carolina University Maria Delgado, East Carolina University Yvonne Hardy, East Carolina University

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  • Jane Manner, East Carolina UniversityDiane Rodriguez, East Carolina University

    Maria Delgado, East Carolina UniversityYvonne Hardy, East Carolina University Wendy Piro, East Carolina University

  • Student Biography CardsInterest SurveysHome Visits

  • Cultural MindMaps Students T-shirts Student Artwork

  • Culture BearsCountry of origin/BirthplaceCountries lived inStrengthsCultural traditions/holidays/celebrations Dress, Foods, ReligionLanguagesInterestTalentsFamilyAge you came to United States/NCPersonal goals(career, marriage, etc)Struggles/ChallengesTraditional clothesMost difficult adjustmentFears

  • Language and Content Objectives posted daily (Bilingual)

    Cooperative Learning Groups

  • Using Multiple Intelligence: Gardner, H. (1999) VisualsCognates

  • Map Projections- Orange Activity

  • Tic Tac Tell (Vocabulary)

  • Vocabulary Quilt/Foldable

  • Demonstrations


  • Bomba (Spelling/Warm-up)

  • Hands-On Activities Graphic Organizers Interactive Notebooks

  • Preguntas?

  • Gardner, H. (1999). Intelligence reframed: Multiple intelligences for the 21st century. New York: Basic Books.

    Herrera, S., Murry, K. (2005) Mastering ESL and Bilingual Methods, Boston: Pearson.

    Herrera, S., Murry, K., Cabral, R. (2007) Assessment Accommodations For Classroom Teachers of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student, Boston: Pearson.

    The learning strategies contained in this presentation have been adapted to fit our classroom instruction and students needs. Learning strategies have been gained from the instruction and lesson materials within the Project LEAP coursework. The above listed textbooks are references to where more information about the learning strategies presented in this presentation can be found.

    *Only two languages are represented at our school. (English and Spanish)