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Hey is the news for January

Text of January Newsletter!

  • Table of contents

    1. LTG Welcome

    2. Districts project

    3. Dues & Icebreakers

    4. Important links and Ltg


    5. Feather Board

    6. Contact info

  • Yay! Its 2013. The start of a new year it is a time to start fresh with the year and try something new. Hope you stick to all of your new

    years resolutions throughout the year. Please dont forget to contact me if you have any questions.

    In Loving Service

    Lieutenant Governor Division

    Nicole Steffenhagen

  • wristband $1

    Districts Project What is this years project? Its called Project Educate! PNW Key Club is joining with

    Jamaica Key Club, to help schools all around Jamaica. In Jamaica you have to

    pay for public school or you just dont go at all. Our objective is Helping to support

    the development of early-childhood & primary education in the developing

    country of Jamaica. We want to raise $30,000.00 this money will go to 5


    #5 30,000 High school scholarships for 10 students across Jamaica

    #4 27,050 St. Mary School (yet to be confirmed) school supplies

    #3 23,050 online classroom assistance to 150 students across Jam. #2 20,050

    Wakefield Primary School assistance for a new Library

    #1 12,050 Mona Heights Primary School supplies & library equipment

    So lets help get this project started! There is a lot you can do! Have a bake sale or

    make blankets and sell them. We want to help make a difference! Like it on

    Facebook and Twitter! @ project: EDUCATE. For more info go to


    t-shirt $15

  • Dues So I have been getting a lot of question on Dues well here is a step by

    Step way to do them!

    1. Go to www.KeyClub.org

    2. Go to dues and reports

    3. Go to Membership update center!

    4. Resister for the system and click - have your faculty advisor email on the


    5. Then they will send you a password in a few days which then you will login

    6. Export to excel your able to get all your members on an excel worksheet!

    7. Go to Finances

    You need all the name, email of each members in the club to pay

    8. You will print out the 2 receipts ---One for your club Finances and then

    send then send the second one with dues check and send them to


    *If you have any more question please contact me*



    The first player says: "I went to the supermarket to buy an Apple (or any other


    you can buy in a supermarket that begins with an A). The next player repeats the

    sentence, including the "A" word and adds a "B" word.

    Each successive player recites the sentence with all the alphabet items, adding one

    of his own. For example; 'I went to the supermarket and bought an Apple, Banana,

    CD, dog food, envelopes, frozen fish'. It's not too hard to reach the end of the

    alphabet, usually with a little help! Watch out for Q and X

  • Important links

    LTG Elections My term will be coming to an end as of March. During DCON 2013, the District Board

    of the Pacific Northwest will be uninstalled and replaced by the 2013-2014 District

    Board. Though it seemed impossible for time to fly by so quickly, time really has raced

    past. I know I have made mistakes, not communicated the best, and failed as a

    leader, but I also have grown. I learned to balance duty and honor, work with

    people, coordinate, and pursue goals with passion. This poses a dire need for

    interested applicants for the position of Lt. Gov. to represent Div. 46 This position can

    be demanding but it is really fun and you get to meet new people from all over

    PNW. Run because you have a passion for volunteering and wish to increase your

    volunteer horizons, do run for this position. I will be in Spokane downtown library. The

    date is January 26 and will go from 11-1pm. The election is something to really

    consider. Please tell your clubs about the elections and contact me a.s.a.p. so I can

    give you the information need! Here is the a map and address to the library.


    Hey guys some important links will be attached to this email so when you

    get a chance please go and look at them. Some things that will be

    attached are:

    Scholarships- Due February 1st

  • Feather Board

    Feather Board

    Barker: 50

    Central Valley: 0

    Cheney: 0

    Deer Park: 50

    East Valley: 25

    G-Prep: 0

    Lewis & Clark: 0

    Mead: 0

    Medical Lake: 0

    Mt. Spokane: 50

    North Central: 0

    Rogers: 50

    University High: 0

    How The Points Work Divisional Council Meetings! Every officer that attends................................+10 points Every member................................................+5 points Full officer attendance...................................+20 points No officer or member......................................-10 points - Contact Information First club to complete contact info....................+50 points Completed contact info.................................+30 points - DCON/ICON/Rallies/Divisional Projects

    Each Key Clubber attending DCON..................+10points

    Each Key Clubber attending ICON....................+25 Points

    Each Key Clubber attending a Rally..................+10 points

    Each Key Clubber attending a Division Project.....+15 points

    Quote of the Month

    New Year's Resolution: To tolerate

    fools more gladly, provided this does

    not encourage them to take up

    more of my time.

    James Agate

  • Contact information

    Ltg Information

    Nicole Steffenhagen Lieutenant Governor Nicole.5steffenhagen@gmail.com (509) 279-5823 text or call!

    District Information Giovanni McKenzie

    PNW District Governor


    om Kelsie Hoppes PNW District Secretary Kelsiehoppes@gmail.com Kenneth Lam PNW District Treasurer K3nn3thlam@hotmail.com

    Bassel Hamieh PNW District Bulletin Editor Basselhamiehpnw@gmail.com

    Andy Nguyen

    Convention Chair Andy.t_Nguyan@hotmail.com