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The Japanese Garden Seattle WashingtonSeattle Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is located within theUniversity of Washington.1075 Lake Washington Blvd ESeattle WA 98112(206) 684-4725This 3.5 acre Classical Japanese Garden was created in 1950 by Kiyoshi Inoshiita and Juki lida, Japanese Master Designers. Their inspiration for the Seattle Japanese Garden came from their homeland in Japan. The Gardens opened to the public in 1960 and is managed by Seattle Parks and Recreation who meet and consult with the Japanese Garden Advisory Council each month for the benefit of the garden and the community.

The Vancouver B.C. & Seattle Washington landscape seems to be ablaze with intense vibrant colour this fall. This is probably due to the long hot dry summer we've been experiencing in the Pacific Northwest which has contributed to drought conditions and undue stress that the trees have endured.

Each morning I have been filled with a sense of wonder & delight while observing the changing colours of the leaves in the rows of trees at thenursery. A new sense of urgency seems to have taken hold of the trees as they seem to know that this is their last hurrah for the 2013 autumn season.

The leaves are painted in Gold; Dazzling Yellow; Burnt Orange; Vibrant Pink; Crimson & Scarlet Red, sizzling hot fall foliage.

After visiting most of the Japanese Gardens found around Vancouver & Vancouver Island B.C. I just had to make the 200 km trip south across the border into Seattle Washington. The Seattle Japanese Gardens is one of the most celebrated and visited gardens outside of Japan.

Located just inside of the entrance into the garden a stunning Japanese Maple can be found.

Specially chosen stones that have been artfully placed are featured prominently around the garden. Curved and manicured gravel paths meander throughout the garden with stepping stones and bridges for easy access to other areas of the garden and also act as accent features.

Moss is used in place of grass in most Japanese gardens, as well as ferns, rhododendrons, azalea's and Japanese holly.

Authentic Japanese Gates

It was not unusual to find lit candles & money placed inside the stone temples throughout the garden.

Ayume, Japanese Tea House is open in the afternoon for those who would like to experience the ancient art or the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Moss covers a stone temple which is sat atop a large stone at the edge of the lake, where the Koi fish swim back and forth.

The arched wooden bridge crosses over a fresh water stream where the sparkling water pools on top of the stones, then gently spills over & around each stone carrying the falling leaves along its way. Camellia's in bud waiting patiently to blossom after the fall leaf colours have done their work.

Plants of the Japanese Garden can be found here.

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